New In: Swagger 2012




On the fashion news this recently, the brand swagger had released their new set of clothes or tees for this later part of the year 2012. Let me clear this first.These tees aren’t include on the brand, swagger, fall or winter collection because they dont indicate any as they released these last few weeks ago. So – I know have this idea when these tees included, maybe they just regular new in on their market. I’ll let you know once I saw their some fall or winter collection soon.

Also, I dont have any idea regarding on its pricing and availability but more or less these coming days the brand will update their site about the info for these new in tees. Let’s all stay tune on their main website for the updates. Thanks!

Ps. By the way, swagger brand is locally in Japan..:)

Kang Seung Yoon wearing 9Five sunglasses

I used to blogged these group of artists under the YG entertainment. And I know you knew them already as you followed them as much following this blog. Today, the said agency got an new artist signed to their contract and now belongs to their artist list that can caught my attention, and I know as this moment of time then, most of you folks are searching this guy who had this name Kang Seung Yoon,right? Anyways, Let me dig his fashion, As Ive noticed him, I think he did have this well and hip of fashion liked what the artists does, however, he had a quite advantage because he can played of on his style because of the young appeal he had.

On this photo, the guy is wearing a 9five sunglasses that can look him more young that can put some spice on his total wardrobe. Okay then, that’s it for now and you’ll surely often see this guy posted to this blog on my future blog entry. Thanks!