Stringing an acoustic guitar

Time flies so fast. It’s already a new year everyone. I know some of you have got some memorable experiences along with some awesome presents from your loved ones. Me, I got my first guitars that happens to receive on my cake day, by the way, I am a December baby hence it’s quite normal for me though to receive gifts as the month, December, got started.

Actually, Acoustic guitar is my prefers type because of the stringing an acoustic guitar which is easily to replace and find where in online or in any mortar stores nearby. Yes! unlike on those electric guitar which needed an special type of string as you need to change yours. Which is not so practical on my opinion, though..

Classic Selmer Clarinet

 photo isa15101_zpssmut2sku.jpg

Most of you folks are fond on playing guitar, but did you know that there was this classic selmer clarinet that is perfectly in any type of music genre you have? Yes! because this little guy here can really produce not just quality sounds but also it can easily to use or to operate as long as you knew on how to blow properly. You can actually check out YouTube for more video tutorials on how this clarinet’s works and you can even buy yourself one online for your convenience.

Streetsnaps: Art Basel Miami 2015

 photo streetsnaps-art-basel-miami-2015-3_zpsv6b4tacp.jpg

Firstly, all photos are credited to where I did got all of it and as for my sources in my some posts here,

I used to check some snaps from different fashion week events because people are gathering wearing their own fashion sense hence I can get some sorts of ideas on how I may pull off my own style too by next time. In away, this was the best thing to do, checking street wear fashion, for you to know on what are the pieces whose in trends and not. I actually feeling amazed with these styling for the recent Miami fashion week because most of them are really speaks to my style hence I am so pleased then to include them out here. See some photos below:

 photo streetsnaps-art-basel-miami-2015-4_zpsighgeigg.jpg

 photo streetsnaps-art-basel-miami-2015-6_zps5tfarhwh.jpg

I simply loves on how they put the neon colors to the total outfit. I think, mens wants diversity when it comes to their fashion today. Also, these type of styling are these light when you can wear them off anytime a day thus this was perfect for you to do for yourself as you are fond of getting out on your comfort zone. Because I knew, mostly guys, are just stick with the basics where black plain tees are your main piece, right?

 photo streetsnaps-art-basel-miami-2015-1_zpsko6dsz7m.jpg

 photo streetsnaps-art-basel-miami-2015-2_zpsl5wcvuqu.jpg

I also likes these bad boy look here where you have to have an pieces that are funky yet fancy to wear. I also like the washed denim jacket that the last guy wore. Because it can gives accentual to his whole outfit which turns out dope to him.

Okay, these are the snapshots from the recently held Art Basel Miami 2015, I hope you can get an idea from these guy’s styling on how you can make yourself stylist and dope.

Highsnobiety x Carhartt WIP Capsule Collection

 photo carhartt-wip-highsnobiety-collaboration-13_zpseqhrebja.jpg

As for this season. winter. I used to see collaborative items or pieces that these well known brands and labels are keeps on releasing. I think, this was the perfect time for them to be collaborated with the other same brands as for them. Because it does help each other to gain more people who can consider their pieces as they releases another new collection or pieces for their store’s shelves. Actually, I am not fond of collaborative pieces myself because these pieces are quite expensive to have than to those normal finds one, its like you’re paying two brands in one item – which is not good in me as I don’t have a much bucks to spend for it. But for those who has extra bucks and wanting to have themselves in trends, I think having some sorts of collaborative pieces such as this Highsnobiety x Carhartt WIP Capsule Collection is perfectly fine.

 photo highsnobiety-x-carhartt-wip-1_zpsz9iok3cg.jpg

As I can see it, Highsnobiety x Carhartt WIP Capsule Collection has only 2 pieces in ready for this season and they’re a pullover for men and you can only choose between the white or the black one, which is bad though on my opinion – because men these days are liking to wear more diversity and versatility like pieces where they can play a little bit in it not like these pieces whereas they’d just played safe in away for having only the 2 basic colors, the white and black. But of course, this was only my opinion and nothing can’t change the way you see these pieces for yourself.

In overall, I can still see these collection dope and can be wear off whether for daily and casual as long as you’d know on how to pull it off, it surely gone perfectly for yourself.

Hover board an easy and fast way to travel

Living in the age of technology and not living a competitive life…. does not sound good. This can be extended to shop for a hover board to drive any where you want. As per the designers and experts this board is made up of non ferrous material, hence is corrosion free. Quite recognized as one of the demanding item for shopping by teens and youngsters in sub way surfers that protects from crashing in just 30 seconds, when crashed the hover board will explode and then it will need to recharge in just few seconds before being used again. These are exclusive and limited offer available on the site and can also be gained with hover board warranty.

 photo hover_zpsuimdqwc8.png

Types of hover board:-

These are exclusive and limited and some even have their own exclusive ability to buy on site. At every edition, at least 1 board will be added to the game. These are available in different types online at the site and are like:-

  • Star board
  • Lumberjack
  • Super hero
  • Miami
  • Monster
  • Free styler
  • Liberty
  • Big kahuna
  • Skull free
  • Daredevil
  • Bouncer
  • Low rider
  • Toucan
  • Kick off

And yet many more.

Designing these hover boards:-

Those hover board available relies on the super conductors and magnets, which combines to repel the force of gravity and lift any object over it. These are just like some fancy skate board and its rider above the ground. You can have them easily buy them with a hoverboard warranty and get a proper coverage on it. Rather there is no need to have any kind of oscillating magnetic field, instead you can have the meissnner effect. These hover boards are fascinating and make the best of utility when you travel alone. In the dusky evening or in the early morning, nothing can be more fascinating than these hover boards.

Company heritage:-

This is a trusted brand self balancing scooter retailer selling these hover boards online. We are committed to offering a solid selection of cooler than cool self balancing scooter at a reasonable price with extremely high quality customer services. This is just an awesome way to balance your travel across the road and highway. The cruise around outdoors to save travel time or just show off your skill with any awesome tricks. These products are offered with skills and tricks learned. Just go for this great and fabulous opportunity to buy them online and enjoy the most exciting ride on the way.


These hover board is best of the riding device. One can enjoy most exciting ride to enjoy the best of every occasion. These are effective with riding and enjoying then most exotic ride alone on highway. Quite cost effective to handle and exhaust and effectively prove the most enjoyable ride. This is a great device to enjoy time in garden, park, on roads, highways and your best ever places.

Digital Photo Frames For Your Photos

 photo Digital Photo Frames For Your Photos_zpso7w2wy0l.jpg

Photos are the best way to preserve your precious memory and photo frames are the best way to display them. With the advanced camera technology, people no longer have to take print outs of their photos in order to view them. Theycan directly see them on their computers. But the print outs are definitely necessary if they want to display their photos in photo frames. With the advent of digital photo frames, this need is eliminated too. These photo frames allow you display your cherished moments together without actually getting them printed.

Smart way to Display Pictures

The photos have become digital these days and so have the photo frames.Digital photo frames are designed for aesthetic display of photos and have a lot of benefits over the conventional photo frames.

  • With these photo frames, you can surely display a single photograph. But, the best thing about these photo fames is that it also allows you to display all your photos in the form of a slideshow. Thus, you can just put your digital frame on a table or hang it on a wall and enjoy all your photographs without having to flip through images. The conventional photo frames obviously did not provide this facility.
  • Not just photos, you can also view videos on your electronic photo frame. Most of these frames also have built-in speakers, which makes the experience of viewing more enjoyable.
  • You can even add some good music to your pictures. Thus you can turn viewing of pictures into a multimedia experience
  • Any number of people can view photos at the same time, thereby allowing you to relive your memories with family and friends. Also, you do not have to wait for your turn to view photos.
  • It allows you to save a lot of money, which otherwise you would have to spend on the photo frames and getting pictures printed.
  • It also saves a lot of space in your house as only single frame can be used to display multiplepictures.
  • These frames are very easy to use. You can upload any number of photos and then display them in whichever way you want.
  • While printed pictures can fade with time, the digital pictures will always remain beautiful.
  • These frames can prove to be an amazing gift for those who do not like to carry smartphones.
  • These frames are suitable for personal use as well as can be installed at banks, schools, hotels, government offices and other places for commercial use.
  • When all your photos are stored in your digital photo frame, it becomes easy for you to search for the specific photographs and share them with your friends.Searching photos can be very difficult if they are stored in albums.

These frames are available in different sizes. The large digital photo frame would allow you to have an enlarged view of your photographs while a small frame would easily fit anywhere in your house. Pick the frame of your choice and display your pictures in the smartest way.

Bose soundlink mobile 2

I am not into music actually. But since mostly of my readers are wanting to know some of, I’ll then tackling some in here now. Then, I am thinking off of having an series of post to fill up just for the music posts related But I dunno though if that’s really works, I’ll think about it first then let you know once Ive decided. Okay, this recently a reader of this blog had emailed me and asked me if I knew any online stores that has this bose soundlink mobile 2 selling over. I did researched for awhile but it seems no one is fond of having this stuff on their store’s shelves, might the item is rare and not that demand in the market today hence no one is like selling it over their own store. So guys, if happened you knew any could you just please help us by dropping an comment below for me to send the details to the person who needs it. Thanks and have yourself a great weekend.

All great finds at

 photo gadget_zpszfnleie8.png

I know everyone’s pretty excited already for coming holiday season . Might most of you too are so much fond of buying some sort of quirky things to give out for your friends and relatives for this holidays, right? I might as too. Actually, there were some online shops that can give you all the great finds that you needed from kids section going to the apparel of tough guys. Yes! mostly guys are hard to find when it comes to giving present because we all guys wants all the things that are usual and we really loves these staff that are related to a toy or sorts like that.

Recently, as I roaming the web, Ive got to lurked on this shop called where all the guys things were listed and one of the item caught my attention was this mini electric helicopter which are pretty decent to have for this Christmas season, who knows I might got it then soon, right? as I wrote this post here.. ehhe Also, the shop got all the military gear that we guys are surely loves to have as we dreamt off to be tough as we can. They’ve got this swat kinda of vest and pants with goes along to some real survival kits for camping and training. I think, you should check them out because all of their finds are truly usable thus the prices of each items were indeed reasonable, Best deals are always need to look forward to.

Also, if you want to be updated on their latest news, promos and new items “in”. I encourage you then to like them on Facebook hence you should updated yourself often. You can heads here:

Convert Fashion Videos with Movavi Video Converter 

Do you have your fashion videos? Are you having a problem playing them on devices? Movavi Video Converter for Windows is what you need. You can enjoy all your selected videos on different gadgets. All you have to do is convert video files and send them to the specific devices. Moreover, you do not need to be a geek to so it. It is so simple with an easy to understand interface. All your video files will be converted in minutes and you can choose all the video formats you want. It really can’t get any better than this. Movavi Video Converter can be installed on Windows Operating Systems like Window 7, Windows 8, XP and Vista.

The Features of Movavi

It is amazing software which can convert any file format and so you no longer have to worry about compatibility. One of the amazing features is that it can extract audios from videos. This means that if you only need the audio file of your fashion videos this software will get you just that. It is also very fast and with a good interface for ideal usability. This means that if you have so much to convert you will take just a few minutes. It is an all in one compression solution. As if all that was not enough Movavi can convert video files from 2D to 3 D. Just before you convert you can add different transitions into in between the clips.

When your video formats are in MOV, WMV, MP4, FLV and many more. You might also be having less common formats such as DivX, Xvid or VOB which can all be converted. When you want to convert video files keep in mind that the size of the video will determine how long you have to wait. Now you can play your fashion videos in players like Windows Media Player and iTunes. With this you can convert them specifically just for iPod or other MP3 players. Some fashion videos might be in DVD format and making you all worried. This will be easy. You can simply extract the videos as well. With Movavi no conversion is impossible.

Fashion videos need so many edits. There are advanced settings on the software which allows for audio and video codec adjustment. You can set bitrates, frame rates and more. If you are a novice user you might not know about these features but you will get to learn about their usage as. You can change video contrast and brightness before editing. Since fashion videos can also be used as for photos you can export images formats such as PNG, GIF, JPEG and BPM. It shouldn’t take you many minutes to hang off the software as the features are self explanatory. If you have any questions on how to convert video files you can reach the company on live chats and emails. Movavi site also has tutorials on how to use the software and you can also get help on FAQs.

Musée Noir 2015 Spring/Summer “NOMAD” Lookbook

 photo musee-noir-2015-spring-summer-lookbook-1_zpsisthqkyl.jpg

Recently, the London based brand Musée Noir had releases it’s Musée Noir 2015 Spring/Summer “NOMAD” Lookbook for us to see on what we should expect from the brand’s up coming collection. I simply liked their pieces and how they styled them. Because it’s plain and yet it has this elegant looking to it,  which I think other called it as : normcore. And this normcore really evades that fashion scene these days and eventually  ( I supposed) this kind of styling will be adopt not just the westerner but also us Asians.

 photo musee-noir-2015-spring-summer-lookbook-10_zps1jq9h3su.jpg

I know other aren’t fond wearing these kind of pieces here. But I think you should then consider now. Because as we all know fashion changes to fast most especially on this generation where young ones aren’t afraid to express themselves by wearing quirky pieces like this one. Hence, we should be partake in away by simply getting ourselves in to what’s new and hot these days especially on the fashion trends.

 photo musee-noir-2015-spring-summer-lookbook-5_zps2n8avvyg.jpg

Regarding on the availability of these pieces from “Musée Noir 2015 Spring/Summer “NOMAD” Lookbook” sorry then. Because at the moment, I haven’t heard any update on when they’ll be going to release these pieces to the market to avail but as I’ve sees an update from their website or as I’ve got an update email. I’ll definitely update you all here for your convenience.