Varsity Jackets are still trends?


I’d still see some folks wearing this kind of jacket on.Do this varsity jackets are still trending on today’s fashion or nope? because Ive heard some fashion news already before that this jacket is been outdated on the market and even to the fashion industry. However, I’d still not sure though about the news Ive heard, please do bear with me then if this a false news.. LOL

Anyway, some people used to put some personalized coin on this jacket as they wears it. I dunno the significant meaning of it though, but I’ll try to find it out for you my dear readers and even if this kind of jacket here is already outdated or nope. Alright, need to end this now. Thanks and please keep on visiting me here for more fashion updates. Thanks!

Vintage Fashion


I think, I’m starting to love the vintage fashion. Because its simply and at the same time it has this great share into fashion industry today. Also, most of the fashion enthusiasts and  fashion bloggers are keep on wearing this kind of statements and styles. Actually, vintage fashion is been trends already way back time, so happened, that brands and labels today are used to use it as their main based on these new creation and collection today.

You may check out some well known brands and local brands for these vintage pieces that could rock you on. Because at the moment, most of the brands out to the market are had this vintage label already. By the way, do you know any outdoor furniture covers? I just needed it for my vintage fashion collab. I will let you know once I got it. This pretty exciting!

Thanks so much and I hope you may often check me out here for more fashion and entertainment updates. Alright, have yourself a great weekend.

Trends: Floral Pants


Though, I am into men’s fashion and some Korean fashion over this blog, Yet still, I wanted to blog up some girls related fashion to on this blog, of course, just to balance up my readership thing. Today, Ive noticed that girls most especially celebrities are keep on wearing this floral pants on. Do this pants is now trending today? I am not sure though, because i haven’t read any fashion news regarding this, might this statement is trends now due of the summer season. However, this might not also trends today because summer is fast to happened.

Wait, Ive seen some band clamp members wearing this kind of pants too.. oh wow, I didn’t expect it. Alright, that’s it for now and will try to update you more soon. Thanks! An Amazing Way to Glam Up Your College Space


If you are college-bound in the fall, then you are probably worried about how you are going to decorate your dorm. A dorm room is totally different than a high school bedroom, because you aren’t just setting up a space where you’re going to sleep, but rather creating a space to sleep, study, eat, and basically live – all in one small room. Even if you don’t have a lot of space or money to work with, is an amazing source for college freshman who need help in decorating a dorm room that is both stylish and space-efficient.

Their online store is amazing, and offers some really great and adorable storage solutions and decorations. What is really amazing about their store is the fact that each and every product is specifically geared for college students and dorm life. Besides their awesome virtual catalog, they also have a really great blog, which features professional style advice and tips. This is a fantastic source for decorating tips and space-saving tricks, and has a lot of ideas and solutions that you probably would never have even thought of.

Ultimately, is a total one-step solution for anything and everything dorm-related. Their professional decorating advice is amazing, and all of the products seen are available right there in their online store. This is a much better solution for dorm decorating than racing around to a million different stores; indeed, everything you need is in one place.

Throwing the Party of the Summer on a Budget

Summer is a time of relaxation and enjoyment of the warm weather outside. From family barbecues to pool parties, there are many fun Summer traditions that people enjoy taking part in each year. However, the state of the economy has forced people to cut costs to make ends meet. As a result, regular Summer theme gatherings have become less of a reality for some families.


English: Chicken wings being cooked slowly over charcoal ashes. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Luckily, there are ways to throw that anticipated Summer get together without breaking the bank. From budget decor to tasty snacks and treats, your pool party or barbecue does not have to suffer with the bad economic times. Below are a few important elements of any Summer get together that you can find while on a budget.

Summer Decor

Summer theme decor is an important element of any Summer party. Fortunately, there are many resources from which you can find vibrant decor for your Summer get together at little cost. Below are a couple of options to consider:

  • Dollar Store: Dollar stores are a popular resource for inexpensive, yet tasteful party decorations. Generally, dollar stores stock up on the type of decor that is in season. As such, there should be a variety of Summer themed decor at your local stores for you to take advantage of. Some popular party items commonly found at dollar stores include balloons, plates, silverware, and party favors.
  • Craft Your Own: Show off your creative side and craft your own party decorations. You can find coupons through RewardIt and other online based resources to inexpensively obtain the materials for your crafts. In many cases, crafted decor has more of a positive effect on guests than generic manufactured party decor.

Snacks and Desserts

Every successful Summer party has to have a variety of snacks and tasty desserts. To save money on these edible necessities, consider the following options:

  • Buy In Bulk: Buying in bulk is a fantastic way to save money on snacks and desserts for a party. Not only do you get a nice supply of items, but you save much more money than if you purchase them in smaller quantities.
  • Request A Potluck: A potluck is a reasonable way to get a variety of food to your party with little to no cost to you. Most people are more than willing to contribute to the festivities.

Pool Toys

As with party decor, pool toys are another aspect of your Summer get together that can be found at a dollar or discount party store. From fun-noodles to rafts and pool-side games, there are many inexpensive options to take advantage of.

Throwing that big Summer get together does not have to break the bank. Consider the above options as a way to get the necessities of your party together while maintaining a reasonable budget.