Taeyang’s Eye Make up

I idolized this Korean celebrity named taeyang because his voice is truly amazing and even his dance moves was pretty stunning. But recently one thing that I’ve been noticed to him then, which he got this awesome eye make up?duh! Do guys can put eyeliner or what so ever call make up to that? I think yeah, as you have this tiny eyes like we have, yeah I have such Korean eyes as well, that’s why I know that even guy needed it because I think small eyes cant be recognize in some matter that is why we needed to put some black shade on it to make it look quite big then.

Will buy Armani Watch Soon

I often wear gshocks watches. Because the watch brand was pretty good in my case, why? Because the gshock watch has this water resistant that is really good for me then becuause I’d often wash my hands out. But this days, I think I’d like to have such watch like what you’ve been seen on the photos on top because it’s look formal and can be use in any occasion though not like on gshock watches that you may wear as you have any sport related stuff.

I bought new shoes..:)

Recently I’ve been published a post that I often shop online now than going to the mall instead. Because all i need was a credit card and Internet connection so that I may choose my most wanting stuff on the online shop, its too convenient to my end then because I use to work on the cyber world and going to online shop is really visible to me than going out, now I buying some stuff online for the up coming family summer outing and I think that shoes on the photo was worth to buy for due with summer season here at my place, by the way I bought the vans shoes already I’ll just wait it to get arrive on me soon. As I received it soon,I’ll definitely share some photos here as for proofs..lol alright that’s it for now.thanks

Expensive Sneakers

Yeah, indeed this shoes was the very expensive shoes that I ever been heard, the brand of this shoes was Christian Louboutin, I know it’s given that all shoes under the brand names was really expensive but I think this shoes is so so.lol image in one pair of this kind of shoes you will punish for the sum of 1095 usd, my goodness too expensive for me then, but I know people people can buy this like they were buying candies..haha alright, thats it for now, just want to share it though. Thanks

G-Dragon is now wearing a Sweatpants

The fashionista on the group(big bang) which is GD are now wearing a sweatpants, maybe he trying to experiment things out on how o mix and match such clothes and I think this kind of outfit will be trend as well too soon as people will notice it, I often check what this group wearing because they have this quirky choice when it’s comes on fashion that can brings WOW as people recognize it. Who doesn’t by the way? Soon I’ll update this post on what the exactly brand of that sweatpants that GD wearing.

Taeyang Christian Louboutin Sneakers

One of taeyang’s fashion signature was his hat and shoes, might want to know what are the brands that he usually wear? Let me give you one,on this picture taeyang is wearing a Christian Louboutin high top Sneaker fall/winter 2010. and if you are asking me peeps where you can buy this awesome shoes on the cheap price just try to look at on ioffer.com because I’ve been saw some cheapest Christian louboutin sneakers and his design might there as well.

Dara “Zip Low Jean in See Through Women’s Denim” on Cheap Moday

We’ve seen Dara of 2ne1 wearing this hot pants that we don’t usually seen on the market, so yeah, I was here to be quite help on you then,where you guys could buy this same pants that dara wearing on the photo on top, the jeans has a branded name of cheap Monday, just head up in any cheap money online stores then search out the name of the jeans that I’ve been included on the tittle of this post and right there on, you may now purchase it. By the way as I know this jeans will be cost you 55 usd, just double check on it.

T.O.P White Hair

We all know that T.O.P of big bang has this every cool fashion sense as long G-dragon on the group because they must to be differentiate to one other(all group) as an individual, though they see performing as one, and I think through fashion you might know who’s the most intact on fashion and I think Top is one of it, why? Because he really don’t afraid to try new things on him selves like putting up while color’s for his hair that was looked cool to him by the way n I know a lot of guys out there are quite starting to get what top has on his hair now and I see this hair style will be trend too soon. Let see!

Shopping Online

As I decided to make this blog as my fashion blog, it is given to be for me to be resourceful to be help on other people to find out what re h things are hot and not, and where to buy their wanting clothes with the cheapest prices, now I was here to help you out to shop you things into the reasonable prices, actually I just recently found this site and I’d tried once to buy an yeah all transactions are safe onto this blog because they have a pay pal option as you pay your things out that I think is awesome because pay pal is the safeties payment option a you buy online, by the way he online URL was ioffer.com just heads up on the link then search your things there. Thanks I hope I can help you a bit on this matter.