Nixon 2013 Sprin/Summer “Regal” Collection


We can all get definitely excited for Spring/Summer because this season is one of the most fashionable season for the entire year. And Nixon can give us more excitement because the will be out with its Nixon 2013 Spring/Summer “Regal” Collection. The said collection will be out early next year. The theme of the said collection is very summer, it is about those nautical designs that concentrates on navy blue color. They have their watches with silver stainless strap with a navy blue metallic look like face and this leather strap that is also color blue, and the face itself is blue. They also have other accessories such as bags, wallets and belts. The tote bag looks very nautical with its white color and navy blue stripe.

We would definitely be excited for these items to bring to the beach and be more fashionable. It can give us an impression that we are a member if a yacht club. These items are very fashionable and the  color cannot be only worn on summer season but also on the next seasons that are coming. Nixon is a brand from California and been in the business for 15 years. The brand wants to give their customers a something that reflects the persons entire personality. And we can also trust this brand with its quality. Because I, myself already experienced how durable was a Nixon item is. So let’s wait and try these items that will be available next year.

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