Advice for singles in relationships with metrosexuals

The metrosexual man has it all – a good body, good skin, fashion sense and an awareness of his emotions. In a nutshell, he provides the ideal combination of lover and best friend. This, at least, is what the purveyors of the ‘metrosexual’ tag would like people to believe. But is this most modern of men really the perfect boyfriend?





The best thing about a metrosexual man is that he looks good – or at least makes the effort to. This is in stark contrast to certain males who think dressing up is putting on a pair of clean jeans.

Females who meet metrosexual men on dating sites, such as, often find that they have an extensive grooming regime, which includes going to the gym, eating well, finding the best haircut for their face shape and maintaining it, following fashion and making an effort to find clothes that suit them.

A metrosexual man will be more in touch with his so-called feminine side. He’ll freely talk about his emotions and be happy to spend time discussing his and other peoples’ feelings.  This can make for a relationship that is both honest and communicative.

Because a metrosexual man is not confined by established gender roles, he can allow his creative side to come through – more so than a typical male.

For a woman who likes her man to accompany her everywhere, a metrosexual is perfect. He’ll spend the day shopping, without becoming impatient, and enjoy meeting her friends and spending time with them.



 A metrosexual man may have limited depth to his personality. As with a female who seems obsessed only by her looks, overly narcissistic men can be shallow. While looks are obviously important, repeatedly discussing them can get a little dull.

Metrosexual men are unlikely to be religious – or spend much time thinking about their place in the world. For a Catholic, Buddhist or Christian seeking meaningful love, this could be important.

Unlike most men, a metrosexual man is likely to have formed a complex social network. This usually means lots of socializing and frequent contact with his many friends. This can be difficult for a woman who tends to be introverted or shies away from groups.

Because metrosexual men are so concerned with their appearance, their partners need to be confident about their own. A metrosexual man will often expect his partner to work at looking good and may comment if he thinks she’s not wearing the right shoes or needs to tone up.


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