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Today’s economy entails us to spend money wisely. Some people get a second job just so they can make ends meet while others establish a small business that they can easily manage on top of their regular jobs. There are many ways to save more money if you can’t handle more working hours. Learn to be frugal. If you like to shop, wait for store sales to avail of huge discounts. You can also opt for online shopping where you can find online stores that give out discount coupons, vouchers, deals, freebies etc. More people find online shopping practical and economical.

Shoppers can also visit websites where they can get discount coupons. VoucherKing provides customers with all the latest voucher codes from 1,000 of your favourite merchants in the UK. Get voucher codes from retailers like Activity Superstore, AbeBooks, Adidas, Accent Clothing, Barker and Stonehouse, Debenhams, Diesel, Fashion for Home, Papa John’s, Panasonic, The Body Shop etc. Their Debenhams Voucher codes include deals such as 20% off men’s polos and t-shirts, 10% off on all men’s fragrance, 20% off on men’s accessories and many others. Have all the latest codes and deals delivered in your inbox by subscribing to their weekly newsletter.

There are 14 categories to choose from namely: Business, Children, Electronics, Entertainment, Fashion, Finance, Food and Drink, Gifts, Health and Beauty, Holidays and Experiences, Home and Garden, Sports and Outdoors, Travel, and Utilities. Shoppers won’t have a hard time using the voucher codes. They just have to add the items they are purchasing in the shopping cart and proceed to checkout. The website will ask you to enter the voucher code upon payment.

Planning to visit London soon

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I know most of you my dear readers are usually fashion enthusiasts and wanting to have your feet step up in the land of the most high-end fashion brands these days which in London. Though Paris is the one leading city or country when it comes to fashion but yet still London is the house of all high-end fashion brands nowadays..

That’s why I’m planning to visit the country, London, soon. And I hope someone company will then invite me to see certain showroom of their upcoming season collections for me to push my dreams though,is to see the country London and have myself round in the city. Also, I might check out places of nights out in London because I’ve heard that London has this great night out clubs to hang out with.. I am so pretty much excited to visit the country,London, soon and hopefully my visa will get approved too..

And one of main attractions of the country was this famous bridge, London bridge, that will surely not be abolished on my itinerary.. Okay, that’s it for now and I hope you’ll keep on checking this blog for more fashion updates. Thanks!

Travelling Based On My List


I love travelling because travelling is a very pleasurable experience. It can offer new things to your senses. When you return from travelling, you can almost feel that you’re a changed person and that the place you left has changed. It also makes you feel as though you have adapted a new culture. Travelling has definitely earn you new perspective on people, places and things around you.

If you are a person who loves travelling like me, I am sure that you have many places that you want to visit in mind and you would surely want to step your feet in that place. Perhaps you may have ever made a list of places you have to travel as one of the important things to do in life. It is just there and you would like to see that come true someday.

Well, you’re not the only one doing that. I have friends who do that and even I do that. My friends and I have been planning to go to England for a long time. Somehow, they found articles online that fascinates them about England and they soon influenced me to have the urge to go there too. Lately, I heard about Bingley, England, too. It seems a pretty interesting place. There is also said to be a Damart factory there. Damart is known for its quality goods and services. I am sure that place will fascinate me as much as I am reading about it online. I can’t wait to go there and my friends and I have already got ourselves flight tickets to travel end of this year. It would definitely be an awesome experience.

Off to Baguio

I think time for me to update my travel category that Ive been forgot quite awhile, lol and yeah we went to Baguio one of the coldest place here in the Philippines and who told you that Philippines just had this hot sunshine weather?LOL ok if you want to visit the place make sure you can bring your own hoddie or any jackets available on your end. On Baguio you will see some indigenous people where you can rent their native dresses like we have on the photos below, and yeah going there is indeed fun because a lot of beautiful places that you can visit with and especially those delicacies was tasty good..

ok, there you go, and by the way how we look like? so i hope you’ll have fun as you have plan to go there thanks and soon ill update this travel category with some most demand places..

My Travel Category

Yes dear, ill be posting some of my travel experiences to this blog as i achieve it so because i had this plan in mind that i will give my self a treat every time i accomplished some of my frustration and yeah i think i made some sort of them now and yeah thats why this category has been actually i am not a adventure like what you’ve been thinking on me at the first place because i was only a nature lover who  can appreciated those beautiful scenery around the country..

by the way ill put a travel corner on my sidebar so that you can easily navigate my travel post and i thought that flag is much better icon for that..what do you think? ok for now ill put my country flag and you’ll know as well where do i reside ok thats it for now and let see whats gonna happen next after this ok thanks a lot and have a great day ahead to everyone