Best Spring/Summer Outfit for Men

Spring and Summer is indeed fashion lazy?nope isn’t! because you can still be fashionable using these pieces that Ive found online. Actually these pieces was grabbed on the old navy site so if you wanted to have the same pieces as these, please do browse on the brand site and might seen these items sell still. Anyways, shorts are always dope for summer we all know that and even loofers must work as well on this season but still you can put some coat with it for you to be look more hip and neat. So yeah, this  is the best outfit for me for this season.

Sandal trends for the season

With every new fashion trend comes a new round of accessories and one of the major components of this term ‘accessories’ is shoes. Women, in particular are a little obsessed with these feet accessories. Whether it’s getting all cooey and gooey over a sky-high pair of delicate stilettos or lusting after a deluxe pair of the season’s must have boots, women plus shoes equals slightly crazy.

This season, like every other has welcomed yet more beautiful shoes to adorn our feet and summer, with its sunshine and warm weather, means our feet in these beautiful shoes are on show. Sandals, both flat and heeled are what every woman wants. And this season, they most certainly don’t disappoint.

Girly, feminine and pretty just about sum up the selection of women’s sandals on offer this summer. If you want to look in more detail at the summer’s range of women’s shoes, visit House of Fraser.

Here is a mini guide to the hottest sandal trends of the season.

The overall theme is nude and natural, however the odd touch of disco glamour is thrown in the mix for good measure. Look for natural materials such as leather and suede but also wood, cork and straw. Choose natural and nude hues such as salmon and coral pinks, warm chestnut browns, dusty oranges and warm yellowy beiges. However, you can also throw in some bright pink or orange and metallics in gold and silver are also pretty strong.

Embellishment is another thing to look for. Jewels, bows and studding add interest to an otherwise minimalist looking shoe. Straps are also important. However, don’t go overboard. T-bar shaped straps will be your best bet. This applies to flats and heels. Lace effect, cut out sections and woven detailing will score you even extra points. But don’t try and do everything at once. Summer shoes are feminine yet simple. Your main inspiration should be hippy chic, so keep things cool.

When it comes to heels, you have two options in terms of style. The first is the wedge. This is probably the biggest summer trend and is definitely something fresh to try. Espadrille type wedges are the shoe of the summer. Your second option is platforms. In keeping with the disco feel of the second half of the 1970s, platforms are big, high and super sexy. You may need to practice your walk for some of the most daring pairs.

Listen up and look good

So much more effort seems to be put into fashion tips for women. Men often get left behind and therefore often end up being a little lost about exactly what defines the latest trends and how to wear them. There are of course plenty of magazines and websites out there that do offer fashion and trend insights and tips, but aside from GQ and the broadsheet supplements they don’t offer much depth or breadth.

Generally it is easy to figure out what the latest trends are by walking through the typical high street fashion shop or department store, but exactly how to wear the latest trends is a little harder to fathom. Here we have picked one trend and will detail just how you should wear it.

Nautical-inspired fashion has made various visits to international catwalks over the decades. It plays a prominent and continue source of inspiration for the likes of Tommy Hilfiger and Ralph Lauren. This summer it’s back but there are notes of preppy Americana thrown into the mix.

There are several key features of this look. First is the Breton stripe. The stripe is found mostly on t-shirts and polo shirts. To add extra detail, look for stripes that change in density and size.

Along with the stripe are the key colours or red, white and blue, with a nod to both Royal Britannia and the Stars and Stripes. Don’t go overboard with colour however. This French Riviera style is rather understated and reserved. Keep it neutral and don’t wear all three colours in block; instead pick two, white and blue for example and accessorise with red.

Chinos are the must have trousers not only of this trend, but of the summer. They should be tapered, turned up and loose and preferably in beige.

Denim, which works in perfect tandem with the cotton fabric of chinos, is also a new modern addition to the otherwise traditional trend. The denim shirt, worn loose and open over a plain t-shirt ties a look together and is a great way of softening the otherwise rather smart appearance of this trend.

To top it off look for a tailored, but not over structured blazer. This gives the trend a mod feel that is both casual and smart at the same time.

In terms of accessories deck shoes are a must as are a pair of the classic Wayfarer style sunglasses.

Check out House of Fraser for a full range of men’s clothing in keeping with this trend.

Shirt Basic (YSL)

YSL (Yves Saint Laurent) is one of the leading fashion powerhouse company nowadays and we’ve recently heard some issues between  their co Parisian fashion line company Christian Louboutin due with some plagiarism issues with their both sole red shoes. Anyways, I hope the issue will be done to soon and both company will share their talent,skills and awesome designs without encountering such issues like this, because consumer might quite confuse then on which products are the original or who’s the copycut only. I know with some people it is doesn’t matter who’s the first one or who’s the original designers done first the products, but on the fashion enthusiast. This was an big issue that they might know because shoes and anything fashion pieces that they were buying of are indeed investment to them that they’ll treasure like a gold. LOL

So, what is the c0nnection of that shirt basic YSL on this post? I think there was no deeply connection with it though, I just wanted to share with you that I wanted to have this shirt basic YSL white tee because summer has been started and white shirt is the best wear that we can consider as the hit of sun raises. Not make sense, right? LOL

Big Bang Love song MV Shoes

I blogged and published one blog post recently about the new Music Video(MV) of the group big bang which the LOVE SONG . On the said Music Video one thing did caught my attention out which their shoes, because they do have all same shoes though. I did my researched on the other blogs which tackling this kind of topics as well and I found out that this shoes that they did wore on their video was called Maison Martin Margiela  Sports Shoes that you can buy for the price of $440 . Indeed another expensive shoes they have, Im so envy to these guys now and I hope I can be celebrity as well, nope don’t take it seriously Im just kidding you out.LOL

If you want to buy this shoes online, just type in the given shoes name and I believe a lot of online awesome stores will shown up where you can buy this expensive shoes.

Dont Get Bankrupt for Fashion

Fashionistas are indeed shopaholic, I’m hundred percent on that because mostly gals and gentlemen are wanting to have these expensive clothes,bags,accessorizes and cameras to those expensive brand names, and if I have money then I will surely buy some stuff to these brand names but in moderation, why? though if ever I got plenty of money if that is so, will definitely consider my expenses as well. I don’t ever focus my self out by buying clothes and all vain stuff becuase I do believe there was still important things beside giving your self a happiness by only spending your money on clothes, though I admit buying your clothes and such stuff are the best stress therapy. haahaha

Okay, now I’m giving a piece of advice to those shopaholic one. if i were you I’ll consult to san diego chapter 13 attorney because these guys can give you a great advice on what are the best thing to do to avoid your self of buying too much in more than you needed.

TOP & Daesung Wearing Raf by Raf Simons Wool Perfecto Jacket

One of the fashion piece of TOP was a Jacket and we’ve seen Daesung wearing some as well, but on this photos that I recently found on the internet , to be specific on Google. As you can see Daesung & TOP was wearing the same jacket that called  Raf Simons Wool Perfecto Jacket by Raf collection it self, Actually I often noticed that big bang member and any other group under Yg entertainment has these great taste when its come on their Jackets and shoes, I think we need to compliment their wardrobe department.

By the way this jacket will cost you $1,050, yeah Yg entertainment has this very expensive wardrobe as always. My goodness I cant wear this even on my dream.hahah

I bought new shoes..:)

Recently I’ve been published a post that I often shop online now than going to the mall instead. Because all i need was a credit card and Internet connection so that I may choose my most wanting stuff on the online shop, its too convenient to my end then because I use to work on the cyber world and going to online shop is really visible to me than going out, now I buying some stuff online for the up coming family summer outing and I think that shoes on the photo was worth to buy for due with summer season here at my place, by the way I bought the vans shoes already I’ll just wait it to get arrive on me soon. As I received it soon,I’ll definitely share some photos here as for alright that’s it for now.thanks

Shopping Online

As I decided to make this blog as my fashion blog, it is given to be for me to be resourceful to be help on other people to find out what re h things are hot and not, and where to buy their wanting clothes with the cheapest prices, now I was here to help you out to shop you things into the reasonable prices, actually I just recently found this site and I’d tried once to buy an yeah all transactions are safe onto this blog because they have a pay pal option as you pay your things out that I think is awesome because pay pal is the safeties payment option a you buy online, by the way he online URL was just heads up on the link then search your things there. Thanks I hope I can help you a bit on this matter.