Gold is Fashion

Yeah! I know you are agreeing with me as well that the gold is can be fashion as well,right? and how? well, as you can see the photo on top, the gold can be use an accessories that can bring more gorgeous looking into person or model who will wore this. That’s why the gold is fashion. Nowadays a lot of peps are looking into a cheapest price of gold to be their investment as long to hip on today’s trend. Yeah! Gold is always trend on the world of fashion and I think this will not abolish on the industries due of the demand of the gold on the market.

Okay, I know you are planning to buy gold spot on the right gold price rather gold prices these days, because a lot of fakes of spot gold are now roaming t0 the gold market that you cant noticed which the real gold or not. If you are doubt a bit on the gold that you was about to buy, I suggested you to go in any nearest pawnshop to have a check on the gold that you were buying, this was the great idea so far that you can do to be assure that the quality of gold that you can get is perfectly fine and can be use to accessories your outfits gratefully.

Online schooling

A lot of options that we can choose on Today’s generation. Because technology is indeed hugely and everything are possible now by just using our computer and internet. A lot of high school students before are not that much picky on which college school that she or he get in but these days on, students are then picky because there was some awesome Online Universities and Online Schools that can help you to get your online degree programs in art or what soever courses that you wanted to be.

I think this was really a great offer for us all students especially to those busy folks. Because we can handle our time out and at the same time pursuing the courses that we wanted to get profession sooner. This great way to success I’m pretty sure because online schooling its really like on the regular schooling that the real school can give. And the other good thing was, rather the advantage of the online schooling is, you maybe learn some of those knowledge that you may not be tackled on the regular school. Because mostly online schools are running by those international schools who leads on their craft in education.

By the way for further information about online schooling. I suggested you to take a look on this site for you to see and check which online school will work on your needing. Okay then, that’s it for now and will update more information soon. Thanks!

Big Bang Nikkon Endorser

This was quite late then to blog but yet I wanted to post this out on this blog. Recently the group Big Bang and the entire Yg Entertainment artists are became as Nikkon Endoser South Korean. And one thing that Ive been noticed on this group, Which they often wearing some black pants with pairing of boots, I think this was the group fashion statement, What do you think? So far I dunno on what are the brand of thier black pants and boots but I will definitely search it on for you to let you know folks. Because I knew you are looking to the brand of their each outfits that they did wore.

Dead sea bath salt

I heard a lot of benefits on this controversial dead sea bath salt that I wasn’t believe in at first because I’d never tried it on my own yet. But this recently as my mum bought one pack of this salt from the Israel sea, I must say this indeed effective and awesome! I can proves to you that this salt can really heal some skin asthma diseases liked what did I have before, but right now all of the allergies to my skin was abolished by this salt in short period of time. For that, I have to thank the mother nature for giving us all a dead see which contained of the healing salt. Try this folks and see how this so effective on your own.

Are you drugs addicted?

Sorry, but I think I need to tackle this issue that most teenagers has going through these days. Yeah mostly teens are get involved on this so called drugs due of some influenced of their colleagues and friends when their are on school and in any places. I think this was the biggest issue that we can stop immediately because they were a lot of people who are supporting on this kind of activities even to those politics, I believed! but for instant. Your child got addicted to it, the best this that you may do is to send him or her to drug detox center program because on this place on a lot of program and psychological activities that can may help to the victim to get recover and get back on real him or her. Try it if you are in this situation and I am pretty sure you can get rid to drugs immediately.

Zumba Fitness on your Wii

Istarblog is blogging some information that you might find useful on your daily lives. And today I’m so pleased to tell you about this zumba on wii that was actually awesome, because this was my first time then to see an fitness Cd will go to Wii as an game. My goodness I have to get this at home so that I may enjoy my self out at the same time helping my body to loosen weights. Which I know most of you folks are looking forward too, right? so yeah, try to check the nearest stores on your place and get your on zumba fitness on wii.

O.K B1A4

I am not pretty sure if this this group was new on the music industry or not. I just found them on YouTube and Yeah, I was quite amazed on their music then that’s why they did have this spot on this blog. Watch their music video on top and let me know what you think about them.

On their fashion sense. I think they have this uniform concept as they appear on the television not like on big bang were did they wear what they wanted, but let see as the group grows.

2ne1 Quirky Costume

Koreans are indeed fashionable. Because as Ive seen any Koreans where do I residing a lot of them has these pieces to them that you can find it quirky to other. I dunno I cant explain it either.LOL Anyways, I just saw these 2 photos here that can merely proofs on how those Koreans are so vain and much intact to fashion. First thing that I saw this I just saw “WOW” becuase this was my first time then to see some group wearing this kind of stuff here.

Their costume is indeed awesome I must say. And the idea and concept are can be on the international fashion market. Okay lets compliment the 2ne1’s designer namely Gareth Pugh who did this awesome costume for the group.

I’ve reached the below 5K alexa Rankings

Yeah! I’m so happy that this blog is doing great. Look, my alexa rankings was placed on the nice spot. Though I aimed to reach this far but I’m not expecting to reached the spot to early as this.LOL because I don’t consider my self rather this blog to purchase any traffic with it or any program that can source my blog traffic because I wanted to be natural.Natural visitors that they really reads on what are the things that I wanted,amused,amazed and admired most of the time that I know they do also. On this blog, I usually tackling about celebrities and fashion but I did also some personal writes like this one. Yeah! I can even write anything on this blog because I treats this blog as my personal too wherein I can tell anything under the sun though Ive got this one blog that is more personal but putting some personal touch on this blog is really inspired me and push my self to put something informative,unique and quirky to this blog.^_^

Alexa rankings is indeed important for me and even may page rank of course, because through these 2 things. I can assure my clients or even some big companies out there you’ll find this blog relevant that I can did promote their thingy and stuff. Yeah! basically alexa and Pagerank are the 2 important things that you may have on a blog as you want this eagerness to earn quite bit on your medium. Okay then. That’s it for now and will blog some information about this matter soon as Ive got time because recently Ive been too busy on my other work that I will reveal soon enough.

Thanks folks and please keep your feet stock on this blog. And will surely returns the favor to you. 😉