Dress Appropriately for Concerts: 5 Style Tips

You’re heading to a concert. No matter your age, you want to look the part. You may want to blend in with the crowd so you feel young and hip. On the other hand, you may want to stand out as much as possible. After all, you want to get the attention of the band. What’s the right thing to wear?

Never, Ever Wear a Shirt from the Band

08-07-11 Ted Nugent @ Medina, MN (T-shirts in the crowd)

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When attending a concert of a band, no matter how much you adore the members, you don’t want to wear their t-shirt. The reason is simple. You will not stand out one bit. For example, if you’ve bought Train tickets, you’ve spent a sizable amount of money getting good seats. It’s fine to purchase a t-shirt at the concert, just don’t put it on. It’s lost in the crowd since just about everyone else will do the exact same thing. You will not stand out wearing a shirt from the band.

Wear Something to Hide the Stains

Recycled T-Shirt

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Depending on the type of concert, your clothing needs to hide stains. If you are tailgating before the concert, like all true fans would do, you may get sick. You may spill your beer. You may even end up wearing the upset stomach contents of the person sitting next to you. Be sure your clothing lets those stains blend in. After all, you don’t want to look like a slob even after partying hard at the concert.

What Would the Band Wear?

Simple Plan Concert 11/7/05

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Still not sure which t-shirt to pull on for the concert? Open your closet door (there’s no need to buy something new for the show after all!) Ask yourself, with the doors wide open, what would the band wear? Choose clothing that matches the style of the band. You don’t want to wear tie-dye to a pop concert.

Don’t Mix Your Bands


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Let’s say you are going to see that top teen group or you just can’t resist the urge to buy Justin Beiber tickets. Don’t wear your One Direction t-shirt to the Beiber concert. That’s not cool. After all, you can only be so devoted to music groups and the concert you are going to should be #1 on your list, at least tonight.

Be Able to Move in Every Way Possible

Inspired by Iceland

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Finally, before you walk out the door, be sure every ounce of clothing you are wearing is easy to dance in for hours on end. If you are not sure, turn the music up and dance. Do you feel comfortable? Are your shoes staying on? That’s when you know you are ready to head out.

Clothing matters when you take in concerts. From your classic rock concert to the rap group you hope to see, what you wear either helps you to stand out or blend in. What you don’t want is to end up being “that guy” that doesn’t belong.

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