Berlin Shopping Tour

Berlin has a reputation of being the coolest city in Europe. Not only will you find bars around Görlitzer Bahnhof and Schlesisches Tor and other hip areas, there are also lots of shops, cafes, international restaurants, and bookstores. Add to that the many city-owned museums, independent art galleries, and parks. Berlin is also home to a pretty major shopping scene. Aside from the usual boutiques, the coolest stores in Berlin are vintage stores and concept shops usually found in random residential buildings and quiet courtyards.

Baerck is a concept shop carrying brands like Vladimir Karaleev, Reality Studio, Minimarket, Malaika Raiss etc. Another cool store is Voo where you can find almost anything you would ever want. Among the brands they have are Carven, Kenzo, Acne, Gabriel Urist, and DSTM. Then there is Das Neue Schwarz which sells high end vintage and past season fashions at really low prices. Another must-visit is Temporary Showroom in Kastanienallee which sells a wide variety of clothes and accessories from German designers and international brands. Shoppers should also go to Konk, a boutique located in Mitte where you can find many chic items from local designers. These are but a few nice places for shopping in Berlin.

For tourists who want to discover the best and enjoy the city’s shopping scene to the fullest, there are businesses that provide personal shopping tours in Berlin. A customized tour to the coolest and hippest shops in town with a personal shopper gives the perfect shopping and sightseeing experience. Withlocals, the peer-to-peer marketplace where locals offer experiences and skills to travelers, can definitely help a lot and offer this service to tourists. The shopping tour is part of Withlocals’ TOURS Withlocals category. The other two categories are EAT Withlocals and ACTIVITIES Withlocals. Experience delicious food and make new friends by dining with a local family in their home through the EAT Withlocals category. Get to join activities and learn new skills through talented local artisans and experts who are more than willing to share their expertise to you under the ACTIVITIES Withlocals category.

Three Must See Reality Shows


The next time you find yourself flipping through the channels or looking over streaming apps to find something to watch, consider turning to reality shows instead of scripted television shows. Reality shows now run the gamut from cooking shows that feature celeb chefs like Gordon Ramsey to dancing shows that let you see some of your favorite stars dance across the screen. No matter where you live, whether you have a Netflix account or if you still rely on cable, there are still a few top reality shows that you should watch, including current and previous seasons.

Strictly Come Dancing

Strictly Come Dancing is a reality competition show that pits celebrities from different areas against each other. They partner with a professional dancer, learn at least one new dance every week and compete live in front of an audience and panel of judges. The show is so popular that it inspired Dancing With the Stars in America and similar shows in countries around the week. While some think Craig Revel Horwood is the odds on favorite to win the current season, his competition stepped up their game in recent weeks, which leaves fans wondering who will come out on top.

Top Chef

Fans of cooking shows often pick Top Chef as one of their favorite reality shows. Top Chef picks professional chefs to compete in multiple challenges every week. They might have 20 minutes to create a recipe using an ingredient on the spot or more than 24 hours to work in teams and create dishes for an upcoming party. A panel of professional chefs and food experts pick their three favorite and least favorite dishes each episode and eliminate at least one chef. The show even had a spin off devoted to dessert chefs.

Kitchen Nightmares

Gordon Ramsey owns several restaurants in the United States and Britain and appears on a handful of TV shows every year. One show that fans pick as their favorite is Kitchen Nightmares. Originally broadcast in the UK, there is now an American version of the show too. Ramsey goes to failing restaurants, meets with the chefs, talks to customers and offers helpful suggestions on how to turn those restaurants around.

Reality shows let you escape for an hour and enjoy watching drama unfold in front of you. Some of the top reality shows currently on the air include Top Chef, Strictly Come Dancing and Kitchen Nightmares.

Men’s Fashion:Suspenders

Firstly, I am really sorry for not updating this site,, quite often now as I got myself busy at school and I am also preparing with my tour hence I really cant able to find a time to update you all here. But anyway, am still trying though to at least update one post a day,starting today – hopefully, as I am keen to have this site developed as it was before.  I hope all things gonna do right so that I can have this site running for the couple of years more.

Okay, as we all know at your dad’s times they used to wear this accessory called suspenders which actually the substitution for the belt and it does rarely today for teens even those man to have this accessory with their wardrobe. But you know what? as the 80’s era is starting to evades the new generation fashion today, I merely sees some teens who are now fond of wearing it and rocking with it, which I truly like because suspenders are great as long as you know on how you can match it on your total outfit.

What good about the suspenders?

Well, you can wear it off in either casual and formal attire and you actually rock it through your summer outfits because suspenders are versatile enough to wear hence you should  have yourself one now as you wanted yourself to be dope and be hip for today’s fashion.

And in regarding to pricing, suspenders are great to have than belt. Because this piece is usually cheap than those leather belt we used to have and yet it can gives a great accentual for your total outfit, right? hence you really have or consider this piece now as you’re a dope guys who trying to be fashionable and quirky quite sometimes.

You can search Google on how you can pull this off because there’s a bunch of lookbook even some people’s outfit posts , pictures, that you can mimic for your own fashion outfit.

The Hundreds 2015 Winter “RFN” Collection

 photo the-hundreds-kinsey-collection-13_zps2cbqs4mm.jpg

Street wears are my main picks as for my fashion. Why? Because they are the simplest and you can wear them anytime in a day thus you re most comfortable wearing it. That is why when I got to see this The Hundreds 2015 Winter “RFN” Collection it’s really caught my attention because I used to wears hundreds for my daily wear and indeed, their pieces are well comfortable and it can makes you looking dope as you trying to pull off any of their pieces.

 photo the-hundreds-kinsey-collection-8_zpswofuk0u7.jpg

Other good things about these pieces were, you can pair them up in any kicks you have whether on Nike or Adidas, these pieces can go along. Also, you can wear them with your shorts or jean pants and simply put it on your fave cap to finish off the total outfit.

As for the moment, these pieces and the entire pieces collection were already out in the market to avail and you can also go through at the hundreds main shop online for the pieces an further details about this collection.

Dealing with Cowlicks: Tips For The Grooms Who Have Cowlicks

 Cowlicks occur as a result of hair strands growing in opposite directions. While this may not sound very bad, cowlicks are nasty and taming them is pretty troublesome.

If you have a cowlick and are tired of the wild strands of hair that never seem to hold as you want them to, you’ve come to the right place. Here are four tips to help you deal with cowlicks.

 Identify Cowlicks

Cowlicks can be identified easily- you just need to look for a swirl of hair strands to spot one. A cowlick on the crown of the head is common, but a lot of people have cowlicks towards the front of the head and near the hairline. It is also possible for a person to have two cowlicks!

Identifying cowlicks and the times when hair strands are most uncontrollable will help you decide on the course of action.

 Try a New Haircut

Cowlicks can make hair strands in the area stand out from the rest or make you look like you have a bald spot. Depending on where you have a cowlick, the right cut and hairstyle will help tame the unruly tuft of hairr.

➢ On the Crown

The best way to hide a cowlick on the crown of the head is to go for a buzz cut. In case you don’t want to cut your hair very short, and if you’ve noticed that your cowlick is manageable when your hair is a particular length, ask your barber to cut your hair accordingly.

Alternatively, you can grow your hair long so that the weight of the hair causes the cowlick to stay put. Style long hair in a messy bun to hide the cowlick, or get a taper haircut with long hair along the front of the head up to the crown and short cropped hair on the sides.

➢ In the Front

Cowlicks in the front of the head and near the hairline are the worst. If you have such a cowlick, get a military cut to keep hair tamed. You can also grow your hair long and style it in the direction of hair growth.

If you want to style hair in the opposite direction of growth, you’ll have to use styling techniques and products as discussed further.

➢ At the Back

Cowlicks at the back of the head or at the nape of your neck can look just as awkward. Go for a tapered cut near the neck and visit your stylist regularly to keep hair trimmed to the perfect length. You can also grow out your hair and style with the right tools and products.

 Heat Style Your Hair

If chopping your locks isn’t an option, heat styling is the way to go. The process isn’t rocket science, and you can get the hang of it quickly even if you’ve never used heat styling tools before. What’s more, heat styling can hold wild hair strands in place until the next time you shampoo!

Be armed with necessary tools and supplies- you’ll need a blow-dryer, a flat iron, styling sprays, a heat protectant spray, brushes, and combs.

Remember to work on wet hair; if hair dries out before you’re finished styling it, spritz with water. For some people, simply blow-drying hair in the opposite direction of growth is enough. If you have a stubborn cowlick, use a styling comb or a round brush to hold hair in place and then blow-dry it.

Another way to heat style hair is to use a flat iron. Using this tool is particularly easy when dealing with cowlicks on the crown or at the back of the head. Just clamp the iron as close as possible to the scalp and pull hair through it slowly. Curve the iron slightly to get desired results.

Heat styling your hair too frequently can result in split ends and damaged hair, so always use a heat protectant spray before styling. Follow up with a hair spray to hold the hair for a longer time. Most importantly, exercise caution when working with heat styling tools.

Use the Right Products

You’ll find a variety of hair creams, pomades, and sprays to help tame your cowlick. With creams and greases, you only need to take a little product and work it between your fingers before applying to the hair to hold strands in place. Note that using a lot of hair product can make hair look limp, so use sparingly.

Not all cowlicks can be tamed with hair products, so you might need to heat style your hair first and then use a hair product on a few strands. Furthermore, hair products like sprays, pomades, and gels won’t work for stubborn cowlicks; choose a stronger product like wax instead, and finish off with a hair spray!

We learned here how to deal with cowlicks but how can we forget or ignore those important essentials that enhance the look of any groom? Essentials like skin care, shaving, manscaping, dressing style, trimming facial hair, manicure are also the most important. From all above, the dressing style impacts more than other essentials. To give a real touch of looking a perfect groom, one can go for custom suits which can be tailored as per your requirement giving you the best fit and for skin care, shaving, hair care, facial and massage, the salons are always ready to serve you!


Cowlicks are tricky and there’s no way to get rid of them. But that doesn’t mean you don’t have any hope! With the tips given here, you now know that managing cowlicks is possible and easy. So get working on your cowlick right away!

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How To: Turn Old Clothes Into Trendy Pieces

 photo tumblr_m13lrgnb241qajhjjo1_500_zpsc812025b.jpg

Mostly, we just stored out old clothes in the boxes under our bed or in our basements instead. Because these are the pieces that are outdated and not necessarily today to wear since fashion is fast evolving. But you know what? you can reuse all these old clothes and turn them in to newly looking trendy pieces one. How? That’s  why am here to let you know on how you can make it. I actually compile some videos below where I got over youtube site for you to follow. You can either got an idea on the top photo on how you can make the old blue jeans into great folded trendy shorts for men.

DIY Tutorial For Girls

DIY Tutorial For Men

I found these other videos below on youtube too that might get your interests too. Just check them all below or much better to check all of the people’s tutorials on how you can turn your old clothes or other pieces such as old kicks, heels, accessories and essentials in to useful and chic finds over YouTube. Because in YouTube we can learn all things.

Alright, this post served as my “How to” post again here , a series of posts,. I hope I can consistently updated this series of post I made here, though sometimes I really forgot though to write and post about it due of my workloads and swamped with it. But will try to put more informative posts here that might help on your end.

Should you claim a Verizon FIOS coupon?

Verizon is one of the hottest entertainment providers right now. It provides both internet and television. A Verizon promotional code would benefit you greatly. But before you claim it, you should do an analysis of the kind of service Verizon provides and match it with your need.

 photo Girls-Shopping_zpsiwkpxu5m.jpg

What Do You Get?

Verizon’s biggest merit is its super fast internet speed. You need to think about your Internet usage. Do you use it as an average person would, or do you use it a lot? Average use would include random surfing, a game or two, social media, news, a few videos, looking up the odd recipe or two. Extensive use would include working from home and using the Internet in the process, for example. If you are a Netflix addict and view it for a lot of hours a day, then too you would be an extensive user. If you are addicted to YouTube or online gaming, you are an extensive user. Any activity which causes you to use the Internet a lot would come under this. If you come under the category of extensive user, you can easily choose Verizon as your provider. As an average user, if you really want lightning fast Internet, it is a good option. Television broadcast provided by Verizon is good enough, nothing exceptional. In fact, you get what you pay for. There are many providers who actually charge for more data than you consume. You can check this by verifying usage from the device versus what you actually get charged for. Verizon keeps it simple and you will be able to enjoy your money’s worth.

Getting the best

We at Move Your Money Project are committed to giving you the best deals and offers possible, whether on service providers like Verizon or credit cards or other retailers or service providers.

When we started out, we were solely concentrated on helping customers move from big banks to smaller banks and local outfits. Now, we simply concentrate on maximizing your savings, whether it means using a local bank or a multinational one. Our motive is accruing maximum savings. In the kind of world we live in, expenses are going up day by day, and inflation is on the rise. In such an event, it is necessary to manage daily expenditures, capital expenditures, and also save up for the future. But how do you do all this on a limited income? We tell you how. We give you tips you need to get maximum savings, for various products and services. Apart from that, we keep you updated with any new money-saving scheme that might come up. You can be sure that your savings will rise substantially once you decide to follow Move Your Money Project.

The moveyourmoneyproject can be just what you need here, helping you to make more money. Whether it be knowing just how much it takes to be successful or doing more than you thought of initially, there is a lot that you can do with the right investment.


Fashionable ball gowns for all occasions

 photo cute-short-dresses-tumblr-vqztpogj_zpswhqsluxp.jpg

Everyone needs to be practical today since life ain’t easy to live with. Hence we should be all wise wherever we do especially on the type of clothes we’d be wearing. Actually, as we talk about fashion, there were indeed a bunch to choose from with from these well known brands and labels down to the local brands which usually has the most inexpensive finds to sell over. Of course, as we have to pick on which one we should take in, I know most of you would go with these expensive ones that these high-end brands are made of. But I think local brands that has quirky element added to its finds are still fine to have. Just to know on how to rock with it and you’ll gonna be fine.

Actually, if you were asking me though in which type of clothes you should have, that take for good years and you can wear off repeatedly in various of occasions without hesitation. I’ll then recommend this Ball Dress NZ that has wide array of designs to choose from. Ball dress NZ has these mini chic type of dresses and at the same time it would also come with a long type of gowns that we could only have through this shop called

The shop,, is pretty reputable as mostly fashion icons and enthusiasts are buying off stuff from them which made them on lead as we talk about ball dresses and gowns. You can actually check over their dresses on their shop for your preference and convenience. But I’ll include out some of their cocktail dresses below for you to see on how awesomely made their each dresses were.

 photo tumblr_myhchtrTMw1qhkd5co1_500_zpsjcxupzae.jpg

 photo tumblr_m6ngwktxw31r3d8gfo1_500_zpsqvakav8k.jpg

If you have any question for the dress you eyeing to have. Just get them in line for you to talk personally on what’s stuff you’d wanted to add on, if there’s any, on your gown and how you’d like it to be look like. No worries, they have a bunch of attentive staff who can cater in your needs immediately hence you have your dresses in the very timely fashion.

10.Deep 2015 Summer “VCTRY” Lookbook

 photo 10-deep-2015-summer-vctry-lookbook-001_zpsob8qdskh.jpg

Who loves sportswear clothes there? I knew most of you dope guys are raising your hands, I included. Because we can even be fashionable while working out , right? hence we should consider ourselves wearing these great sport wear finds that these high-end brand form the said field had to offer like this brand called 10.Deep who releases it’s new sport wear that we men can rock on effortless.

 photo 10-deep-2015-summer-vctry-lookbook-003_zpsk9ubd6xt.jpg

I actually simply liked these pieces from this collection. Because they really speaks to my style plus the material used to each items were 100% cotton that is perfectly as you sweats off all the frustrations and stresses you had for long time. lol, I supposed. That’s why now, I am thinking off to buy any of these pair pretty soon as it’s gets available to the market to avail. Because as for now, the brand itself doesn’t release yet further details on when they’ll be going to release these finds over the market. Hence, we should be patient waiting for their updates.

 photo 10-deep-2015-summer-vctry-lookbook-005_zpspw7vtnz6.jpg

Alright, that will be all for now and as I’ve heard any update for this lookbook collection ” 10.Deep 2015 Summer “VCTRY” Lookbook ” like what are the pricing ranges and sort. I’ll probably keep you posted here, so you must check this site often for you to be updated too.

Musée Noir 2015 Spring/Summer “NOMAD” Lookbook

 photo musee-noir-2015-spring-summer-lookbook-1_zpsisthqkyl.jpg

Recently, the London based brand Musée Noir had releases it’s Musée Noir 2015 Spring/Summer “NOMAD” Lookbook for us to see on what we should expect from the brand’s up coming collection. I simply liked their pieces and how they styled them. Because it’s plain and yet it has this elegant looking to it,  which I think other called it as : normcore. And this normcore really evades that fashion scene these days and eventually  ( I supposed) this kind of styling will be adopt not just the westerner but also us Asians.

 photo musee-noir-2015-spring-summer-lookbook-10_zps1jq9h3su.jpg

I know other aren’t fond wearing these kind of pieces here. But I think you should then consider now. Because as we all know fashion changes to fast most especially on this generation where young ones aren’t afraid to express themselves by wearing quirky pieces like this one. Hence, we should be partake in away by simply getting ourselves in to what’s new and hot these days especially on the fashion trends.

 photo musee-noir-2015-spring-summer-lookbook-5_zps2n8avvyg.jpg

Regarding on the availability of these pieces from “Musée Noir 2015 Spring/Summer “NOMAD” Lookbook” sorry then. Because at the moment, I haven’t heard any update on when they’ll be going to release these pieces to the market to avail but as I’ve sees an update from their website or as I’ve got an update email. I’ll definitely update you all here for your convenience.