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Wilfredo Rosado – Fine Jewelry Collection 2012

February 22, 2012







On today’s fashion, chic and awesome jewelry are the one on trend. Because these accessories are can be help a lot to make our outfit dope and give some spice through it that can lead your for being fashionable. Actually, fashion today is not only for sort of clothes or apparel but also in the small pieces that you could add on to make the whole thing quirky and more about you, your personal fashion statement and how you can dress and style your self out. Yeah – I think that’s how fashion runs today… That’s why a lot of jewelry company are really trying their best to produce some jewelry and accessories that can give elegant and sophisticated appeal as you wear their jewelry out. And I think, these pieces/ jewelries from the brand Wilfredo Rosado are the perfect one.

Look on the photos on top, Those are the some jewelry designs of the brand,Wilfredo Rosado, and I think, these designs and the jewelry it self will then most talked about on the industry soon, because they have these awesome designs that we couldn’t yet see to the other brands. And I like how they use the feather on their pieces, really great!

About the pricing details? hmm, at this moment, I dunno how much they’ll cost you, however, I suggest you to check Wilfredo Rosado site instead for further information about their jewelries…:)


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