Chris Brown wearing BBC Ice Cream “Three Servings” crew-neck sweatshirt

As I saw Chris Brown wearing this awesome sweatshirt. One thing that I’d do first which is searching on what’s the brand of this dope sweatshirt. And luckily Ive got it. Its BBC Ice Cream “Three Servings” crew-neck sweatshirt that may cost you $154, I loved sweatshirt as well specially those had animated prints on front or any character on it liked what Chris brown wore on this photo.

Hooded Scarf is trending?

We often used scarf as the  weather is quite cold, even if you simply wanted to wear this off,right? but this recently Ive been stumbled on one blog where did I saw this  hooded scarf that indeed caught my attention. Because this was my first time then to see such quirky scarf since I was residing on the tropical country. Maybe this kind of scarf are did trending to those cold countries mostly UK and US. But more than more in UK I believed because the fashion capital of the world is was there.

So yeah! this Hooded Scarf are now a trend on the fashion world these days. By the way even girls can wear this off,okay! just search or check your fave brands to get your own hooded scarf. Thanks!


I know you maybe see this cool sweatshirt anywhere or in Top’s music video it self before. And I know either that most of you are had this thoughts on what is the brand or where you can buy such sweatshirt for you to wear off. I know right? No worries I’ll tell you some information about this chic piece here. Okay, this piece as an name of FRINGE VINYL SHOULDER PADDED TOP that you may buy on Fanny and Jessy. Regarding on prices, Sorry I dunno it yet but soon I gathered some info about this again, will surely update this post on the prices. But this recently, as I was trying to search/track where do you can buy this piece, I found out that this sweatshirt has only limited of stocks meaning all of these kind was did sold out already and you cant buy this sweat anymore. Quite sad, but I suggest you to still trying to find any online because there’s might some online companies who had this piece on sale.

Getting Good Rolex prices

Whether you are looking for ways to save money or would simply like more options or alternatives when it comes to shopping for the things you need and want, the Internet is one of the most helpful tools that you can work with. Not only does it play host to millions and millions of online resellers and buyers, it also offers a wide variety of quality products and services, even for the most discerning of shoppers. Be it food, clothing, electronic gadgets or fashion accessories that you are looking for, the Internet can surely help you look for them. Searching for the perfect watch to give to your wife or your son who just finished College? Go to Time and Gems, it’s one of the few reliable and trustworthy places online where you can be sure of getting good Rolex prices. Truly, the Internet is an indispensable modern tool for getting your money’s worth.

Ties are the best accessories for all Occasions

Who’d never thought that ties are can be use rather wear on all occasion actually. Yeah! get rid of thinking that ties are can be ONLY do wear  on to those specially and formal gathering. Because nowadays trends are evolving taste and people are use to get mix and matching clothes that can bring on the ultimate style that they ever wanted.

Ties are the best accessories for all  men and either to girls nowadays, because it can enhance your wardrobe into something hippy and awesome that most folks are looking forward to. Like what the skinny ties can do. I refer skinny tie than to the other ties, though having some sizes of ties is the great ever but yet still I am good on the skinny one.

Because Im just a young ones. I refer this black skinny tie here because I can wear it in anything outfit that I may have with, Formal and casual wear will did work on this black skinny tie here. I just loved the simplicity of this tie though.

But if you don’t want any ties with you to wear of with, I suggest you to try any designers bow ties

This kind of tie is indeed easily to wear of, because there was already an garter than can suits on your neck and no need to knot and tie it. This quite practical as you don’t know on how to put the tie’s on alone.

And another coolest ties that Ive found on the site was this ties for greek becuase the ties on that category are well colored and the designed was great did. Will posted out one of their Greek ties below.

Okay, I need to go now and I hope I can help you a bit folks by considering this tie’s out in every outfit or wardrobe you may have with and one thing more. You can heads up to the for those great designs that you can choose from, and you can add them of Facebook for the further updates on their new items and designs.

Facebook Fan Page:

URL: Http://

G-Dragon Loves Balmain



Yeah, this great man loves the brand name balmain, though the brand is too expensive to have but yet still he can consider it, well he’s wealthy enough to have so anyway. On the top photos I did included the pieces he wore for balmain and the prices are included on each photo as well.

If you can afford to buy so, just let your self to have any of this brand as long you may feel happiness in you. Go on! ^_^

Fashionable kids room Furniture

I was amazed on these room photos that I did searched on the WWW awhile ago when I trying to get some good topics to blog on. Now, rooms can be fashionable as well not just the person who lives it but also all the furniture that you are using though, Yeah nowadays a lot of variety of furniture are been out on the market and so far the best and cutest furniture that Ive ever seen was this Kids Furniture because of the shocking colors that we may put in on each furniture you may get for our kids.

I think kids furniture has a great deal because these pieces are multi dual purposes that can give convenience on each person who’d uses it.How? like for example on the kids bed, as you’ve noticed it there was like an cabinet on the board of the bed which can be a bed as well or another cabinet that can use to storage your kids stuff, just find some great kids furniture designers or stores to have this kind of furniture for your kids.

If I were you, I’ll be starting out searching over the net because you can differentiate on each store prices as you go on to the exact mall or stores.

Best Spring/Summer Outfit for Men

Spring and Summer is indeed fashion lazy?nope isn’t! because you can still be fashionable using these pieces that Ive found online. Actually these pieces was grabbed on the old navy site so if you wanted to have the same pieces as these, please do browse on the brand site and might seen these items sell still. Anyways, shorts are always dope for summer we all know that and even loofers must work as well on this season but still you can put some coat with it for you to be look more hip and neat. So yeah, this  is the best outfit for me for this season.

Sandal trends for the season

With every new fashion trend comes a new round of accessories and one of the major components of this term ‘accessories’ is shoes. Women, in particular are a little obsessed with these feet accessories. Whether it’s getting all cooey and gooey over a sky-high pair of delicate stilettos or lusting after a deluxe pair of the season’s must have boots, women plus shoes equals slightly crazy.

This season, like every other has welcomed yet more beautiful shoes to adorn our feet and summer, with its sunshine and warm weather, means our feet in these beautiful shoes are on show. Sandals, both flat and heeled are what every woman wants. And this season, they most certainly don’t disappoint.

Girly, feminine and pretty just about sum up the selection of women’s sandals on offer this summer. If you want to look in more detail at the summer’s range of women’s shoes, visit House of Fraser.

Here is a mini guide to the hottest sandal trends of the season.

The overall theme is nude and natural, however the odd touch of disco glamour is thrown in the mix for good measure. Look for natural materials such as leather and suede but also wood, cork and straw. Choose natural and nude hues such as salmon and coral pinks, warm chestnut browns, dusty oranges and warm yellowy beiges. However, you can also throw in some bright pink or orange and metallics in gold and silver are also pretty strong.

Embellishment is another thing to look for. Jewels, bows and studding add interest to an otherwise minimalist looking shoe. Straps are also important. However, don’t go overboard. T-bar shaped straps will be your best bet. This applies to flats and heels. Lace effect, cut out sections and woven detailing will score you even extra points. But don’t try and do everything at once. Summer shoes are feminine yet simple. Your main inspiration should be hippy chic, so keep things cool.

When it comes to heels, you have two options in terms of style. The first is the wedge. This is probably the biggest summer trend and is definitely something fresh to try. Espadrille type wedges are the shoe of the summer. Your second option is platforms. In keeping with the disco feel of the second half of the 1970s, platforms are big, high and super sexy. You may need to practice your walk for some of the most daring pairs.