Best Prices on Awesome Wayfarers!


We see Wayfarers everyday, rain or shine, when we watch a movie, or maybe when we are walking in a mall. Wayfarers are a fashion staple these days, and have been for a few decades now. I just found an amazing selection of wholesale wayfarers online for unbeatable prices from a direct importer and manufacturer of sunglasses. has literally every kind of wayfarer you can think of, and their prices are awesome!

One of the biggest sunglass styles, wayfarers come in just about every flavor you can imagine. From neon colored wayfarers, to ones covered in smiley faces there is a pair of wayfarers that will appeal to anyone & everyone’s inner child. Of course there are the super cool classic black styles, mirrored lens and for the ladies there are wayfarers with rhinestones too. CTS has cute sunglasses for kids too, in lots of fun colors and patterns. There are styles that have a very subtle and attractive cat eye quality to the lens shapes too, which in my opinion is like having the best of both worlds! I found wayfarer with incredible animal print patterns like zebra stripes, leopard spots, and even snakeskin patterns! Seriously, CTS even has these in American Flags and British Flags.

The best thing about this online source has to be their prices though. Wayfarer sunglasses start as low as $12 per dozen, which is an unheard of price that breaks down to just $1 a pair. Any sunglass retailer understands the importance of stocking sunglasses that will actually sell, and that’s why wayfarers are a very smart choice. These sunglasses for the most part are virtually unisex sunglasses, because they are a popular style that men and women wear. It’s obvious that CTS has a lot of experience wholesaling sunglasses, because I noticed that all of their pre-assorted dozens have been packaged to appeal to both sexs via the color choices present. On top of all that, all the dozens come in an attractive (and free) display box.

So if you’re looking for a nice selection of hot selling wayfarers, at awesome wholesale prices, I recommend They have much more than just wayfarers though, the website actually has all kinds of sunglasses. There are fashion sunglasses, sports sunglasses, novelty sunglasses and all sorts of displays and accessories for sunglasses.