Kevin Jonas and Danielle Deleasa’s Wedding Bands


We definitely all know the pop band Jonas Brothers. A band that consists of three boys, which are Joe, Nick and Kevin. Kevin is the oldest among the three and got married on 2009.

Kevin got married to Danielle Deleasa, which is not an actress or even a celebrity personality. Danielle Deleasa is from New Jersey. They met during Kevin’s vacation with family on summer 2007. And after 2 years Kevin proposed to Danielle. Kevin gave Danielle a Jacob & Co. engagement ring.

The wedding happened December 19, 2009. A winter themed wedding. Their wedding bands are from Jacob and Co. also. The great thing that I notice on their rings is that they are not same like what we are usually see in some other wedding. Danielle Deleasa’s ring is an eternity ring, an 18k white gold with diamonds around it, while Kevin’s ring is a much simpler ring that fits to a man. It is a ring with small diamonds around the ring’s edge.

This may be a new idea to those who are planning to get married and going to choose a wedding band. You can have a different rings, but just don’t forget to put the name of your better half inside the ring. And wear it everyday and be proud that you are married with the man or the woman that you love.

Jonas Brothers Before and After Pictures

Joe Jonas
Nick Jonas

I know to those people who wants to see what there idols look like before and what the feature on their appearances changed , Jonas Brothers is one of the Hot teenage boy band in hollywood and there is it..that was Joe Jonas And Nick Jonas Before and then and sorry because i cant find Kelvin Now And then Pictures..LOL By the way Camp Rock 2 The final Jam Is Premiering on 11th check out my next post about the info..thanks

Camp Rock 2 the Final Jam

cAMP rOCK 2 The Final Jam

Awaits is over because after the first sequel last 2008 which the Camp rock it self, now Jonas Brothers who always won the teen choice award and Demi Lovato who they’re the main cast of the movie(camp rock) now these guys are having a new sequel on their  Movie which entitled Camp Rock @ the final Jam , i Know Most of you are waiting for this a long time because we can hear another great songs who will be sing by those great singers, by the way the movie premiere will be on September 03 On United Stated but i dunno in other countries if there was so, but if i got any information about the premier on the other countries ill update this post as asap in order for you to know..thanks