The Brief History of the Manbag

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Ah yes, the Man Bag. It’s funny how something so utilitarian and masculin can be misconstrued as something, how should we say, not so macho. 


The truth is men have worn bags for centuries for, both style and utility, proving that hand-bags aren’t just for women. 


During the renaissance (before pockets) men wore girdle pouches. Girdle pouches were very handy for transporting things like spices, flowers, and herbs. 


The satchel, arguably the manliest of the man bags was used primarily by school children to transport books (think modern day backpack). 


The briefcase came into existence during the Industrial Revolution and was used by powerful men to transport important documents, papers, books, and small valuables. 


During the World Wars military men fastened bread bags to their belts and used them as an all purpose carrying bag. 


The messenger bag has made a strong resurggence. Historically they were used by bike messengers and postal carriers before they evolved into a fashionable item. 


So next time friends give you a hard time over that so called “Man Bag” of yours, tell them it’s just the opposite of femininity; it’s historically masculine.

Sponsored video : Helping the Women of Cha Cha Cottage

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My life is far from perfect but I consider myself lucky because I am able to have access to and enjoy the finer things in life. On top of that is the fact that I have a strong support system whom I can turn to whenever I want some much needed help, and that is my family. Since I am so blessed, I feel that I should at least give back some of the blessings I have received to people who are in need, in any which way I can in my own small way. It does not really matter what the cause is as long as I know I am making a difference in a person’s life.

Having said that, many philanthropists and charitable organizations give their support to women’s and children’s causes because they are considered to be the most vulnerable in society – being the ones who are subjected the most to neglect and abuse. Although some people might think that it is not their obligation to help these people, I strongly feel that it is a part of our social responsibility to at least not turn a blind eye in their plight.

Guinness, one of the most successful beer brands worldwide (brewed in almost 60 countries and is available in over 120), has partnered with Cha Cha Cottage in Singapore through the Arthur Guinness Projects. Cha Cha Cottage is a social enterprise that provides single and needy mothers with home-based cottage industry work such as candle making to help them get back their independence while caring for their families. The video shows three mothers from Cha Cha Cottage who make candles to feed their families. It says in the video that a candle is a giving thing and thousands can be lit from a single candle and yet its life will not be shortened. It represents how even a single person willing to help these ladies can make a difference in their lives.

Guinness has committed to raise $100,000 SGD for these women. You can be a part of this campaign by going over to the Arthur Guinness Project’s Facebook Page. From May 11 to June 21, netizens can offer their pledge towards the cause. Guinness Singapore will donate $100 to Cha Cha Cottage for every click of support you make. To further raise awareness for the group of marginalised women in need of support, a symbolic light-up event will be held on June 21 with 1,000 pledged candles.

Sponsored By: Guinness

Publish Brand 2014 Summer Collection

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 photo publish-brand-summer-2014-2_zps9d0ae733.jpg

 photo publish-brand-summer-2014-4_zps31c6acb0.jpg

Basics are so fine. Yes! guys loves to wear pieces which are basics like plain tees and shorts that’ll be well pair of with any sneakers. I think, mostly guys styled themselves of this kind especially now as we got the summer season. Because these are the most comfortable pieces that we could wear off as we got into hot kinda weather also basic pieces can we rock with as well in any high-end brands for sort of season like in winter and fall, all you have to learn was on how to mix and matches clothes that blended well for your styling. I hope you can get what am trying to say here.

Okay, recently, the brand called Publish Brand had released their ” Publish Brand 2014 Summer Collection” and I believed at this moment, these pieces, from their collection, are already out in the market. If you wanted to check them out on your bear eyes. Just heads up in any nearby mortar stores for the preview and you’ll probably know as well further details about each pieced they’d had cooked for us this summer season. Actually, these pieces are like my style. Because I wanted to wear something comfortable and in away give me at ease.. hehe

Alright, that will be all for now and please bear with me for not including some details of this brand’s collection. Because they haven’t sent me yet the PR of it so – am doing this post in advance..ehhe But this may surely be updated as I handed the PR, pretty soon.. Thank you!

OLX’s TV Ad Campaign – Where Buyers Meet Sellers

Online classified sites have become a sensation on the internet. No longer are they restricted to the developed nations as they are sprouting up and gaining strong footholds in emerging economies too. You can even buy second hand kids products for sale online. What makes such sites so successful is the fact that the entry barrier is low, which allows anyone to post an advertisement for free and grab whatever is on offer.

OLX is a worldwide famous company with headquarters in Buenos Aires, Argentina and New York City, USA. It has a strong foothold in over 40 countries and caters to most of its customers in their local languages. The online classified site ventured into India in 2006 and soon created a strong platform for itself. The company then broadcasted its first series of TV advertisements in 2011 with the tagline “Bech De” or “Sell It”. The aim of the company is to provide a simple and efficient platform to its consumers to sell their stuff and also to buy products that have been put on sale by other users.

Unlike its numerous competitors, OLX has identified television as a great medium to increase its popularity and make it famous amongst the masses. These series of TV advertisements are themed “Yahan Sub KuchBikta Hai” or “Everything Sells Here”. They focus on the normal life of an average Indian and how they use OLX to make their life so much easier. Laced with humor and without any celebrities, these series of commercials have generally received a positive response from the masses. They have also tremendously increased the number of visitors to the site. You can also watch these advertisements if you stay connected.

Watch OLX Old Promise TVC:

The main aim of the OLX TV campaign is to strengthen its “Bech De” or “Sell It” proposition. If you still haven’t watched these commercials, you will love the innovativeness shown in the company’s TV ad campaign that delivers the message and encourage people to sell and buy products via OLX.
OLX is a great and reliable way to sell and purchase products. There are loads of benefits of OLX from both a seller’s and buyer’s point of view. You don’t have to pay commission to an agent for a deal. You can also meet the individual in person who is selling or buying a product and negotiate the price on your own. You can also easily buy property, pets, second hand cars and loads more stuff at affordable prices.

Protecting Your Leather Frank Wright Shoes

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Although I am a laidback type of guy who prefers to hang out with my friends in casual clothes and comfortable shoes, I do not limit myself to buying just one type. As a matter of fact, I have a mini collection of shoes that a lot of my friends and relatives are envious of. I also have a few pairs of leather shoes that I give careful attention to because they are quite expensive and I want them to last for a long time. Leather shoes are sensitive to water and chemicals, thus it is prone to damage. There are simple ways however to ensure that your leather shoes are not just well protected but clean as well.

It is advisable to apply a water repellent on your leather shoes before you wear them because water can really do a lot of damage to your shoes. When it comes to polishing, choose a color that is the same with your shoe color or else they will get stained permanently. Also use a cream based polish instead of the liquid one. So as not to affect the quality and texture of the leather, do not go overboard with your polishing. It is a must to use a high quality leather conditioner on your shoes for them to stay shiny.

 photo null_zps862eaf56.jpg

Another way to protect your leather shoes is to choose the right protectant. Keep in mind that different weatherproofing products serve different purposes. Use a beeswax product instead of a protective spray. Probably the most important tip is to not use your leather shoes during bad weather. With these things in mind, you will definitely be able to use them in a long time.

Shopping for leather shoes is likewise easy when you know where to shop for the best. Established in 1885 in London, Frank Wright Shoes up until this day, sells trendy footwear that combines classic designs with modern styling. They have a wide variety of shoes (leather, suede, Brogues, Razor Sole, and Canvas) and Boots (leather, suede, Work Boot, Chukka/Desert Boots, Razor Sole, Canvas, Chelsea Boots). There is definitely something for everyone.

Among all the shoes available, my favorite is the Frank Wright Fry Black Leather because I can wear it with just about anything. I can pair it with pants/chino pants for that formal look or with shorts for a casual, laidback style. It has a traditional brogue design and fry multi eyelet with lace-up shoe style. This shoe sells at an affordable price and can be worn everyday.

Sponsored Video: Cage vs. Uncage: What Will You Choose?

I believe that we create our own destiny. If we badly want something to happen, we can make it happen. Everything is in our hands and within our reach if only we are determined and truly have faith in ourselves. There are some people though who are not strong enough to go against the pressures of family and society and live their lives conforming to what is ordinary and usual. They are also afraid to take a different path and start all over again because they might not succeed. They think that they are free but in reality they live in cages. But we need to realize that if we do not try, we will never know if we will succeed. We must uncage ourselves and live life the way we want to.

 photo 200731_1673989484867_6073510_n_zps8bb4e416.jpg

I always live my life in #caged due of the workloads I needed to attend everyday as blogger

 photo 553059_4705991563024_318309917_n_zps3972503f.jpg

I also #uncaging myself by hanging out with friends and share the same interests

There are times when I cannot help but feel like I am likewise living in a cage. Being a blogger entails long hours behind the desk tinkering with my computer. It is not much different than working in an office all day. Although I sometimes wonder if an exciting career is better suited for me and would make me happier, I know in my heart that blogging is what I want to do and I know that I am good at it. To take the stress out of my daily routine, I just do things that make me happy and relaxes me such as dining and drinking with family & friends. This is my way of “uncaging” myself.

Tiger Beer, the world famous Singaporean beer brand, has come up with a new campaign and it features three videos about individuals who go against the grain of society, choosing to live life uncaged rather than in a cage. One video is about Anthony Chen who chose to be a film maker rather than a businessman. He wrote his own story and suddenly saw the world differently. According to him, when you are brave and determined you can leave the cages behind.

If you are interested about this campaign and would like to know more about it, check out the Tiger Beer Facebook page and Tiger Uncage Site. You can also visit their website to join their ongoing photo contest.

Sponsored By: Tiger Beer