Funny t shirts

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Yes, I also blogged some light topic on this blog and one of it was this funny t shirts that I recent saw on the web. what do you think? was this hulky tee here was indeed funny? or disgusting on you? I dunno, I just find it funny though that’s why I posted it out here and I hope you don’t mind it. Anyways, now I was searching some funny tees over the web that I can buy because I have or planning to use it on the following gathers that may happen soon that i can tell so. Alright, that’s it for now and will update you more soon.

BIGBANG -“SOMEBODY TO LOVE” Performance Practice

Ive been too busy these past few days because my family had these events that we had to gather. Though I really needed to attend my job here at the online world, but yet still, I need to get involve my self out onto those gatherings that my family planned already. Anyways, I am too stress after those tiring activities that Ive done together them, though I admit its fun,however, I need to get my self alive again so that I may back on my track,right? On this scenario, I’d chosen to watch or to listen some high intense musics performances that I was sure can lift  my spirit up again to do my left tasks this recently. And I found this music performance practice video of the Kpop group called Big bang that way. Just watch the video and I’m think you’ll like it as well.

Alright, that’s it for now and please do check out my other fashion entry soon. Thanks and have a great day ahead everyone.

Dope New Era Cap

I often blogged about Taeyang on this blog because liked what Ive been telling you more often, I really liked his style and its fashion sense when he wore his things out. And one thing that I’m also noticed to him was he used to wear this Cipo&Baxx Jeans and the cheap Skillclipz to the DefShop online Store I think so. And of course his fashion statement will not be completed if he didn’t wears this new era cap that we all guys are looking forward to have to, and yeah, even me. I really following on what he most worn on each appearances/performances he did, and I’m into brand because on this way I can either buy the same thing he did wore. Liked this new era cap here that you can buy on the Streetwear Store Berlin. Try to check the site folks.

By the way, if you are looking for the hippest men accessories nowadays, I would like to suggest this Braces for men because this piece is now trending on today’s fashion. Though the piece was done seen  to our grandfather’s closet but yet still this piece is evolving by the years goes on.

Awesome Skull Bracelet accessories for men

Since I putted some awesome accessories on this blog and even Ive changed my blog name already. It is fine on me then to blog further information into those dope accessories these days. Like this dope and hip skull bracelet for men that Ive found online. Actually, I really dunno what are or what is the brand of these bracelets. All I knew was these stuff are AWESOME, isn’t it? sorry guys if I cant give you some details on this thing,however, I am still searching on it for the updates. I’ll let you know once Ive got an info for these. Thanks!

8g ipod nano

Are you a music lover? I know you are folks because most of us are that, because music is life and music is the way of escape on our daily stresses, I know right? because I’m into situation though. Hahah, and one thing that we can use to have this music’s on was this awesome 8g ipod nano that we all knew. Though before this ipod has this expensive prices but now the price has been dropped down and can it now reasonable that everyone can buy it. So, get yours now and download your fave musics to it to hear.

Fine Linens

Hare you thinking of? on what are the best gift on your parents or in the newlywed this upcoming Christmas day? hmmm, I think anichini linens is the best and perfect gifts becuase these linens can be use all year long that they reminds on the gift receiver on how you value them becuase they often sees your gift to them as they using it. Sounds good, right? so if I were you, I must now roam at the mall and get my discounted lines for gifts.

Use of library step stools

Do you have any storage room? or even just high location shelf? if you do, I think you must have this library step stools, though this tool was usually used to the library becuase on the pace it is really needed this to get the books that you wanted even if they were on the high corner, Yeah! we all know on what is the use of this tool, however, quite sometimes we forgotten to use this into simply things like getting your old stuff on your storage room and such. Believe me, this indeed useful.

Cheap Concerts Seats

I loved watching into any concerts these days because in this way on I can escape onto those stressful tasks that I’ll be doing on my daily routine that can give me these unwell feelings. Anyways, I was planning though to buy some tickets like Avril Lavigne Tickets, Pageant Of Masters Tickets, Nassau Coliseum tickets, United Center tickets and even this awesome Madison Square Garden tickets.Yes! they were 5 concerts that I wanted to be watch with, however, I don’t have enough money then to spend for these now, but my friend told me so that there was some companies that can give me these 5 tickets on the budget that I have. Sounds great,right?

Anyways, I am still searching through but Ive seen this site already that I think can give me a cheapest price that I was looking at. And the good thing was, these 5 tickets that I was planning to buy are indeed available on their list, so yeah, I will now ask the administration of this site if they’ll give me those 5 tickets that I’d eager. Will update you folks on my other entry on what is the outcome on my inquires. Thanks!

Engagement ring insurance

Buying an engagement ring isn’t that easy task. Yes, I must that because you’ll have to consider some facts or factors before you may consider the ring’s on. What are they? the ring should be in high karat or the quality of it was indeed great because at the first place the person who’ll receive it is the one you’ve treasured about. And of course you must have this engagement ring insurance that can assure you that you can have a money back as you’ve done something to the ring or there’s something happens to the ring.

Yes, insurance on the ring is really important, so please to missed to ask the seller if their ring has it or not. 🙂

Kang Seung Yoon wearing 9Five sunglasses

I used to blogged these group of artists under the YG entertainment. And I know you knew them already as you followed them as much following this blog. Today, the said agency got an new artist signed to their contract and now belongs to their artist list that can caught my attention, and I know as this moment of time then, most of you folks are searching this guy who had this name Kang Seung Yoon,right? Anyways, Let me dig his fashion, As Ive noticed him, I think he did have this well and hip of fashion liked what the artists does, however, he had a quite advantage because he can played of on his style because of the young appeal he had.

On this photo, the guy is wearing a 9five sunglasses that can look him more young that can put some spice on his total wardrobe. Okay then, that’s it for now and you’ll surely often see this guy posted to this blog on my future blog entry. Thanks!