Alexander McQueen Men’s Spring/Summer 2012

On the video on top, you may see all the pieces that the brand Alexander McQueen had cooked for us all ( esp. to men ) this coming summer season. Actually, I was about to share the photos instead on this post, however, I couldn’t find any clearly photos to those other blogs that’s why I decided to put this video instead. Yeah! thanks to YouTube for helping for this..LOL

So yeah – enjoy watching the video and let me know your thoughts about the 2012 spring summer collection of the one in high-end fashion today which the Alexander McQueen. Alright, that’s it for now folks and have a great day ahead to everyone.. 🙂

Taeyang and G-dragon x Balmain


I often blogged these guys over this blog, Because I simply liked their fashion sense as much the brands they’ve often wears too. Today, what I have was this photo wherein taeyang, the guy on the left and G- dragon, on the right, were spotted wearing the same brand of coat recently which from the European fashion house brand called Balmain.

Actually, these guys and the rest of their group mates, I dunno if you do know their group big bang or not. But anyway, their group as always seen, they do wears the brand balmain often. And I still don’t know if the brand is one of their main sponsor or not, lemme confirm it first, then I will let you know. Alright, these coats that the men wore are includes on the balmain fall/winter collection 2012. Check the pricing details and some further info over Google and I am pretty sure that they were some more relevant blogs out there that could give the info you’d wanted to know. Because this blog is only emphasizing the celebrities outfits..

Thanks so much and I hope you may comeback to this blog for more celeb fashion and such related things. 🙂

Note: photo credit to ygcloset.. thanks 🙂

Cheap Wedding Dresses


Good news folks, especially to those couples who were planning to get married on this following months ahead. Because there were some selection of gowns that we could choose from with over those web stores that can give us all some great deals on their list of pieces and gowns to their companies. And of course these gowns that I’ll be talking about are done through in high quality control and I promise they’re the most cheap wedding dresses ever that we could find these days.

And these wedding dresses are often be found over this site Actually, I already scanned/checked the online store and I must say, their all wedding dresses are made in trends and the material they’ve been used are indeed great that can rock you, on the day of your wedding. Because not just ready made gowns are can be found on their site but also they have this customize service wherein you could tell them on what designs or kind of wedding dress that you want to wear off on your wedding day. It’s like on the real expensive store one, awesome right?


You may choose the vintage wedding dresses or the dope romantic wedding dresses its all your choice dear, just don’t hesitant to ask them about on what kind of wedding dress you wanted to have. They’re versatile,flexible that can work on your needs. Don’t you worry..:)


Health is treasure

Health is wealth. It may be sounded like a cliché, but I mean it. Health is something that we must treasure and take good care of. Because having a good health is irreplaceable. Maybe transplant is possible because of technology. But the original will forever be original. Having a degree when it comes to medical is points for you and for your family. You can always apply what you have learned inside your own home of anywhere, when medical attention is needed. Being a medical student is a tough path. Deep thinking and huge amount of memorization is a must. You need to always put your heart into it and all else will be like a game.

Today, we already have different online medical courses that are available. You can choose from which suites you the best.
If you want to apply for a consultant interview course, medical teaching course, medical management course, or teach the teacher course. All these courses are available. Knowledge is power. If you have all the skills and capabilities of being a professional on your chosen career, then thinking twice is not an option. Go and grab this opportunity and make your dreams turn to reality. You are not only giving service, but you are also making yourself happy.

Top 4 Fashion Faux Pas to Avoid


Just as there are a few basic rules or makeup tips when it comes to wearing your favorite beauty brands, even fashion has a few rules inspite of the fact that it allows you great leeway too.

So, although it is a good idea to experiment and carry yourself a little differently from the crowd but there are a few mistakes that you must not make in the name of creating your own fashion statement. Explained below are a few fashion mistakes that will only expose your ignorance of fashion sense more than anything else:

  1. 1.      Leggings as pants 

Leggings can look great with a long sweater or short dress and a pair of boots (over-the-knee or riding boots), but wearing leggings with a shirt that doesn’t cover your backside is a no-no. Leggings are just not meant to be worn with short tops. It looks messy and unprofessional, and doesn’t flatter anyone, no matter how tall or thin she is. If you are going to wear leggings, pair them with a long-enough top.

2. Over-accessorizing

Accessories have the power to dress up a casual outfit or jazz up something neutral, but overdoing it can have the opposite effect. Wearing too many extras can clutter up your ensemble, making you look like a Christmas tree. The key is to edit: Look in the mirror before you leave and take one thing off. Less is more.

3. Too many patterns

Like over-accessorizing, mixing the wrong patterns can make you look chaotic. Patterns go best with  solids, especially if you’re not sure which patterns can mingle. This spring, we are seeing patterns played against each other, but it’s not a look everyone can master. To stay on the safe side, go bold on top and stay neutral on the bottom.

4. Going too casual

What you wear in your home is up to you, and comfort often trumps style when you’re just sitting on the couch relaxing. When you go out, though, don’t dress like you’re lounging in bed. Even if you throw on skinny jeans and a slouchy sweater with riding boots to go get groceries, you’ll look much more pulled together than if you stayed in yoga pants and a crop top.

Samantha Lyttle is a former model and now an established fashion expert. Lyttle loves experimenting different costume wigs with dresses designed by her. You can click the link to Check out the harry potter costumes made by her.

Steel buildings

Every establishments like, school, companies, some other has this awesome steel buildings to use for any gatherings and such related events happening inside their establishment. Because this building has this huge and wide range of space that all things can be done at there. So, if you were into companies business or school. I suggest you to have this steel building to make all your events convenient.

Portia de Rossi wears Native Boots from Marc Jacobs


Portia de Rossi partner of the famous TV host Ellen Degeneres were spotted wearing the native boots from the Marc Jacobs Collection shoes. Actually, I don’t know rather I’m not aware that Marc Jacobs has this kind of boots “Native” though they were some boots designs on the brand that they were selling but yet still the native boots doesn’t that kind of famous piece on their collection shoes. I think so, because I was knew it today when Ive seen Portia wearing one. Beer with me then if this native boots is been trends already..

Alright, the boots is waterproof and I must say it really looks so dope in any gender. That’s why I am searching the Marc Jacobs stores online if they’re still have this, because I might have one soon. By the way, the boots has a price of $90 in Marc Jacobs stores, check the stores nears you for the piece.

Cleaner job

What is your dream job? Hmm, I know they were a lot and even a kids has it already. However, most of the time our dreams aren’t be in reality due of lack of opportunities or even an personal capability.

But you know what, there were some jobs out there that aren’t need any diploma or profession degrees, like this, cleaner jobs. Yeah! All you have to do is to clean and make the place appealing, simple as that.

So, try to apply on the position because at the moment there were a lot of open slot for the job.

Messy room

On this blog, I occasionally blog something personal, to of course balance the topics and to quite neutral in all things.

Anyway, me and my mum had an misunderstanding today because she was insistently wanted me to clean up my room for God sake.(lol) I admit that I have this messy room but I think I can’t clean it up so often due of my workloads that I’ll be needing to attend with every now and then. I’m also too lazy to move right after my works. Hmmm- what do you think is the best solution for this? Well, I just recently reads a blog that tackled about the House cleaning service Fairfax Va which I think this service of cleaning will be the answer to my messy room. And even on my mum kitchen. Will get their services soon or better yet were then hired an maid from them to satisfied us and give the convenient we needs.