photo 582140_550824004969405_872173690_n_zps9d22e194.png

 photo 923224_550824874969318_1084565880_n_zps14a1ec64.png

 photo 942325_550824098302729_154299566_n_zps88daf6f9.png

 photo 970669_550824594969346_651293820_n_zps63beb60a.jpg

I used to blog up this guys b2st for their musics and fashion statements on this blog, istarblog.com, often. Because look, they have the awesome styling in any appearances they’ve made. This actually an magazine photos for VOGUE Girl  that had been released last June 2013. And I must they are looked so dope here wearing these neon and bright pieces from their major sponsors. Sorry, I couldn’t able to named out their list of sponsors here or the exact brands where these awesomeness came from. Because I supposed to focused with on the magazine cover itself and to the concepts they’ve used to here.

I actually pretty envy on these styling because this really me, I mean this speaks with my style – though I used to like the plain dramatic styling like only wearing an plain tee and pair with it in plain colored shorts or pants. It’s kinda neat looking though but yet I think, I still prefer myself seeing on these colorful styling especially now we were having this summer season.

B2st is actually demand in their country today, Korea. Whether it’s on music or any related with fashion like posting for VOGUE Girl , ELLE and some sorted of magazine’s covers. They’re alike with the leading group called Big Bang which also I follow and amazed with on their deeds when it comes to their musics and fashion too. I will blog up about them ( Big Bang group) soon or they might be the next after this B2ST x VOGUE Girl. So – please keep on checking this blog for more Kpop fashion updates as well with other fashion news around the industry today.

Ps: These styling can be serves as lookbook as you, yourself didn’t know on how to style. 🙂

Got Some Great Products To Review

 photo parcels_zpsa79f8421.jpg

I am so lucky to be one fashion blogger who’s getting these brand’s products for free to review. Yeah! if you are a fashion blogger you might also gets some opportunities like get a chance to work with on these great brands online. Actually, I’ve already doing this stuff for almost 2 years now and I have done some outfit posts too through the products they’ve given me. You can also dig up this blog for those outfit posts I did for companies and brands, if  that you wanted it though to see.. lol

So – yeah! recently an Asian online shop called efoxycity.com had contacted for collaboration which they’ll be sending out some products I wanted on their store selves that I’ll be also making review out of them ( it might an outfit post or just an site review) over here, istarblog.com. I’ve chose these 2 pants and 2 tops , an blazer and a shirts, and soon you’ll be able to see me wearing these items for another outfit post.. I hope you can check out this blog often for you to see my future outfits posts and brand’s collection posts.

Alright, that’s it for now because I needed to contact the photobucket, photo storage site, for the issues I got this morning. Okay, thank you and have yourself a great weekdays ahead.

GD’s Wearing “Zombie” Black T-shirt by KTZ

 photo 375842_360981074021897_824479141_n_zps948629b8.png

Big Bang – GD

 photo 20130213_b9d568_zps48618a91.jpg

“Zombie” Black T-shirt by KTZ

It seems that both leader, 2ne1 CL & Big Bang GD, had crazed already on this Japan brand called KTZ. Because I’ve often sees them wearing the brand on their appearances this recently. I think, the brand is one of their main major sponsor then today. But I am not still sure though about it, it is just my hint though..hahah

Alright, the leader, GD, is rockin on the large tee called “Zombie” Black T-shirt from the brand KTZ. The tee looks so dope like on CL’s tee. However, I more than liked this tee here than to CL because it is just got this prints, Zombie, on the front which the most trend prints today when it comes to street wear fashion. That’s why this tee is way better than on CL’s tee. I must say..

“Zombie” Black T-shirt by KTZ has a price of PRICE : 23,100 円 in the KTZ site itself. Sorry, I dunno how to convert Yen to dollar..hehe Bear with me then. Alright, that’s it for now and I hope you can find this post quite informative. Thanks

PS. click websites builders if you wanted yourself to have same site as mine.. Thanks again!

Givenchy by Riccardo Tisci 2013 Spring/Summer Collection

 photo givenchy-by-riccardo-tisci-2013-spring-summer-march-delivery-1_zpsa7ff26bd.jpg

Givenchy had released their spring/summer collection 2013 designed by the great Riccardo Tisci. I must say, these pieces were really quirky that can makes you feel luxurious, nope, I think the right term is hippest. Because as well all know that the brand Givenchy is the one leading brand today when it comes to high-end fashion and in able to wear its piece is a great accomplishment too, on my opinion, because usually, their each pieces are indeed expensive that we normal people wont consider at all..

Anyway, these are the pieces, photos on top, that we could expect from the brand on their store selves this summer season. And as I’ve heard, each piece has a pricing range of ÂĄ38,850 to ÂĄ278,250 JPY (approximately $410 to $2,950 USD). Yeah! that’s how dope this brand,Givenchy, is..hahha

I am also pretty sure that some of these pieces were rock on by the some male Kpop idols soon. And as I’ve saw one wearing. Sure thing! will update you here again for the full details. Alright, That’s it for now and have a great day ahead. Thanks so much!

Who wore it best?


Taeyang,Bang Yongguk,Changsub


Red star detail cotton sweater by Givenchy

While I was searching some sort of topics that I might post up here. This photos really caught my attention which 3 celebrities, Korean artists, wore a same piece from the brand Givenchy that I’ve found dope. Because look, they all rockin’ on the crew neck and I must say Taeyang was the one who got swag out of it. Nope I am not bias I just really found him more dope wearing this Red star detail cotton sweater from Givenchy.

On the sweater: the piece is pretty simple and the design was not that high-end but I think the street fashion touch or the element was the one bringing the clothes to become hip today. And I think they’ve used this print broker to print that star out on this awesome piece.

Deasung’s wearin’ Eyeball Bracelet by Kreepsville 666



Eyeball Bracelet by Kreepsville 666

Honestly, the brand name Kreepsville 666 is quite bit creepy..lol Because it has this 666 number which a sign of satanism..My goodness I hope the brand will change their name label into a good one. Anyway, this recently the Kpop idol named Deasung, Big bang member, is spotted wearing on of the brand,Kreepsville 666, bracelet that has an item name of Eyeball Bracelet. You see on the top photo on how does the bracelet look. What do you think? dope or nope? for me this is just fine because I am not really in favor into these pieces or anything things that has a touched of satanism though I respect the brand, Kreepsville 666, concepts. so – please dont get me wrong here, this was only my own views regarding this..hehe

I dont know yet the pricing details for this bracelet and even where you could usually but it. But I suggest as you wanted yourself to have the same piece like Daesung have, search over Google and I believed you’ll find some relevant information where you can buy it..:) Okay, that will be all.. Thanks so much!


Leather Jackets for Men This Fall Season


Leather jackets are the one in hip and trends today for fall season and even to winter. Because leather can gives this warm feeling to our body that’s fights on the coldness that these seasons, fall and winter, can give us. Also, leather jackets are indeed fashionable and it can make you also quirky and dope as you have this in your closet.

There’s a lot of brands or stores who sells it already. Just check your fave stores now and ask if they now have these leather jackets for sale. But I am pretty sure that most well known brands has this kind of jackets already. Alright, that’s it for now and will try to update you more soon. Thanks!

Style your hair


How to style your hair? well, on today’s fashion hair can be use to make yourself dope. You’ll have to do is to experiment on what type of color should be fits on to you, on your personality and even on your fashion style and sense. Like for example this photo on top which GD is wearing his awesome neon hair that makes him super punk and swag.

I dont know any further information about this, however, you may check out hair stylist supplies for more details and tutorials and even to the hair color supplies.

Taeyang’s wearin’ leggings?



This really caught my attention because look, Youngbae seems wearing this leggings? do this piece is a leggings or a print pants? I dunno. But it’s looks like a thigh,right? anyway, I just randomly got this picture online that’s why I haven’t know any further details about this and where this bottom came from I mean where brand.

By the way, the photo of big bang on top was taken during their  “blue MV” if I dont mistaken about it. You may check out YouTube for the full music video, or watch the video instead below:

I think, big bang team uses some bistro tables and chairs on this video for the effects and accents which a great idea by the way..

Trends: Studded Cap


While i was browsing some kpop fansite this recently. I found similar to them all which all of the are had this kind of hat or cap here that is studded. Do kpop idols / artists are used to wear this? I think, taeyang wears already and some beast members but not the others. Okay, lemme check it out and update this again once I gathered all the idols who done wearing this kind of studded hats here. But I must say, this cap really dope that only kpop artists can pull off..:)

Okay. that’s it for now and please keep on checking me here for more kpop fashion updates. Thanks so much and have yourself a great weekend.