Supreme x Timberland 2012 Fall/Winter Waterproof Chukka Boot


Timberland brand is known for its being a popular brand when it comes too boots. Now Timberland collaborates with Supreme, a brand of shoes known for partnering with other shoe brands to create a design that has their touch.  Now that they collaborated they are out with Supreme x Timberland 2012 Fall/Winter Waterproof Chukka Boot. The said boot has 3 colors, which are camel, red and navy. A colors that every men would definitely love to have. The good thing about this boot is its being waterproof, specially designed for the user’s comfort. The boot has a waterproff upper panel and waterproof bottom. Both the characteristics of the collaborated brands can see in this very fashionable boots. This will be available on December 13, no price detail said yet on these amazing shoe design. A chukka boot is one if the most wearable design of boots because it is just an ankle length, and has few eyelets for lacing.

So, if there’s a time that it is raining, you can use this boots that has a cheap plastic storage bins nope! just wanted the shoes to have it. And it will definitely protect your feet from being wet. And surely, the quality of the boots will never change. If it is waterproof, the material will stay on its natural color and we can use this for a long time. We all know that Timberland shoes are one of the most durable brand. One of the most favorite color in this collection is the red color, because this color is not common on men’s boots. This will look great to pair on those denim jeans that every men has.

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