been tired

yeah i was too tired doing some update post to all of my blogs but still i want to have some relaxing mode by writing out my frustration over this blog, thats why i love this blog much because i can whatever i wanted and there’s no restriction on the niche stuff,actually i am not working to those paid post but still i want to be updated more often as much i can be because i do believe that someday these blogs that i have was given a change then to work to those awesome brokers that im trying to please by this time and i hope that will happen soon,lol ok enough on this,thats it for now and ill make you an update regarding on whats happening on my online plans


yeah i was declined once again on the network that i was insistently want to get in which on because i was too, too, too envy to those bloggers who been under the company already because they can get a bunch rather a set of task that they should serve with and as far as i know they can make it around 500 dollars if you are industrious enough per set of task and i think payu2blog is having a lot of batch of task per month, my goodness bloggers could me millionaire on this network,lol i hope i can get in then soon, wish my self luck though..

want to buy something new

yes im too frustrated now to buy new things online and it could be between ipad or iphone 4 because i thing a blogger like me really need any gadget who can get access us immediately whenever we are and i think this apple products is the best thing to have with, but the problem is i dont have enough money to buy them so,too bad on me because i was expecting that patu2blog will help me to earn through my blog by doing some task to them but they keep on declining this blog, oh lord jesus i hope they can consider me then after a month and half, ok ill make you an update as i get in to the program..thanks

need my paypal now..

as a blogger we use to open an online bank because advertisers are use to pay as well online, so i think paypal is legit enough for me to be consider where my payment will be goes too, yeah i was sign up to the site a while ago and i think the online bank is nice to navigate and hope everything will be fine on my end as im using the account, wait i need to verify it as well, ok i will consult first to boss search engine on what is the best way to verify it..thanks

I hate october

hated this month much, why? because every October month i was felt that im alone and weak  even i was really surrounded by people, i dont know how it is and i cant rarely understand whats going on, could you please explain to me? well i know you cant get what i meant but please let me allow to blog this stuff to relief whats in me now that i was not able to tell you, ok i need to unwind and ill get back on you later

How many words do you make as you do post?

well if you are asking me that question ill immediately answer that with 100 words to 500 words its really depends on my mood by day because i was this mood wherein i just want to share a simply videos and there was a time as well that i want to talk long and i can even write a thousand words, its really depends on how i woke up in that so you how many words can you make on your post? care to share it?

Shift to Nursing Course

As i blog on my previous entry that i was stopped for awhile for my study to give way with some important matter that i have to do first, so yeah as i titled this post that ill shift to nursing by next year and by recent course wouldnt be credited any of my subjects, my goodness..LOL anyways its ok though because nursing is knocking my heart to go through, but i have a problem because taking nursing, you have to prepared so many uniforms like lab coat which important if you do some intership to the hostipal and of course the nursing uniforms it self..LOL

anyways ill purchase those uniforms online to have some discount because buying online is quite cheap than in the store on my opinion and green scrubs can help me with to find such great uniforms for me..:)

i made another twitter account for this blog has in twitter now though all of my followers so far are these group of people who use to like kpop music but i still believing that someone will caught an attention on what this blog can offer, i mean on what ill be posting out that is more personal so if you have your twitter account go ahead and add me up, just type in istarblog then you’ll see the page and click follow, ok as you follow me ill follow you back then, ok im looking forward into that , thanks a lot

when was the update will happen?

this was a quick update and just want to ask you all when do you think Google will update page rank? because i was to excited to find out so and prepared my self then by having a link building if thats happen, please do comment your ideas below as you have your strong hint about it and in returns ill make you updated if i seen something move on my toobar, i promise that dear, ok thats it for now and have a great day ahead

checking my blog stat

yes each month i see to it that i was checked each one of my blogs because to maintain and let see which blogs is doing great or which blog needs to improve more and one of the checker blog stat that i was craze about is this alexa ranking because advertisers consider a blog alexa for their offers in certain blog so you may now boost your alexa ranking as long as your Google page rank so that you can have a great experience by earning online