SISTAR – LOVING U (male version)

In general, people rather my readers sees this site,, is into entertainment and fashion at the same time now. Because I wanted to widen the site readerships and built the right kind of theme in it which took so long for me to distinguished though. But now, I am already pretty sure that entertainment and fashion are the ones great to put up here, that’s why I rebranded it to this niche few months back and still am working on it and putting some entertainment kind of posts are the ones I enjoyed to do about now here.

That’s why then, let me share with your this youtube video that I’ve found a minutes ago while I was checking it for the further or for might topic should I put in to this site and luckily this video entitled ” SISTAR – LOVING U (male version)” which one amused me because the song itself is indeed catchy and the arrangement of the sounds is perfectly put in together and the videos added too made the whole song quite entertaining and great to watch as well.

I intended actually to blog about some entertainment news but suddenly I more fond with kpop songs and musics. It’s perfectly fine, than to these news hang in the internet today. I think, I simply liked the unusual topics as part of an update of this site,, but occasionally I am also putting up some entertainment news as part of my site’s archives and of course for me to have a great of readership. Okay, I think I need to finish this post out and get back with my errands and finish all of it before the sun will goes down.


We Can’t Stop – Miley Cyrus (Boyce Avenue feat. Bea Miller cover)

One of the reason why I cant be able to update this site often was this acting hosting server which leads me for transferring the site,, into other hosting account I have. Now, I guess the site is running better than before, right? what do you think guys? it this site loads fast on your end? lemme know please for me to fix the glitch as early as now and to avoid any big troubles I might get soon. Anyway. let’s talk about this video I’ve been stumbled recently which my fave band Boyce Avenue doing an cover of an Miley Cyrus piece entitled ”  We Can’t Stop ” together with the very sweet and talented young lady here named Bea Miller. Actually, I’ve heard a few about Bea Miller but am not totally aware on how she does sings. My goodness, she is really good and I simply liked her range of voice too, so angelic on the ear. Now, I am looking forward to hear more about of these guys and hopefully they’d often do this where they collab for an cover and stuff related. Yes! a fan here waiving his hands.. ahah

What do you think guys about their cover? give them an thumbs up over youtube for us to see more cover from these guys in the future. I hope to, they can have a concert or mini performance stage here where I resides for me to see on how awesome these guys are.. Cant wait.. LOL.. Okay, I think I need to stop taking now and doing some fan boy-ing acts haha by the way, soonest I’ll be having my own youtube channel and I hope you can check it out too beside this site as it’s available soon. I’ll let you know then when would  it be available to see..LOL Thanks so much, peace out ya’ll..

Behringer keyboards at guitar center

 photo DV016_Jpg_Large_480307_R_zps133ef4ce.jpg

looking with some tools that may help you to enhance your ability to play guitar and other instrument? if so, why not to try to have an behringer keyboards at guitar center. Because this does helps a lot to other musicians out there by hearing the sound they made clearly through this behringer keyboards and eventually corrects it the next time. Got what I mean? if not so, just check on the link given on top for you to see the usage of this awesome Behringer keyboards from guitar center shop.

New contrabassoon at wwbw

I was pretty pleased to have this new contrabassoon at wwbw. Because I’ve heard that the piece is much have as you wanted to get in to the music industry and sort of. And since, am planning to learn piano, like what I’ve told you awhile ago on my recent post, I think this new contrabassoon will does help me a lot? what do you think guys? should I get myself one of it? let me know your thoughts on comment box below please. Thank you so much!

Roland digital pianos

As you are my avid readers of this site. You may know on how fascinated i am to learn on how to play the piano or at least the keyboard one. However, I’d never got any chance right at the moment to send myself in any music school available that may attend on my needs to learn the instruments. Though I am trying to learn it for myself by just watching any videos over youtube from these people who has an massive understanding about music and particularly in pianos. But I think, I needed to have this Roland digital pianos first for me to pursue this dreams of mine. I’ll let you know as I fully engaged myself on this thing. Thanks!

Playing piano is fun to do

I am so envious to these people who knows on how to play the piano without reading an key sheets and without getting any sweats on their underarms..haha. Though whether I got an key sheets, I really dunno on how to play it !LOL but I am pleased to do it and learn the musical instrument in the easiest ways I can. I’ve heard that Roland digital pianos at musicians friend can take a big part of it because the instrument has this easy to guide features wherein you dont have to enroll yourself into this music school who offers an intensive piano lesson, the roland piano itself is like an teacher due of the features am talking about…

Okay, I suggest you to check over the link given above for further details. Thank you!

Affordable microphones at guitar center

I am planning to have my own youtube channel soon where I could post up all of my personal rants,ramblings, nutness and even some products reviews and sorts things. Because being blogger, I think, I needed to widen my social reach and by doing this, Being on YouTube, is the best way, I think so for me to do, right? However, I think I needed to consider some factors first like having an video recorder, the handy one is a must, also an affordable microphones at guitar center is something I would consider now. Alright, that will be all for now and let you know once I’s push this through.

phonic powerpod 410/s710 pa package

Oftentimes, you might always see me blogging about music and such in here,, since majority of my readers are more into musics and fashion at the same time that’s why putting an strong topic or post regarding on music and related is doable for me not just for the sake of my readers but also to balance up the readership of the site as a whole. I hope you can get what am trying to say here.

Recently, while I was browsing the web. I found this phonic powerpod 410/s710 pa package which quite get my interests. Because most of the peeps are actually getting crazed with it now though the kind of musical thing isn’t much well known yet in the industry but as I see it this phonic powerpod 410/s710 pa package would be the next big thing in the music industry too soon.

Team B of WIN performed Baby By Justin Bieber ( Korean Version )

This isn’t my first time actually to heard an Korean version of this song of Beiber entitled Baby. Actually, most Korean artists converted or got them own version of some of these well known English songs like this Baby which I recently heard from this so called Group B of the TV show called “WIN”. I simply found this version great and dopeness happening to it. Look, they’d either added some rap in it which made the song more lively and catchy in away through the arrangement of the song itself. Though I really cant understand the Korean language or Hangul and yet it still like understandable on my end because of their way to sings it, also, as we all know that song or music is our international language already.

Alright, I just wanted to share to you this video though I haven’t got any further details in hand yet regarding it even on their currently running TV show now up there which the “WIN”. However though, as I got time these days ahead and as I fond myself for searching details about the TV show. No worries, Folks! I’ll surely update you all in here as you, yourself look forward to know the show they’d having these days at their country, South Korea.

Thanks so much and I hope you’ll have a great weekend and start the weekdays with an happy hearts. 🙂

Shure headphones at guitar center

Hi, How are you guys doin’? I was here to ask if did you know any headphones selling at online in every affordable prices. I might also consider the bulk price, please? because I just needed them up on my recent project that I haven’t fond of telling you this yet. But did found these shure headphones at guitar center which I think are pretty cool headphones than to these branded one. I’ll think about it first if the budget will fits in. So – please. suggest me any online shops where I could buy headphones in reasonable prices, please.. Thank you! and dont forget to leave comments below.