NEIGHBORHOOD x Pro-Keds Collection


This collection from the two brand that collaborates which is NEIGHBORHOOD and Pro-Keds simply describes comfort. I can say this because as what we can see they are just a simple collection of shoes, jackets and hoodies, and the color palette of this collection also describes simplicity. But the good thing is, being stylist has never left. These items are combination of simplicity, comfort and style. The two brands created a shoes that is made of premium suede and it has a woven tag of the brand. And they paired it with those jackets and hoodies. The color of the shoes are basic black and the other one looks like a very light grey-ish. And on the jacket they have black and stone. the hoodies has a maroon color and also stone color.

These items can be easily paired with your outfit. You can choose almost any color that you want because the color of these can easily matches other colors. And the important thing that these items is comfort. We all know that Pro-Keds is a brand of footwear that manufactures athletic shoes, so it means they are really comfortable to wear. The brand NEIGHBORHOOD is a japan based brand that creates a very fashionable items. You can both wear these jackets and shoes to match. Why not try to pair the grey-ish color shoes with the maroon details and pair it with the  maroon hoodie. A denim jeans will be the best bottom to use for these two.

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