Stussy Deluxe x Dr Martens Hambleton II


As much as possible I want to make this post short. Becuase I was too busy then in my other gig that I needed to attend later after this. Alright, these are the shoes of the 2 giant company, Stussy Deluxe & Dr Martens, had cooked for us this season. And I must say, these shoes are really great and has this quirky designs that most people rather fashion enthusiasts will look forward to today.

As for this moment, I’d still dunno how much this cost, however, soon I got to know further information about this awesome collaboration, sure thing! will update you again on this blog, Alright, that’s it for now and I hope you’ll keep visiting me here for more fashion updates. Thank!

BTW, I’ve seen one site blogged this out already and as stated on his blog these shoes are approximately $351 USD. But I am not still sure though, better yet to update you soon..heheh

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