Taeyang X Alexander McQueen


As we all know that the K-pop group called Big Bang are used to wear some high-end fashion and dope brands because this might be how the group, Big Bang, showcasing their self to the public by wearing these well known pieces and brands.

Recently, Taeyang had spotted wearing an very swag jacket that has name Silver Printed Bomber Jacket from the brand Alexander McQueen. Actually, I’ve already blogged this jacket somewhere on my other blogs,so happened I’d remembered it becuase this jacket leaves an something magical on my eye that’s why when I’ve seen taeyang wearing it in one of their performances, I dont doubt it that this piece is from the awesome brand Alexander McQueen.

And if I dont mistaken, this jacket is includes on the brand’s,Alexander McQueen,Menswear Fall/ Winter 2011. You may see some information below:

Name:  Silver Printed Bomber Jacket
Brand:   Alexander McQueen
Season:   Menswear Fall/ Winter 2011
Price: £1520  knocked down to £760

Photo credit: YGCloset.com

T.O.P x Jean Paul Gaultier’s Paisley Printed Silk Shirt


Big bang, Korean kpop group, are been released their new album named alive. And on the said album, they do have this one song that has titled “fantastic boy” where the boys wears some high-end fashion outfits like what TOP wears on the photo on top,however, I am not still sure though about it  just check the whole album tracks if you really wanted to make sure though.. LOL Anyway, going back… Top been seen wearing an Paisley Printed Silk Shirt from the brand Jean Paul Gaultier in the one of the music video of their album tracks. And I found it swag that’s why I’m blogging it out here. Actually, I dont have any further information about this brand yet and even on the shirt it self. I just knew that this Paisley Printed Silk Shirt is from the brand’s Fall/Winter collection 2011…

Okay, that’s it and I will update you regarding on this TOP’s outfit as soon I got to know some other information about it.. 🙂

Taeyang X printed silk trousers from D&G‘s Spring/ Summer 2012 menswear collection


Have you already seen Taeyang wearing this very dope printed silk trousers pants? maybe most of you do because this was then the photo of the new big bang single album “alive” that is recent released, I think so? do their album released already? let me know, I didnt know actually… hahhaha bear with me then…

Taeyang looks really dope on this printed silk trousers from the brand D&G that is includes on the brand’s Spring/ Summer 2012 menswear collection. Actually, at this moment, I really dunno what are the other information about this pants,however, as I got to know further, sure then, I will update this blog again for those further info. No worries, will tell you about the pricing details soon on this blog…

Daesung rocking on his Hawaii bomber jacket + trousers from Jean Paul Gaultier


A weeks ago, the group big bang has been released their campaign ads for their comeback. And a lot of netizers and even those big fans(VIP) had noticed how freaking awesome that a big bang fashion statement is, on the said campaign ads. Because this wasn’t their usual concept as they got this photos campaign. What do you think? oh well, for me, I like their fashion and concept for this comeback. Because they’ve been uses some high-end fashion pieces like what Daesung wearing on this photo, where from the awesome and hip brand today Jean Paul Gaultier.

The brands had these selection of hippest and dope pieces that most folks are looking forward to have, because look, their jacket on what Daesung wore  is indeed quirky and way unique than to those usaul jackets that you may see on today’s market..By the way, this jacket is included on Jean Paul Gaultier’s spring summer collection 2012. Just check online for further information..Thanks and will blog more big bang outfits on my next posts..

Taeyang x Pierre Hardy High Top Trainer



Recently, Taeyang , Korean singer, had shared these photos over twitter that he’s wearing an bear head costume and sorry, because I dunno what he’s doing on these photos, maybe they’ll be then doing some ads or photoshoot along his fellow big bang member. Let’s all wait on some ads or commercial that they have this bear head..LOL Anyway, one thing that can caught my attention on taeyang’s photo here, where his kicks. Because the kicks looks dope on him and might be look dope on me too? lol okay, kidding aside, the kicks is from the brand Pierre Hardy and it has a price of $456 from the brand’s online store..

Wait, by the way, this shoe is from the brand’s spring summer collection 2012…. Just wanted to say though, for you to easily find this shoes online..heheh Alright, that’s it and thanks a lot..

Big Bang for Vogue Korea






Big Bang for Vogue Korean. These are the peak photos that we could expect from the Vogue magazine this coming march issue, wherein the all boy kpop group big bang are the one they’ve been featured with.

Actually, this was my first time then to see this group having this kind of concept, because they usual had this high-end fashion and quite sometimes a high revolution concepts that’s why this Vogue one are way different to their usual thing. But all in all, I must say, these photos are great and sure thing, all the fans out there are cant wait to have this magazine copy as it release by march..Okay, that’s it for now and I hope you could often check this blog..Thanks!

Taeyang – Superstar

Want an dope performance? why not to check out this video where Taeyang performing his dope song superstar. This video is really rock, yeah on my end I dunno to you, that’s why I includes it out here. Watch it if you want to.Anyway, on this video, Taeyang is wearing an swag tank top that is actually customized only I think so, because if I dont mistaken, that was an original a Tee basic that they’ve turned into tank top. Great,right? so yeah – that’s it for now and I will update you more fashion related topic on this site soon.. thanks ya’ll and have a great day ahead..:)

Taeyang x Givenchy


Another Taeyang post. Recently, Yg-family where this guy Taeyang belong as their artist had held an concert last months ago, sorry, I dunno what’s the exact dates when this photo captured but rest assured, this photo has taken upon their concert. Anyway, on this photo, Taeyang is wearing an dope and hip tee top from the brand Givenchy. And as for today, I still dont know the pricing details of this tee becuase there’s no yet released rather shops online selling this tee.

By the way, the tee has an product name of “Printed Jersey T-Shirt”. And I will update you soon as I’d found out the other details of this awesome Givenchy tee.

Photo Source: YGcloset.wordpress.com

Kwon Twins wearing Stigma Tee



Kwon twins are the famous backup dancers of those artists in the Yg entertaiment like, Se7en,Taeyang, Big Bang and 2ne1. The twins had gained fans already because of the humor that these 2 guy are the newest YG trainee which became in reality. Because one of the twin, Donny is the name if I dont mistaken is now an trainee in the agency, but of course til now we’ll dont know what YG is cooking for us all that includes this guy, Donny. Let see soon, maybe a new group will be debuted.

Meanwhile, let me share these pictures where the twins spotted wearing an awesome tee from the brand Stigma. I must say, these both tee are swag and can give dopeness to you as you wear one. What do you think? Because of the quirky prints that the brand uses on these pieces. By the way, these tee has a price of 22,000 KRW each. Okay, that’s it for now and I will update you more about this twins soon..:)

Taeyang and G-dragon x Balmain


I often blogged these guys over this blog, Istarblog.com. Because I simply liked their fashion sense as much the brands they’ve often wears too. Today, what I have was this photo wherein taeyang, the guy on the left and G- dragon, on the right, were spotted wearing the same brand of coat recently which from the European fashion house brand called Balmain.

Actually, these guys and the rest of their group mates, I dunno if you do know their group big bang or not. But anyway, their group as always seen, they do wears the brand balmain often. And I still don’t know if the brand is one of their main sponsor or not, lemme confirm it first, then I will let you know. Alright, these coats that the men wore are includes on the balmain fall/winter collection 2012. Check the pricing details and some further info over Google and I am pretty sure that they were some more relevant blogs out there that could give the info you’d wanted to know. Because this blog is only emphasizing the celebrities outfits..

Thanks so much and I hope you may comeback to this blog for more celeb fashion and such related things. 🙂

Note: photo credit to ygcloset.. thanks 🙂