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Tim Coppens Fall 2012 Menswear

February 27, 2012






Again, another brand line company had released their fall peak collection for this year 2012 which the Tim Coppens. Actually, this was my first time then to heard about their company and even to see some of their pieces collection, however, they’ve got me easily because of their awesome collection pieces that I find cool to blog on this site, Though they just have these usual designs when it comes on their pieces but yet still they have this something that I haven’t seen yet on the other company’s designs and collection. And the weird thing, till now I still dunno what is that thing on..LOL I’m sounded nuts there..hahaah

Anyways, All in all. These pieces and fall collection are can be look forward too soon and might be trend to soon too. So – let us all wait as these pieces release on the market..


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