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Yeah! I’ve decided to re-brand this blog,, in to ” ISTARBLOG – Fashion & Lifestyle Blog “, formally Jewelry and Fashion blog. Because I think Jewelry kind of sites are not the one in demand these days because I haven’t get any big clients yet these past few months ago unlike last year where almost everyday I got an new inquiries about the advertising space on this site from some Jewelry e-commerce business sites.

So – yeah! I think this may works and eventually got some big clients on my way soon. I am also crossing all my fingers here and all hoping the Seo stuff am doing for this site will be paid off pretty soon. By the way, as I’ve heard Google did an upgrade for their panda software thingy and it may affect hugely on our blogs by the next update so please get ready yourself for it and do your very best to optimize your each site particularly over Google search engine. Though there are many ways that we could actually do to enhance rather to built our site better in the search engine,however, Google is keep on changing their way on how they can give a site an page rank and related that’s why Seo masters out there are keep on trying new ways on how they can play with the algorithms of Google.

So – yeah! that’s it for now and welcome once again on my reborn site called ISTARBLOG – Fashion & Lifestyle Blog. I hope you can enjoy yourself by reading all the informative posts here about fashion news and related. Thanks you!

Moss 2013 Spring/Summer Lookbook featuring Diplo and Major Lazer

Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos

Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos

Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos

I am simply pleased to blog up all the spring and summer collections or lookbooks here because my readers ate used to liked to see some pieces from this season collection for them to got this ideas on how they may rock on themselves through these new pieces for the summer season. I know most of the dope guys out there are can relate on this matters. Heehhe

Recently, one brand name which the Moss had released their Moss 2013 Spring/Summer Lookbook featuring Diplo and Major Lazer that ones you can see on the top photos. I must say, these stylings are great and its really speaks on my style too that’s why I lived to have them blogged up here.

I think, as this moment this collection is already out in the market. Just heads up to the Moss main site for further details on where you can actually buy these pieces out here. Also, on my personal point of view(lol) it is better if they use some softride bike rack for the stylings to be more look so dope and swag, it is just my opinion though… Alright, that’s it for now. Thanks so much!

Page Rank Update this october? Google are you there?

yeah i know everyone has been too frustrated now on the big boss Google because still now after the last update last April, 02 2010 we wasn’t heard about the next update hopefully this October ends, do Google sleep anyway? and can you please explain how this Google page rank works? because the update is not consistent because Google is indeed unpredictable on how this most awaited page rank update works, my goodness gracious i got so many sleepless night already but still Google will visit my blog to give some presence ok christmas is already around the corner maybe Google is planning a great gift or all of us? i hope this might great than a free coupon codes..

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ok please let me know if you seen your toolbar green juices move ok and no worries ill do the same thing as i seen mine moving and ok thanks a lot thats it for now