Top 4 Fashion Faux Pas to Avoid


Just as there are a few basic rules or makeup tips when it comes to wearing your favorite beauty brands, even fashion has a few rules inspite of the fact that it allows you great leeway too.

So, although it is a good idea to experiment and carry yourself a little differently from the crowd but there are a few mistakes that you must not make in the name of creating your own fashion statement. Explained below are a few fashion mistakes that will only expose your ignorance of fashion sense more than anything else:

  1. 1.      Leggings as pants 

Leggings can look great with a long sweater or short dress and a pair of boots (over-the-knee or riding boots), but wearing leggings with a shirt that doesn’t cover your backside is a no-no. Leggings are just not meant to be worn with short tops. It looks messy and unprofessional, and doesn’t flatter anyone, no matter how tall or thin she is. If you are going to wear leggings, pair them with a long-enough top.

2. Over-accessorizing

Accessories have the power to dress up a casual outfit or jazz up something neutral, but overdoing it can have the opposite effect. Wearing too many extras can clutter up your ensemble, making you look like a Christmas tree. The key is to edit: Look in the mirror before you leave and take one thing off. Less is more.

3. Too many patterns

Like over-accessorizing, mixing the wrong patterns can make you look chaotic. Patterns go best with  solids, especially if you’re not sure which patterns can mingle. This spring, we are seeing patterns played against each other, but it’s not a look everyone can master. To stay on the safe side, go bold on top and stay neutral on the bottom.

4. Going too casual

What you wear in your home is up to you, and comfort often trumps style when you’re just sitting on the couch relaxing. When you go out, though, don’t dress like you’re lounging in bed. Even if you throw on skinny jeans and a slouchy sweater with riding boots to go get groceries, you’ll look much more pulled together than if you stayed in yoga pants and a crop top.

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Portia de Rossi wears Native Boots from Marc Jacobs


Portia de Rossi partner of the famous TV host Ellen Degeneres were spotted wearing the native boots from the Marc Jacobs Collection shoes. Actually, I don’t know rather I’m not aware that Marc Jacobs has this kind of boots “Native” though they were some boots designs on the brand that they were selling but yet still the native boots doesn’t that kind of famous piece on their collection shoes. I think so, because I was knew it today when Ive seen Portia wearing one. Beer with me then if this native boots is been trends already..

Alright, the boots is waterproof and I must say it really looks so dope in any gender. That’s why I am searching the Marc Jacobs stores online if they’re still have this, because I might have one soon. By the way, the boots has a price of $90 in Marc Jacobs stores, check the stores nears you for the piece.

Cleaner job

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Messy room

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Seeking for a Job?

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Shirt Basic (YSL)

YSL (Yves Saint Laurent) is one of the leading fashion powerhouse company nowadays and we’ve recently heard some issues between  their co Parisian fashion line company Christian Louboutin due with some plagiarism issues with their both sole red shoes. Anyways, I hope the issue will be done to soon and both company will share their talent,skills and awesome designs without encountering such issues like this, because consumer might quite confuse then on which products are the original or who’s the copycut only. I know with some people it is doesn’t matter who’s the first one or who’s the original designers done first the products, but on the fashion enthusiast. This was an big issue that they might know because shoes and anything fashion pieces that they were buying of are indeed investment to them that they’ll treasure like a gold. LOL

So, what is the c0nnection of that shirt basic YSL on this post? I think there was no deeply connection with it though, I just wanted to share with you that I wanted to have this shirt basic YSL white tee because summer has been started and white shirt is the best wear that we can consider as the hit of sun raises. Not make sense, right? LOL

Christian Louboutin New Collection Spring/Summer for 2011 Men’s Shoes

When it comes on Girl’s shoes. The shoe line Christian Louboutin is leading on the market nowadays becuase of their each awesome shoes designs that never been seen on the other shoe line companies, I think being UNIQUE was their KEY on to their success now and of course the quality of their shoes was incredibly good I must say that.

Now, Christian Louboutin has been released their new shoes collection for this 2011 spring/summer for  men . On the top photos you may see those shoes that I was telling you here that namely Louis and Rantus high-tops, new Rollerboy Spikes, and Pik Boat studded slip-ons that’s ragging from  $625-1,195. For more further info about the prices and all that. You must check on the main website of Christian loubontin or in any other websites who’s has been affiliated on the company.