Ear Tapers, Gauges And Jewelry Plugs Online

Ear stretching has been around for centuries, and its not stopping any time soon. Kids in middle school are getting their ears gauged and not even thinking twice about it. You can now go into a high school and see the cheer leaders with their ears stretched, 10 years ago that was not something you would see.  Regardless, ear stretching/gauging is here to stay so a little info about the vintage trend.

Tapers- Tool used to stretch your ears with. Starting at 14 gauge and come in a variety of styles, colors, and prints. These are sold individually.

Plugs/Gauges – These come in all sizes/gauges and styles like wood, bone, acrylic, stone, silicone, tunnels, steel, glass, and horn.

Body Jewelry – Lip rings, Monroe rings, Belly button rings, and nose rings are other types body jewelry that is common these days.

There are many new jewelry plugs now available including acrylic plugs, bone plugs, wooden plugs, stone plugs, and horn plugs. If you are just starting out, it is recommenced that you use stainless steel plugs to prevent any infections from happening. Spirals, talons, pinchers are all exotic styles that are available in case you wanted something different from a plug or tunnel.
Some people might get a big reaction out of your newly stretched ears, but eventually they will get used to them. This is your way of expressing yourself and no one can take that away from you (except for your parents or guardian if under 18).
Make sure you clean you gauges because they will start to smell. You will start to notice this sooner or later depending on how long you’ve had your ears stretched. To clean them, simply pour some hydrogen peroxide into a glass and put your jewelry into it for15 minutes. After marinating, rinse your jewelry under warm water.
Never skip gauge sizes! This is very important. You should also wait till your lobes are fully healed before going to the next size/gauge.
If you would like to buy jewelry plugs, ear tapers, gauges, lip rings, click here to find something that fits your taste and personality.

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