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Fashionable replica products are very in fashion nowadays. As you may know, the modern society is full of all kinds of fashion, and it is the nature of human being to go after fashion life because people always hope to live much better than any ever time. If you can have a fashion life, other people will think you are a noble or wealthy person with admirable high taste of fashion and respectable social status, almost people hope to gain other people’s compliment and respect so that they will definitely do their utmost effort to go in for fashion life. If you need to live a fashion life, you will have to wear fashionable apparels and carry fashionable accessories. When it comes to fashionable apparels and fashionable accessories, people always talk about all kinds of latest designer apparels and designer accessories because the latest designer apparels and designer accessories are always in fashion. The problem is that the majority of people cannot afford to fashionable designer apparels and accessories because of the sky-high price tagged on them. What can they do to enjoy the fashionable apparels and accessories without spending too much on them? Buying such replica products will be a good alternative choice for them. Because of the development of technology of making replica products, many fashionable replica products in the modern society can look and feel almost the same as original designer products, and you can get into trouble when spotting out which are the replica products and which are the original designer products if they are put in the same place. Although they look and feel almost the same with original designer products, they are sold at much less price than the corresponding original designer products, which is the reason why more and more people fond of buying fashionable replica products nowadays.

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Awesome Watches

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I’m really pleased to write about watches on my blog as they’re one of my favourite things and I like to choose designer watches that accessorize my outfit. Watches are definitely one of the most important parts of my wardrobe and I hate to go out anywhere without having some bling on my wrist. And yeah – I just basically love luxury watches! There is something about luxury watches from the likes of Breitling and Baume & Mercier that I adore and I’m always on the lookout for good looking timepieces.

I’m a big fan of stylish and professional looking designer watches and this is why I like Longines watches so much. This luxury watch brand is definitely one of the most impressive I’ve seen and I love the stylish watch faces and straps that they have. Longines watches are definitely power watches and it lets people in your office know that you’re in charge and have a high level of authority.

There are also a great variety of ladies watches to choose from and they are great for finishing off an outfit. Michael Kors and Marc Jacobs are just some of the most recognisable names when it comes to choosing ladies watches but there are styles and designs that will suit every taste and budget. I would love to hear your thoughts on luxury watches and the sorts of timepieces that you have or hope to buy. That’s all for now – thanks, folks!

Men’s Accessories: DOG TAG

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Dog tags are not only for those tropes but also for everyone, yeah! even girls can even wear this of, however, guys are  the usual wearin it. But still fine on girls no worries. Today, when we’re talking about men’s accessories one piece that will surely pop out to our mind first which the dog tags.

Because dog tag is the one accessory that can indeed spice it up the simple outfits you’ve got there. Especially for us all guys because men has no really particular accessories that we can often use/wear but when this dog tag came out we just realized that this can be a great accessory that we’d can actually wears every now and then. That’s why this dog tags are now hip as an men’s accessory.

Givenchy Urban Sneakers

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I really loves kicks because kicks are the one that guys most love to have, simply as that. About this shoes, this shoes is from the Givenchy brand, actually I love all things in the brand to the hat going to kicks because they did have this strong and quality materials that will lasted long time not like on the other brand that has these poor quality of materials that fades out easily and broke at the same time.

This sneakers were made by the urban dope boyz. And it has a price of $430, yeah quite expensive but sure thing this shoes will be use decades.Can’t afford it? You can find something else nice online with voucher codes instead.

Gift ideas for guys

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Istarblog.com is not only for fashion but also some helpful sights and tips regardless on what you are seeking today maybe? Alright, I know most of you gals had their own boyfriend because that how human works by the way, and might ask some friends of yours on what are the best or gift ideas for guys,right? because guy had this picky mind in the away when it comes on their things so you should give on what they can use often and whats man would surely love no matter what.

And this post will help you on what you should give him as a present of yours as his birthdays or your anniversary coming in. first on the list was this watch because man used to wear a watch because watches can spices on the guy outfit believe me. Secondly shoes because shoes is the second to the watch that most guy like to have. Why I know? well, because I just simply a guy too. LOL and Lastly some pieces that you girl ( as a girlfriend ) made a personally thing to him is a much appreciated. Yeah! that’s kidda sweet on a guy as he received something like that. I knew it!

2NE1′s “UGLY” Masks for Accessories

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Recently the Kpop all girls group called 2ne1 had released their new music titled ” Ugly” which I know you’re getting crazed even today. Because the music’s really rock and the arrangement was pretty cool, try to listen the music on YouTube. Anyway, what the most caught my eyes was these masks that they’ve been used often as their perform the “UGLY” because each mask has there own character that’s really suits in to the girls and to the music it self and of course these masks are truly DOPE and CHIC, isn’t it?

These Masks are made by Joji Kojima from his Autumn/ Winter ’10-11 collection. And you may check online on how much the mask is and where you can buy them as you wanted to have one. Because at this time, I really dunno how much they are and maybe soon if I got time then, will search these and I’ll then update this post for the further additional information about these masks.

Men’s are used to wear some lady’s bag these days

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As the fashion evolving from time to time, the trends of pieces had synchronous together with it which is the good thing though, because we’re not stuck on the oldies fashion wears that we’re used to before, however, vintage things are still hot today but yet still having a new things to show is a much way better,right? that’s why there are plenty of voucher codes, coupons and discount codes online to help you shop bags without stretching your wallets. Just try to check them

Alright, these days, I just noticed that men are used to wear this lady’s bag with them, and in the other way this bag looks better on some men, but into others maybe then look so gay having this. I think character is the way we must to be consider for this as you wanted to wear this kind of bag. Because they were some men are perfectly on this bag as they wearing one. They look stunning and still the masculine appeals was there. While to the other men they will be look so fashion victim as they have one. Yeah! you must know your character first before you’ll try some trend pieces on today’s fashion. That’s what Ive learned as I following those trend pieces through years.

so yeah, that’s it for now and will be then update some more soon. Thanks folks!

Clae Fall Collection 2012

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I often roaming to the web to check on what’s hot and what’s not, and this collection from the brand name Clae wins my eye and caught my attention for them to be posted out on this blog. Look at their fall kicks collection for 2012. These kicks are really dope and the designs are really detailed and well visualized base on the needs of their customer but of course the comfortably was in each shoes they made. I can see that on these collection.

As for today, I really dunno on how much the prices of these shoes,however, Clae will be release some further information about this new collection that they about to market soon. So let’s us all wait.

Pricey Bracelet accessory jewelry for men

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Want to know the most pricey mens bracelet(jewelry) that ever made? yeah! I think this bracelet from the brand Chrome Hearts was the one expensive accessory that I knew. because this piece here had an price of US$20,742.04 probably a million pesos on my currency. My goodness I cant afford this out for just in one bracelet. And I think only celebrities can buy this and even those peeps who had born that has a gold spoon on their mouth not like us ordinary people who’ll consider the basic needs first before those expensive things like this. LOL

Anyways, what this bracelet made too pricey? As I know, the bracelet are made by the diamond that can make the whole bracelet expensive because you can actually buy this as a form or way of investment because diamond are getting expensive as the years goes by. And also, you can customize the whole bracelet base on what you’d like as you buy this on the brand store chrome hearts.

Alright, that’s it for now and by the way, this was the bracelet that taeyang’s wore on my previous post. Try to check it. Thanks!

Metal ring for men

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On today’s trend accessories for men, the metal ring was the one on lead because these day’s on, men are acceptable in any kind of accessories like this that we’ve often seen only on girls before. Because as the generations getting open in the new things like this. The fashion it self was evolving as well that’s why they were a lot of new collection and trends these days that we couldn’t images to be made and can be wear by a certain guy or girl. Got what I mean? I hope you do.

Actually, the metal ring was got trend on to those kpop group men who are often wore this. And since the kpop maniac was running and spreading world wide, the fashion statement had been together spread world wide too that’s why this metal ring became the most trend men accessory nowadays on today’s fashion.