Zumba Fitness on your Wii

Istarblog is blogging some information that you might find useful on your daily lives. And today I’m so pleased to tell you about this zumba on wii that was actually awesome, because this was my first time then to see an fitness Cd will go to Wii as an game. My goodness I have to get this at home so that I may enjoy my self out at the same time helping my body to loosen weights. Which I know most of you folks are looking forward too, right? so yeah, try to check the nearest stores on your place and get your on zumba fitness on wii.

O.K B1A4

I am not pretty sure if this this group was new on the music industry or not. I just found them on YouTube and Yeah, I was quite amazed on their music then that’s why they did have this spot on this blog. Watch their music video on top and let me know what you think about them.

On their fashion sense. I think they have this uniform concept as they appear on the television not like on big bang were did they wear what they wanted, but let see as the group grows.

Jaden Smith Outfits

I found this photo on Google and I found Jaden cool on his outfits there that’s why I am including his here. Jaden Smith is wearing a Comme Des Garcons Play Black Emblem Cardigan ($360) and a Comme Des Garcons Play Heart Tee ($109) and he also had an (LV) Louis Vuitton belt and a pair of supra. This outfit is really DOPE for me.

Chris Brown Wore Christian Louboutin Rantus Orlato Star Sneakers ($650)

Recently the Pop singer Chris Brown celebrated his 22nd birthday at Pure Nightclub in Las Vegas over the weekend and we’ve seen him wearing this Christian Louboutin Rantus Orlato Star Sneakers (650 usd). Indeed Christian shoes is now the father of all shoes nowadays on the market. And  I have this eagerness to have the black one of this kind, I hope I can buy it as soon as possible as I got some breads on me then.Hopefully yeah.

So yeah, that’s it for now and lets wait on the new Christian Louboutin Men’s shoes collection.

Maria Aragon Sings Born This Way Of Lady GAGA

Recently Lady GaGa released a new song entitled Born this way, the song was really great because  as i know gaga wrote this song to express how she achieved and still reaching her dream to become a great on her craft then,thats why this song is really mean a lot to her, and as you’ve been noticed GaGa use to cry when she personally sing this out because as Ive said the song has a great meaning to her.

Right after this song released this young sweetie named Maria Aragon a Filipino from Winnipeg Canada, made her very own cover for this song that Lady Gaga feeling something on this young lady that can moved on the singer, thats why now, this young lady got too many attentions by medias that can open a new door of opportunities to show how this Filipino showcasing her talent, I cant wait to see this young lady singing along lady GaGa soon, let see, ill update this post out as that happen soon.

Maria Aragon Talks to Lady GaGa

This was a quick update on my very recent published post, regarding on the young sweetie that caught the attention of Lady Gaga due of her own cover song  “Born this way”, now this young lady been invited to a radio station on Canada and she been given a change to do small talk with Lady GaGa straight away from the states. Watch the video on top to find out the full details. Thanks!