Taeyang x Givenchy Jacquard-Print Tee

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Fashion is really into patterns and prints. Yeah – I agree on that! Because brand line these days are have to follow on what’s this fashion enthusiast wanted. Though plain tees are still hip on today’s fashion industry but I think it will better if you wear something in prints. Because prints can gives more spice on your total outfit believe me!

Anyway, On the photos on top, the artist, Taeyang , is wearing an Jacquard-Print Tee from the Givenchy. The tee really looks dope and hip and I think jacquard prints is way better to leopard ones,what do you think? this how only I seen to it, bear with me if majority votes are into leopard still. LOL

The tee has a price of $335 that you may buy in any retail online stores of the brand Givenchy and of course on the store itself – Givenchy. So yeah that’s it and I hope I can help you a bit as you eager to know on what Taeyang’s wearing on the photo on top. Thanks!

Tattoos as your fashion statement?

Who wants to get tattooed? I know, I know you are raising your hand there and even you gals are wanting to have at least one painted images on your body. But why? what do you think is the main reason why people use to get tattoo to their bodies on? On my own opinion, having some tattoos on one person’s body is really a big help. How? Because maybe that person may think that he or she hip because tattoo is trending nowadays as you’ve noticed it, righty? and one thing more, tattoo can be use as an fashion statement like what most models did, They used to get at least one tattoo to them not to impressed but to emphasize their best body asset as they walk to the run way.

But I do believe that people has an deeper reasons why they do they want to get tattooed, maybe for some promises,sentimental values and so fort that I wasn’t know.LOL