Burberry Prorsum Menswear Spring Summer 2013





A lot of brand labels today are used to released their each Spring Summer collection for the year 2013. Because they have to give us an idea on what pieces we could expect from them in the approaching months season trends or collection. This recently, the brand Burberry Prorsum had already released their possible creation for their spring summer collection year 2013 that you may see on the top photos. Actually, they’ve already conducted an fashion shown for it that you may watch on the below video:

I must say, these pieces are indeed awesome and has its own character and the patterns used are quite quirky than to the usual cuts or designs. I cant wait to be able to release these pieces out soon in the market.. And as for today, I haven’t any idea on how much these pieces pricing range are, however, as soon the brand,Burberry Prorsum, released pricing details, sure thing, will update you again in here. Alright, that’s it for now and you’ll be expecting me to blog up all of the brands spring summer collection for the year 2013..

Taeyang x Magnetic Earrings by Givenchy



Magnetic Earrings by Givenchy

Indeed, this so much fierce and this was my first time then to see this guy Taeyang on this style. And I know you too also. What do you think about this? dope or nope? for me, this definitely dope, however, of course, he must to balance his statements up, what I mean was, he must only occasionally do this kind of fierce. Because people recognized him already for his street wear fashion styles. Which a lot of peeps out there are looking forward too.

Alright, on this photo. Taeyang is wearing an Magnetic Earrings from the brand Givenchy. Actually, I dont know yet any further details about the piece like the pricing details, availability, and the main material used to this. But no worries folks, soon I got to know it, sure thing, I will update you again in here.

Okay, that’s it for now and I hope I may blog up some more informative than to this post soon by my next posts..hehehe because I admit, I really dunno what to say about this earring because I didn’t do my research about it yet. I just blogged up it here with my random thoughts about the piece..LOL But soon, I promise, I’ll then update some more detailed posts one. Thanks a lot!

G-Dragon x Leopard Creeper by Pierre Hardy



Leopard Creeper by Pierre Hardy

We all know among all the members of the Kpop all boy group called Big Bang. G-Dragon, the leader, is the often one into  high-end fashion. Though some members are also in high-end, however, most of the time they’ve been seen wearing some street fashion one. Anyway, on photo on top, you may noticed the guy g-dragon is wearing an awesome dope kicks that is creeper design. At first, I’ve thought, the shoes is belongs to the one famous creeper Prada collection, however, I was wrong then, because this shoes is from the other brand called Pierre Hardy. I must say, this creeper kicks is quite different than to the usual creeper brand of shoes. Becuase it has this leopard prints that can give accent to the kicks that definitely gives swag on you.

Pricing details? I suggest you to take a look the brand Pierre Hardy main website for you to know further information about this shoes. Becuase I wasn’t able to include some info here due of my  workloads that I needed to attend after this post done. Alright, that’s it for now and keep on checking me here for more fashion updates. Thanks!

G-Dragon x Patricia Field



Marilyn Monroe Dress by Patricia Field

We usually seen G-dragon wearing some girl’s pieces. I dunno why he used to wear some girls pieces than having him self some guy piece. But anyway, girl pieces suits him well and looks still masculine to him. On this photo, Gd is wearing an Marilyn Monroe dress that he makes it an top only from the brand or designer itself, Patricia Field..

What do you think? dope or nope? for me,this totally dope and I even want this dress as my top too..LOL so quirky and unique as a guy wearing it. And for course, no one guy cant have an idea wearing some girls stuff when it comes to fashion, only G-dragon can did..hahha

About the pricing details, As for this moment, I really dont know the price of the dress, but soon I got to know it, sure thing, I will update you again on this blog..:)

Thanks folks and have a great day ahead..

Celebrity Fashion


This blog is not only for label clothing collection but also with some celebrities fashion too. Because celebrity fashion and statements are the most well searched over Google. That’s why I needed to balance up the blog by having this topic on to this blog, Istarblog.com. Today, celebrities are indeed fashionable and they’re in hip as always, because they’ve got this wardrobe department who used to dress them up to be look so dope and swag that can suits on their personality and style.

Watch some discount blu ray movies for you to found out on how much fashionable those celebrities today..:) alright, that’s it for now and will blog some other fashion news and celebrity fashion by my next posts..Thanks!

Big Bang – Fantastic Baby

I simply liked this song. Because it has a great range on its musics and the same time, the lyrics are blended well and the intense and terrific sounds are the total spice on it that can made this song so awesome..

Actually, this song had been released passed months already, however, I am quite busy on some matters that can keep me long to blog about this, Fantastic Baby by Big bang..So – yeah, that’s it for now and btw, Id liked their customized jackets too on this MV..

Taeyang x Balmain & Givenchy


Fantastic Baby hat made by Mina Kwon


Yellow Denim Biker Jeans by Balmain


Rottweiler Fall/Winter 2011 T-shirt by Givenchy

We all know that Taeyang, Kpop Artist, are used to wear these kind of pieces that can actually make him swag. Look on this statement he had on this photo, the one on the top. A lot of people around the web most especially those die fans out there are keep on asking me even on my email on what are the pieces that the man wears on this. That’s why I made my lil searched on what are those pieces and where brands they came from. And thank goodness, because there were some fashion blogs that had these pieces blogged out that can able for me to update you or let you know on what are pieces he did wore on this photo.

Taeyang Fantastic baby cap is from Mina Kwon, while the belt was on the expensive brand Chrome Heart, about the sunglasses? I still have to figure out on where collection and brand the piece come from, but sure thing, I will update you regarding the sunglasses he did worn on this. The t-shirt/ tee  is from Givenchy that I wasn’t know how much it is at this moment, however, soon, I will let you know then. The tee has a product name of Rottweiler from the brand, Givenchy, Fall/Winter 2011 collection.

The yellowish Bottom is form the  brand Balmain and I know most of you are got to know it easily because of the pattern and cut of the pants that has the brand’s trademarks when it comes to their pants and jeans. The pants has a price of € 902.48 in any retail balmain stores and to the main store itself. Just check the store nears you for further information..

Alright, that’s it for now and will update you some more celebrities, kpop fashion, fashion news and events to this blog, istablog.com.. So please, often check this blog, okay?..:) Thanks!

Rihanna x Jeremy Scott’s Adidas and Boy London

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Dope Cap From Boy London

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Swag kicks From Jeremy Scott x Adidas

Rihanna spotted this recently in one event wearing an very dope pieces from  those great and well known brands today. As I’ve seen these photos, on the top photos, I definitely distinguished on where or what brand she worn on this event because I’ve already blogged these pieces out to my other blog or in this blog, Istarblog.com, that some Big bang and 2ne1 wears these pieces too. That’s why I easily found out on what brands Rihanna wears on this event where she’s spotted.

About prices of these pieces? well, I easily to forgot somethings lately so please bear with me here..LOL but of course, as I got time to check my previously posts about these pieces, sure thing, I will update you again here. But much better if you could visit the brand stores as you wanted to know further information about these pieces. Yeah? haha

Alright, that’s it for now and I am so excited to launch my personal blog too soon where I post my personal looks to it. Will update you again here as the new site launched. Thanks so much and have yourself a great day ahead folks. 🙂

Daesung x Chrome Hearts, Dior ,Balmain


Photo Credit: Ygcloset.com

Everyone is looking for this, I know, because I’ve seen a lot of comments over the blogsphere rather in WWW asking to blog about on what are brands that Daesung wearing on this photo. By the way, to those people who doesn’t really know about this guy, Daesung, he is one of the member of  Big Bang, Korean leading all boy band group – Kpop, Actually, this statement, daesung outfit, is not really my type because I am that skinny to work on this kind of pieces..LOL but of course to most of you this outfit may rock your way on..

Okay, let’s list down each piece on this “Daesung outfit”. On his pants, he is wearing an Dior homme pants that has a item name of “Stretch Nappa Leather jeans” which cost $4087.00 (£2,562.00) in all brand stores or in any affiliated online stores. His blazer is from the brand Balmain, European fashion power house label, that has a price of £2,265.00 and has a product name of “Python-trim blazer”. And this piece is the one I really liked which his belt that is from the expensive brand of Chrome Hearts. The belt name is Celtic Roller Belt and has a price of 231,525.00 JPY (£1,751.00) in any brand stores. And last one, his boots is from the famous Balmain that you could get for £1,007 ( too expensive for me..LOL) and the boots name is “Men’s side-zip laced calf-skin boots”.

Alright, I think, I dont missed any piece on this outfit..heheh need to end this post now and please keep on checking back for more celebrities and fashion updates.. Thanks a lot!

T.O.P & GD x Russian Naval Pin Hat by Patricia Field



K-pop fashion is one of the huge influence on today’s fashion. Because a lot of people and most especially those fans out there who’re keeping on patronizing not only the musics that these guys,kpop, are offering but also their awesome quirky outfits and statements that can make them difference into usual fashion thing today. I think, Korean fashion is have their own place already on the market industry today.

As you’ve been noticed on this blog, Istarblog.com, I really used to blogged some Big Bang fashion, one of the leading all guy Kpop group today, because they’re the most searched over Google when it comes to their fashion. and I admit, they are all swag and got this dope that everyone wants to have. That’s why maybe these guys are the most looking forward on their fashion these days.

Today, I found this hat piece from the one blog that TOP and GD wore for their Japan Concert if I dont mistaken about the details, bear with me then if I was wrong,okay?, the hat is from the Patricia Field and has a product name of Russian Naval Pin Hat. And as this moment, I still dont know how much this will cost you because I am still searching it though for the full details of this awesome hats, but of course, soon I got to know it. I will update you immediately here for you too, to find out..:)