Stussy x W-Line “How I Roll” Racer BMX Bike



When it comes to dope and street wear fashion brand I think the leading on my list was this Stussy brand. Because we all know that the brand has these quirky and swag pieces that can really rock us all. Also, celebrities nowadays are into brand as well that’s why peeps are getting crazed on the brand either today. Recently, the brand, stussy, releases some new pieces, shoes,accessories for their latest collection and this bike is included on it. Yeah! that’s how awesome this brand is to come up on not apparel thing like a bike. Great right? I know most of you negga out there are wanting to have this bike here.

Actually, the bike is an collaborative piece by the brand, stussy, and this W-Line. I dunno if W-Line is an apparel brand as well( don’t have any idea) but anyway, I personally liked the bike rather the outcome of their collaboration because this was the first I think into such streetwear apparel brand to released one bike like this. The bike has a item name of “How I Roll” Racer BMX Bike and you may buy it for $1000 in any stussy stores near you! quite expensive I must say!

Alright, that’s it for now and will try to update you more soon. Thanks!

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