Deleted My Fansite posts already!

LOL, yeah i think i need to have a very unique posts out here like what i have on my other blogs thats why ive been decided to deleted all of those not so unique one to start up a awesome and clean blogging like what i intended to do now on this blog, so yeah i hope my readers will love the new, though i know this may effect on my standing on google search engine but i am still pretty sure that i cab boost this blog in short of period of time so nothing to worry about guys and also if you dont seen your searched topics on this blog maybe that particular post has been included on those copied content one that ive removed due with my plans to this blog, so i hope you’ll understand on that and sorry for the inconvenience that Ive been made to your ends..

And wait last month i putted my travel category on this blog beside for being a fansite on that moment but still i am believing that i can make this a full blog like what i am doing right now and yeah you’ll see some of my photos and my travel experience to this renewed blog of mine..ok thats it for now and thanks a lot

Promise ill be posting almost everyday!

i think promises is the best thing to do to make things happen and now i am promising that this blog is now has it everyday post and i think everyday life is the best to post here, what do you think? well even though you wouldn’t want that you cant stop me though because i was the admin of this blog and i can do whatever i wanted too, lol nope dont take it seriously im just kidding and try you to laugh,aren’t you by the way?ops i think i was indeed failed on this, LOL anyways i hope you could visit me here everyday, so yeah thats it for now and thanks a lot..bye..:)

want to lose weight again

yeah now i felt that i was the heaviest man alive because all of my clothes doesn’t suits me now and even i can run long time, oh lord what should i do? i think i forgot my diet program quite awhile and i hope as i noticed this big problem of mine i can ease eating some foods who can made be back to big frame ok let me drink my dieting pills now and ill make an update with some picture on it on hows the outcome really looking forward to get in track again..LOL

istarblog is now live!

yeah quite hour ago this blog istarblog was freaking down and i think server is the big sin for these and i hope my server administrator will fix this matter as they want me to get last on their side because their pretty much affected my blogging stuff  here and i dont even do anything just to wait and wait until the server goes up goodness im too tired by waiting and i hope they might consider me rather all of us who will be under their server, ok thats it for now and let see if they do anything for this to be resolve then.

istarblog is co-created by my sister jane

yeah we are both administration on this blog, the main administration was me who owned the blog and while the other one was my sister who own the that is going great on her own blog now because the blog got a great pagerank than to this blog,lol anyways just want you all this information and if you have any questions to us you may visit our blog then click the contact page on it or lets make your life easier, uoi can use our contact page here @ iastablog

Too slow babe

my goodness as i opened this blog a while ago that will took me almost an hour one thing that ive been noticed with, what? my connection is pretty much slow than to the slowest turtle living to this world and i dont know if there some thing going on, on my server or just my connection is the main problem on this? ok ok let me check my hosting first, hmm done checking it, well as i see it the bandwidth is pretty wide and i think connection is messing here, oh lord please keep the signal in  because i was intend to write a lot of blog post today and i dont wanna be get affected on this freakin signal, ok ok im in the hurry now let us talk later, bye for now


yeah i was declined once again on the network that i was insistently want to get in which on because i was too, too, too envy to those bloggers who been under the company already because they can get a bunch rather a set of task that they should serve with and as far as i know they can make it around 500 dollars if you are industrious enough per set of task and i think payu2blog is having a lot of batch of task per month, my goodness bloggers could me millionaire on this network,lol i hope i can get in then soon, wish my self luck though..

need my paypal now..

as a blogger we use to open an online bank because advertisers are use to pay as well online, so i think paypal is legit enough for me to be consider where my payment will be goes too, yeah i was sign up to the site a while ago and i think the online bank is nice to navigate and hope everything will be fine on my end as im using the account, wait i need to verify it as well, ok i will consult first to boss search engine on what is the best way to verify it..thanks

I hate october

hated this month much, why? because every October month i was felt that im alone and weak  even i was really surrounded by people, i dont know how it is and i cant rarely understand whats going on, could you please explain to me? well i know you cant get what i meant but please let me allow to blog this stuff to relief whats in me now that i was not able to tell you, ok i need to unwind and ill get back on you later

How many words do you make as you do post?

well if you are asking me that question ill immediately answer that with 100 words to 500 words its really depends on my mood by day because i was this mood wherein i just want to share a simply videos and there was a time as well that i want to talk long and i can even write a thousand words, its really depends on how i woke up in that so you how many words can you make on your post? care to share it?