The Italian industry of watches

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The time is something that everyone needs, regardless of gender or age. When it comes to luxury goods, is a watch a material. The time is a luxury accessory without which, your appearance is incomplete.

The Italian watch industry has been known for its designer brands and luxury timepieces throughout history. Italian brands are popular worldwide for their style and finesse, and is a first choice for many people. Although the Italian watch industry can sometimes be overshadowed by the Swiss watch industry has gained significant momentum over time. Their Swiss Watches are just collectibles, and as high, according to Swiss ones.

One of the most popular names in the Italian watch industry is Gucci. Dive Watches are the style and luxury icon of Italian style design and craftsmanship from Gucci. Gucci introduced its range of watches in 1997, when Gucci Group NV acquired the Severin Montres Group, which was widely distributed in North America, Hong Kong, Britain and Germany. Dive watches are known for being imaginative and creative.

The most famous series of Mens Watches Gucci 5200 Watch for Men and Gucci 5600 Watch for Men. Both come with leather strap and stainless steel settings, along with a sapphire crystal. The range of women watch brand includes Gucci 1400 Women’s Watches, which has a 18K gold plated stainless steel case a black dial with gold colored hands.

Another very famous watch brand is Panerai. Panerai is a blend of Italian style and Swiss artisanship, established the 1980th Panerai is different from other watch manufacturers as it provides only two basic models, the Radiomir and Luminor. There are many different themes, variations, but all are based on the same, classic design form. Panerai Luminor Marina Automatic Watch (Model P32858X) for men is a famous timepiece was originally created in the 1950s, and is among one of the most expensive watches in the world.

Another world-famous Italian watch brand is Seiko Watches. A brand has tremendous popularity worldwide and is known for being trendy and sophisticated. Their watches range from being elegant and traditional to be fun, and quirky. Although they are luxury watches, they are reliable machines, even designer status. They are backed by an industry standard two year warranty.

Bulgari is another high-end brand of Italian watches. Founded in Rome in 1884, it is a complete designer brand, and not just focus on watches. The clock output of the subsidiary units Bulgari Time SA’s watches are quite expensive, but worth every penny, because of its beautiful and elegant design. Other trademarks are Officina Del Tempo, MOMO models and Brera Orologi among others.

Despite the Italian watch industry is a tough competition from the Swiss watches industry, it has over time has carved a name for himself, and now has a large clientele. Many people prefer Italian designer brands of Swiss watch brands, since they are more luxurious and well known. With its growing popularity, there will not be long before they leave the Swiss brands behind.

Gibson Les Paul Studio

I used to sing before and I even tried playing guitar. Do you believe me? I think its a no. But anyway, I have this dreams that someday I will be able to record my own music, a set of music and create my own album at the Gibson Les Paul Studio because the said studio has a state of the art facilities that can accommodate all of our needs, and sure thing the quality of the sounds they were producing on the studio are indeed in high quality. So why not record on this studio?

If you are a freelance musicians or want to be a YouTube sensation, I suggest you to drop by on the studio and inquire their packages deal for the recording stuff. I know that you’ll get an awesome deal on their services!

GD rockin ‘Galliano’s red coat’

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GD – G Dragon is the leader of the all boy kpop group big bang. This recently, the group went to London to attend the EMA MTV award. Because they’ve got been nominated under the category “World Wide Act Asia Pacific”. Actually, the event had already done and yeah- they wins it. Awesome,right? But I know most of you also awaits on what these guys wearing on the awards night. nah?

The boys are wearing each leather jackets that has spikes on it. Check google for more pictures rather come back on this blog tomorrow because I will post some. Anyway, one of the eye catcher was this GD’s Galliano red coat. The coat looks dope and its really suits in on Gd’s personality.

The Red coat is belong on “John Galliano S/S 12 Men Collection“, check the collection for more further information on the coat belongs on the other pieces that are included on the collection. And at this moment, I don’t know how much this will cost you just check again online for the pricing. Please bear with me. Hahaha but rest assured, I will update this post too soon for the full details. Promise!

Okay, that’s it for now and have a great day ahead to everyone. 🙂

Mario Maurer, the new penshoppe’s Endorser

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Mario Maurer, the new penshoppe’s Endorser

Ive been too busy these past few days ago because Ive got a lot of work tasks that I needed to attend in time. Anyways, this recently we’ve seen the Thailand actor/model/products endorser who are roaming around the country. I dunno what he’s reasons why his here but ( bear with me I am not updated on news and Philippines fashion news because of the busy ass Ive got these as I deep searched about it. I just Wooohh – because the guy is now a penshoppe’s endorser and will walk the on the brand summer/spring collection 2011 fashion walk collections or in Philippines fashion week #PFW, actually the event has been done at this time. LOL that’s how I late I am. 😛

Alright, that’s it- and will do expect the actor more often along the edsa billboards and some TV appearances soon. And as Ive heard Mario and the viva entertainment together abc-cbn are cooking something that most of you folks are waiting. So be better yet updated on him.LOL

What are the best musics to listen?

A lot of new artists who’ve been released their own set of musics to please us listeners. There were some groovy sounds, k pop,ballad and mellow sounds. However, the Nigerian Songs are still on the hits today. Because they are still peeps who are avid fan on this musics, beside each everyone of us has this own like and dislike when its comes on musics and to the other stuff.

That’s why we have this freewill to think and to decide on our own. By the way, while I’m brainstorming to this idea on what should I put in and include on this post. I just stumbled on this site, wherein a lot of Online Nigerian Music  and Nigerian Movies are listed there and even some Nigerian artists. I must say, this site is really relevant and easily to browse of.

Check the site now, and you may listen some awesome new musics either. 🙂

Taeyang Burberry Prorsum leather Vest, Chrome Hearts Belt,and bracelet from Chrome Hearts

I know most guys out there are wanted to be look like this guy named Taeyang, because taeyang has this great fashion sense that most guys are following these days. Today, what I have was these accessories and cloth that taeyang’s wore to the one of the concert he attended, that exact pieces on the photos on top.

Taeyang Black vest is from Burberry that has a product name of Burberry Prorsum leather studded biker vest that has a price of 2,995GBP that’s includes on the Burberry summer collection on this black vest. While the belt was on Chrome Hearts, and has a price of $2,172 USD, yeah, that’s how expensive is his belt is. And guess what? his bracelet was the most expensive bracelet that Ive ever heard, was approximately$20,411.25 USD. Gawd, that’s too much, anyways, that’s how they work and they did afford it, so go on. Okay, that’s it for now and I hope someone will give me that bracelet..LOL

BIGBANG -“SOMEBODY TO LOVE” Performance Practice

Ive been too busy these past few days because my family had these events that we had to gather. Though I really needed to attend my job here at the online world, but yet still, I need to get involve my self out onto those gatherings that my family planned already. Anyways, I am too stress after those tiring activities that Ive done together them, though I admit its fun,however, I need to get my self alive again so that I may back on my track,right? On this scenario, I’d chosen to watch or to listen some high intense musics performances that I was sure can lift  my spirit up again to do my left tasks this recently. And I found this music performance practice video of the Kpop group called Big bang that way. Just watch the video and I’m think you’ll like it as well.

Alright, that’s it for now and please do check out my other fashion entry soon. Thanks and have a great day ahead everyone.

8g ipod nano

Are you a music lover? I know you are folks because most of us are that, because music is life and music is the way of escape on our daily stresses, I know right? because I’m into situation though. Hahah, and one thing that we can use to have this music’s on was this awesome 8g ipod nano that we all knew. Though before this ipod has this expensive prices but now the price has been dropped down and can it now reasonable that everyone can buy it. So, get yours now and download your fave musics to it to hear.

Kang Seung Yoon wearing 9Five sunglasses

I used to blogged these group of artists under the YG entertainment. And I know you knew them already as you followed them as much following this blog. Today, the said agency got an new artist signed to their contract and now belongs to their artist list that can caught my attention, and I know as this moment of time then, most of you folks are searching this guy who had this name Kang Seung Yoon,right? Anyways, Let me dig his fashion, As Ive noticed him, I think he did have this well and hip of fashion liked what the artists does, however, he had a quite advantage because he can played of on his style because of the young appeal he had.

On this photo, the guy is wearing a 9five sunglasses that can look him more young that can put some spice on his total wardrobe. Okay then, that’s it for now and you’ll surely often see this guy posted to this blog on my future blog entry. Thanks!

The Fasionable Couple tee

These days, I just noticed that every couple has these now couple’s tee or well know as fashionable couple tees. I dunno, where this trend are came from. I just wake up one day and yeah all things are about on these couple tees. Maybe Chinese people or Koreans are the one who made this hip on the fashion industry these days. And I think all couple will love to have this, and now, as I blogging it though, My sister asked me to buy her and her boyfriend of this tee here because these kind of tees are absolutely looked lovely as you have it with you.

So yeah, search on online stores and even on your local apparel stores to have these tees with you and to your partner. Thanks!