Lambswool Fair Isle sweater in navy from J. Crew

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Everyone wants to wear some sweatshirt or sweaters these days because we’re still experiencing the freakin cold of winter. Sweater is our best friend  every time the winter’s come because it can give us warm and comfortable feelings as we wears it. That’s why people really picks and consider this pieces as the ” Ber” season comes.

Today, I found an sweater that most guy will surely like which the ” Lambswool Fair Isle sweater in navy” from the brand name J.Crew. The sweater had this awesome patterns and designs that can make each guy dope on the season and the materials that the brand uses for this piece are really in quality and its 100% cotton that can gives warm feeling as you wears it.

The price is ranging to$79 to $96 dollars just check on those affiliates stores or nearest brand stores where did you resided for the best deals on this sweater. Because I know at this moment, this piece is now on sale, so you better to get it now. 🙂

Topman Latest trend: Worker Shirts





I know most guy out there really loves and wants to have some pieces from the brand Topman. Because the brand has a range and variety of pieces that we could choose from that can make us dope and in on today’s trend. Awhile ago, when I roaming on my Facebook Ive seen some photos that can caught my attention which these awesome new pieces made by the number one leading men’s apparel in the industry –  The Topman.

I admit, I am a fan of the brand since then because they really do considered us guys to have this swagger looks by wearing their trendy pieces that are most look up too on today’s fashion, because in every pieces that they made off, they see to it that the man appeals are still there and as a man you may feels that you were sexy, nope. This how only I find to it.:)

Today, the brand released some new pieces for men which are these “Worker Shirts” that are made of jerseys and jeans and the harworking fabric that can really make these pieces hot and also be in trend. Because jeans cant be abolish on fashion trends we all know that!

about the pricing details of their new shirts, just head ups on the main blogs and you’ll see all the details there. Alright, that’s it for now and soon I will update you more some brands collections..

T.O.P rockin on his Alexander Mcqueen Knuckle Duster Ring (Jewelry)


On this blog,, I used to blog something that has related in any jewelry because this blog is dedicated to blog topic so. Today, what I’ve got was this guy named T.O.P who’s wearing the dope ring from the lead fashion house company which the ” Alexander McQueen”.  We all know that the brand wants only to release and make these high-end fashion pieces because they were in the top fashion industry nowadays. And they have to maintain it for not themselves but also for those fashion enthusiast who are looking up to the brand.

Recently, the actor-singer,TOP, was seen wearing the “Alexander Mcqueen Knuckle Duster Ring” I must say the ring is really quirky for men and its look super dope to him that can make me think to include this on this blog that I actually did. The ring is made of metal that has 4 designs on it and the other awesome stuff was, the piece is made as one that it actually look like 4 rings. awesome,right? and this how great the McQueen is. 🙂

The Puma Clyde


Roaming on the web is my daily routine. And while I’m doing this, I see to it that I can get some awesome finds that I can blog for my readers. Because I know most of my readers are these fashion enthusiasts who wants to know what are the hot and not on today’s fashion. Because everyone’s doesn’t want to be a fashion victims and knowing the trends today is the great way to educate your self on how’s the fashion runs and working these days.

Today, Ive found these awesome pieces here, the kicks from Puma that has the product name ” Puma Clyde” As far as I know, this shoes was made into collaboration from the other brand “Atmos” because the 2 brand names wants to bring the best shoes that everyone’s can wear off in all times, in any non particular events and occasions. And I think they were made it right. Because Ive heard a lot of reviews for this kicks, and fashion enthusiast are loving it so much included me.

At the moment, I dunno how much this will be. But rest assure, they were available on your fave online shoe stores. Just check them from there. 🙂

Celebrity Lingerie


Though I mainly blogged for men fashion over this site but also I see to it that I can balance it up by including some post that are related on girls matter. And one of it was this awesome celebrity lingerie. Because I know most of the girls out there has this craze to know on what are the brands that their idol celebrities often wearing in bed(lingerie) that they might wear either becuase celeb are really people’s most admired when it comes on such things. And quite sometimes, those die and avid fans wants to be their idol in the some way by wearing the same piece and brand that their celeb wore. Yeah – that’s how influenced those celebrities these days. That’s why they often gets to advertise those awesome products that most people used nowadays.

Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Hi Leather Boot



When its comes of shoes and kicks, I think our first pick was this converse. Because the brand had proven it self already on the market by giving us all a very quirky and dope kicks on each of their products. No doubt on that!

Recently, the brand had releases a new set or collection of their new leather shoes which the  Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Hi Leather Boot, those shoes are look great and perfect to wear on this winter season. And of course, the materials that they been used on the new shoes are also in high quality that may lasted. Check the photos on top for the some shoes in their collection and also you may check online for the further information on the kicks.

Prices are not yet available on this site, will update you soon once I got the reliable information on this shoes. Please check back often. Thanks!

Unique Cufflinks


On today’s fashion, a lot of pieces are keep in the trends and most of the time they were not be outdated. Yeah- a lot of pieces are always on the industry due of the demand of it. Like what this unique cufflinks  becuase cufflinks are often used not also those girls but also those awesome guys. So, if you want to have this rockin looks, I suggested you to have this cufflinks with you.

Louis Vuitton Belts for Both Genders



Louis Vuitton is a French designer brand that is famous across the globe for the quality goods. The designer shows deluxe and money and for this reason causes, the bogus suppliers have flooded the belts market segments in an effort to repeat an original goods by causing their products seem exactly like the original. No matter the procedure made use of by these suppliers, there is always falls and if you are in the position to check perfectly, surely you will diagnose it. I’m going to give you ways to diagnose cheap Louis Vuitton belts any time you find them available in the market.

Firstly, if you wish to invest in original Louis Vuitton belts, it is important must owner some problems as respect the belts. If your seller lacks a satisfactory answer, then the Louis Vuitton belts that he is promoting are bogus. Also, in case the seller is wanting to encourage you that it must be reliable, then explain to owner to send the instances of the real weight loss belt when you are obtaining on line. When he could have sent you some instances of original Louis Vuitton belts, ensure you check and review perfectly while using particular Louis Vuitton belts online. Check the information with the belts. Remember to look for the cost of the Louis Vuitton belts with no the key good reason that it should be marketed at less costly cost.

Other than, here are some crucial attributes of original Louis Vuitton belts.

– It is made with high-priced vibrant household leather that’s made properly so it will not disintegrate.

– It is produced with oxidation household leather that darkens slowly.

– The household leather is delicate and accommodating plus it gives a nice unique household leather stench

– The routine is two 1 / 2 sqrs which is accompanied by full rectangle after which the clasp is scheduled.

– All Louis Vuitton has serial numbers.

CL and TEDDY – New Era Leopard Prints


Celebrities CL and teddy are spotted recently wearing the same cap that can make the netizers think on what is the brand name of the cap they did wore. I dig researched about it and fortunately one fashion blog posted the information already, Lucky me! because I don’t have to research those brands accessories collection just to find out on what is the brand of this awesome cap that most of the folks are trying to know since then they’ve seen these 2 dope celebrities wearing the cap.

The cap is belongs to New Era cap collection and at this moment, I dunno how much this cost but rest assured, this cap is kinda cheap because all of the new era caps are reasonable and affordable indeed. Just check on the brand stores nears you or in any online shops who had been affiliated of the brand name.

Taeyang wears Ksubi Ara Sunglasses

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Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Ksubi ‘Book Club’ Eyewear Collection Spring 2010
Dark mottled tortoiseshell frames
$170.00 USD
Once again another Taeyang’s post to this blog. Because I really liked on how this guy carrying him self on the pieces he had. Though, we often seen him wearing some awesome black pants but yet still his eyewear is the most remarkable on his fashion statement.

On the photo on top, the guy,Taeyang, is wearing an Ksubi Ara Sunglasses that you can buy online or in the stores nears you, just check it dude.The eyewear has an price of $170.00 USD, quite expensive but I think this kind of sunglasses will surely be lasted.