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Se7en’s wearin’ custom made t-shirt

November 9, 2012


On the photo on top. Se7en, Korean artist, is wearing one of these custom made t-shirts of Michael Jackson that you may buy online. Search it over as you wanted yourself to have one same as se7en tee here. About the pricing details? I haven’t know any details on it because there’s a bunch of online stores that sells it and they even have different prices depending on your location and to the store itself.

Se7en in Rodarte hoodie and Chrome Hearts Cap

January 23, 2012


Another celebrity outfit update: This recently, se7en, a Korean singer, spotted wearing some dope pieces that are Rodarte hoodie and Chrome Hearts Cap. The hoodie is limited edition only,I think so, that’s why I wasn’t able to get the exact price of it since the piece is already sold out. However, on the cap, more probably chrome hearts cap are ranging 100 – 1000 bucks. Yeah – that’s too much but chrome hearts has this great products and they did uses the best and quality materials that can make their products way expensive than to the others brands.

So – yeah , se7en is rocking on these 2 pieces. And you might get that look too, just check on those same color of hoodie and cap and it does not be the same brands as long you can make your self swag everything will be fine.. I’m telling you! alright, that’s it and keep on checking this blog for more celebrity outfits updates..

Celeb outfit : Se7en’s Galliano’s Light Printed Sweater in black( £204.00)

November 21, 2011

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On this blog,, I really into Korean fashion. Because I’d find Korean fashion dope and quirky that’s why I often includes them out here. Today, I’ll blog again this Korean celebrity singer named Se7en, the artist is great well known on the country,Korea, because he did shared his talents already that can made him on the most demand singer’s on today Korea’s music industry.

Se7en is wearing an quite expensive sweater from Galliano, one of the lead brand in fashion capital of the world – Europe, The sweater has an item name of “Light Printed Sweater in black” that has an price of  £204.00, for all you know. 🙂

The Sweater looks fine on me and I really do like the prints that can signifies this sweater is more on streetwear. However, it is depend on you on how you may wear it. Like what Se7en did on it. Stunning!

Alright, that’s it for now and will update you more celebrity outfits too soon.

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Tattoos as your fashion statement?

May 19, 2011

Who wants to get tattooed? I know, I know you are raising your hand there and even you gals are wanting to have at least one painted images on your body. But why? what do you think is the main reason why people use to get tattoo to their bodies on? On my own opinion, having some tattoos on one person’s body is really a big help. How? Because maybe that person may think that he or she hip because tattoo is trending nowadays as you’ve noticed it, righty? and one thing more, tattoo can be use as an fashion statement like what most models did, They used to get at least one tattoo to them not to impressed but to emphasize their best body asset as they walk to the run way.

But I do believe that people has an deeper reasons why they do they want to get tattooed, maybe for some promises,sentimental values and so fort that I wasn’t know.LOL


January 7, 2011

I am quite late though to blog about this because i was too busy on my other blog but yet still i wanted to post it out here because this was the main reason why istarblog  was born then, as you could remember before this blog is tackled often with some Yg entertainment stuff where these guys under management but ive been converted this to a personal blog then which i likey now because i can write what ever i wanted to hit about and the good thing though i can evenly post this kind of topics that was my first niche yeah i hope the new song of GD & TOP was indeed appealing on your end like what before they did to us all..LOL ok thats it for now and lets wait for seungri solo mini album any moment now, ill make an update regarding on seungri comeback soon..thanks

Seungri Gave SE7EN a Tip on how to come up with Variety Shows

September 22, 2010

We all know that Big bang Member Seungri has this funny go lucky attitude nor he has a great sense of humor thats why when he gets into an variety shows people who watched live and MC’s of a particular show arent cant stop laughing when suengri throw his punch line and stuff..LOL

After 3 years and 8 months Se7en had come back with the song digital bounce that been launched last few weeks ago or a month? im not sure about the date..LOL anyways because of the comeback se7en have to guest in variety shows to promote his album and talk about stuff that he came up through out the years..

August 31 2010 when Se7en guested on Strong heart that seungri and taeyang been through for taeyang promotional Se7en said that before he came to the show  he asked seungri on what do to and included the word “Help Me” because se7en isnt adept in variety shows because he was on united state quite awhile and of course maknae seungri replied se7en on this just relax and be your self..LOL

Se7en Sings Taeyang’s I Need A Girl @ Strong Heart

September 15, 2010

On my previous post that Se7en asked Suengri on what to do on his appreaances on Strong heart the variety show in Korea, now Se7en Sings Taeyang I need a Girl, watch the video on top and the full show video will follow soon as people uploaded it on youtube..LOL thanks

Se7en Updated his Twitter On Vanness and Him Photo!

September 1, 2010

Se7en said that finally after 4 years he  met  his friend named Vanness.. wait i think this vanness is a Taiwanese who is the cast of meteor Garden (F4 Taiwan before?) sorry i dint know him ..

SE7EN Self Rendition of One Last Cry

September 1, 2010

Just saw this Video on youtube and i know other fans out there are surely love to hear this even a 100 times..LOL thats why i posted it out here though this video was taken a years ago ..haha

Se7en and Taeyang FanCam Music Core

August 31, 2010

thanks to those fans who took these video’s