Kikwang – General Idea, Comme des Garçons [Airport Fashion]

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General Idea [LIMITED EDITION]G0311803 – GI_ZOE / BK 236,000 won

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Comme des Garçons Grey Play T-Shirt £70.00

Korean celebrities fashion are the one look forward today. Because their wardrobe departments are really working out on the styling and fashion pieces that these awesome people wearing. That’s why fans either most of the fashion enthusiasts are getting crazed on each styling that these Korean celebrities had worn. Today, I got this B2ST Kikwang styling, though he just wore an simply style for this fashion and yet the swagness is still there. Look the photo on the top. Is really masculine that I most like about for this styling.

He’s sunglasses is from the brand General Idea and it has this item code of G0311803, limited edition, that you can have for just about 236,000 won in any nearby stores or online affiliated stores. I think, this sunglasses is already sold out due of the limited edition, however, you may check it out online because it might still available for some stores.

While he’s basic tee is from the brand Comme des Garçons X Play that has a price of £70.00, quite expensive right? yeah! that’s how style most of the Korean celebrity today by having themselves some sort of expensive finds for just on their fashion..heheh Alright, that will be all for now and please keep on checking the blog for more celeb and fashion updates.

BEAST/B2ST – I Like You More Than Anything

As you’re my followers / readers, on this blog – You may know that I used to blog up this Kpop group called BEAST/B2ST whether on their fashion statements or new released songs, doesn’t matter. Because i simply liked them here also most of you would love to read about them too,right? that’s why Ive decided to blog them here continuously..ehehe

Awhile ago when I was browsing the sharing video site called Youtube. This video of the group, BEAST/B2ST, is the one pop on the side homepage and I’ll pay to watch it for the future information or references maybe for my next feature site that will be open soon( check out for this one once available , I’ll let you know all here..hehe). The video has entitled BEAST/B2ST – I Like You More Than Anything and as I’m watching it, it seems that they uses some gaffer tape effect to it. That’s why the song is more lively than to the other kpop songs out there, anyway, that’s only my opinion about it I hope you as a music enthusiasts and had this wide knowledge about musics will be respect rather much better dont mind my opinion about the song on the top..hhehe

Alright, that’s it for now and please do check the blog often for more fashion updates and news..Thanks!

Hyunseung’s wearin’ Lanvin T-shirt (Green)


On today’s men’s fashion. Printed shirt basics are the one in hip. Because most celebrities are often wearing it and at the same time leading brand companies are keep on releasing too some kind of tees, meaning, printed shirt basics are now trending on today’s men’s fashion that’s why dudes are keep on searching over the web where they could buy some great printed shirts like what Hyunseung wearing on the top photo.

Hyunseung, Korean singer, B2ST member, is wearing an green kinda leopard print tee from the brand Lavin. I dunno where’s the brand located – locally, maybe in Korea?, but I am not sure about this just my hint though. Anyway, the tee looks great on him and I must say, the tee suits in any bottom you have whether its an shorts or an pants…

As Ive said, I dunno the brand, Lavin, yet. That’s why I cant give out some information about the brand either to the tee itself. So – please bear with me again in here, however, soon enough as I got time to search it over, sure thing! will update you again in here. Thanks!

Junhyung’s wearin’ Louis Vuitton Keep It Bracelet (Rouge Fauviste) $225USD



Louis Vuitton Keep It Bracelet (Rouge Fauviste) $225USD

Actually, when it comes to fashion I dont really a fan of these expensive pieces. Because I can even be more fashionable in to those inexpensive finds that is still look find on me. Yeah! I think, fashion is not a matter of branded clothes, expensive pieces and trendy things but its more likely how confident you are and shown who’s really you by showing your own fashion statements. Alright, this was only my opinion though, however, if you do have this budget to spend just go ahead and buy these branded pieces that can make you happy.

On the photo on top, the Korean singer Junhyung, one of the b2st member, is wearin’ this awesome simple bracelet from the brand Louis Vuitton and guess what? the bracelet will cost you $225 USD for a single of it..hehehe pretty expensive uh! but anyway celebrities really had an license to wear these expensive pieces out there. Okay, that’s it for now and will try to update you more by my next posts. Thanks!

Doojoon rockin’ on his Adidas Kimono print track top


As you’ve noticed here, I really used to blogged up some Korean fashion most especially this B2ST member fashion. Because they’re the one most search these days I think so. So – I needed to feed this blog,, of them for me to be more searchable on the web..hehe Anyway, look what I found a minute ago where the leader Doojoon is wearing an nicely snake prints jacket from the brand Adidas. I must say, the jacket suits him well and he even rock to it. I know most of you guys even gals out there are quite pleased to have the same piece of jacket of doojoon here that’s why I suggesting you to heads up now on the nearest Adidas store where you resides or better yet to check online if this jacket,Adidas Kimono print track top, are still available to avail..:)

By the way, the Jacket has this price of 4200฿. Sorry, I dunno the currency ฿ that’s why I cant convert it out in to dollar. Bear with me please..hehehe Okay, that’s for now and have a great weekdays to everyone. Thanks!

KPOP Beast/B2ST For CECI Magazine








Have you see the CECI Magazine already? if not yet, you’re so lucky to be stumbled here because these are the some photos of the all boy kpop group b2st for the magazine. Actually, I think the magazine is already out in the market today, just check out your local store for it as you wanted to have yourself a copy. On the photos on top. One thing is I’ve noticed, which their fashion styles. Because we all know that b2st had only an simply style when it comes to their fashion, however, since they’ve released their new song called ” Beautiful Night” it noticeable that they started to consider these high-end fashion pieces.. This was only my opinion though… please dont get me wrong dear fans..hahah Because I just often seen them wearing some street wear brands like stussy,obey and more.. than to these high-end fashion brands.

Watch their awesome live performance below singing their beautiful night song

Junhyung rockin’ on Givenchy Leopard Clown Jersey T-shirt (SS’11) $510.20USD



Givenchy Leopard Clown Jersey T-shirt (SS’11) $510.20USD

I never thought that even male Kpop idol/s today are used to wear some leopard prints tee these days. Because I just used to see gels wearing it often and its kinda weird for me still to see a man wearing leaopard one. Anyway, I think this how fashion evolved today. As you can see on the top photo, beast member Junhyung is wearing an awesome leapord tee from the brand Givenchy that has an item name of Leopard Clown Jersey T-shirt  which includes on the brand, Givenchy, spring summer collection year 2011. This will cost you $510.20USD, pretty expensive for a single tee uh! but look he can even rock on this kind of leopard tee. what do you think dope or nope?

Alright, that’s for now and please keep on checking me here,, for more b2st and big bang fashion updates. Thank you!

B2st’s Kikwang wearin’ Kenzo



fuzzy jacquard-knit crewneck sweater by Kenzo – $ 385.00

Beast/Bs2t main dancer Kikwang spotted wearing this awesome fuzzy jacquard-knit crewneck sweater from the brand kenzo that you may buy in any affiliated online stores of the brand and to the brand shop website itself. At first, I thought kenzo is like an shoe brand only because Ive seen their collaboration to Vanz recently and I doesnt know that they do offers some apparel clothes too which I found awesome. Look on the sweater on top that kikwang wearing. It has this great designs and accents that can definitely make you dope.

The sweter,fuzzy jacquard-knit crewneck sweater, has a price of $ 385.00, pretty expensive for one sweater uh! okay, that’s it for now and will try to update you more beast/b2st fashion to this blog and I made a category already just for them beside Big bang..:)