Taeyang wears Ksubi Ara Sunglasses

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Ksubi ‘Book Club’ Eyewear Collection Spring 2010
Dark mottled tortoiseshell frames
$170.00 USD
Once again another Taeyang’s post to this blog. Because I really liked on how this guy carrying him self on the pieces he had. Though, we often seen him wearing some awesome black pants but yet still his eyewear is the most remarkable on his fashion statement.

On the photo on top, the guy,Taeyang, is wearing an Ksubi Ara Sunglasses that you can buy online or in the stores nears you, just check it dude.The eyewear has an price of $170.00 USD, quite expensive but I think this kind of sunglasses will surely be lasted.

Varsity jackets are trend these days


I’d often seen both girls and men wearing their own varsity jackets though they aren’t be varsity on their own school. At first, its kinda weird but what can I do? this was the trend for street wear these days. Yeah – Varsity Jackets are trending not for students but also to all peeps who wants to wears it.

So what are you waiting for? buy your own jackets and get hip on today’s fashion. No worries, because at the moment, both locals and internationals brands are already their own evolved varsity jackets that may suits on your body frame and into your personality. Try to check your fave stores folks!

Alright, that’s it for now, and I hope I can help you a bit to know on what is the trend piece today. 🙂

High-end Fashion : McQueen’s Fall Wardrobe for Men


When were talking about High-end fashion I know most of you would thought about the brand Alexander McQueen, though the founder had already passed away but yet still, the legacy and the knowledge are still continuing and sharing it all over the world now.

These past months ago, the brand line had released their fall wardrobe collection for men, that you may see on the top photo, the collection I must say is indeed awesome and really into high-end fashion. Because the designs and the colors that the brand uses are really fantastic and never been seen yet to the other collection even way back time. I think, that this the edge of the Mcqueen to the other competitors because they see to it that they will gave us a very heavenly creation that we can wore it pride and proud.

The Italian industry of watches

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The time is something that everyone needs, regardless of gender or age. When it comes to luxury goods, is a watch a material. The time is a luxury accessory without which, your appearance is incomplete.

The Italian watch industry has been known for its designer brands and luxury timepieces throughout history. Italian brands are popular worldwide for their style and finesse, and is a first choice for many people. Although the Italian watch industry can sometimes be overshadowed by the Swiss watch industry has gained significant momentum over time. Their Swiss Watches are just collectibles, and as high, according to Swiss ones.

One of the most popular names in the Italian watch industry is Gucci. Dive Watches are the style and luxury icon of Italian style design and craftsmanship from Gucci. Gucci introduced its range of watches in 1997, when Gucci Group NV acquired the Severin Montres Group, which was widely distributed in North America, Hong Kong, Britain and Germany. Dive watches are known for being imaginative and creative.

The most famous series of Mens Watches Gucci 5200 Watch for Men and Gucci 5600 Watch for Men. Both come with leather strap and stainless steel settings, along with a sapphire crystal. The range of women watch brand includes Gucci 1400 Women’s Watches, which has a 18K gold plated stainless steel case a black dial with gold colored hands.

Another very famous watch brand is Panerai. Panerai is a blend of Italian style and Swiss artisanship, established the 1980th Panerai is different from other watch manufacturers as it provides only two basic models, the Radiomir and Luminor. There are many different themes, variations, but all are based on the same, classic design form. Panerai Luminor Marina Automatic Watch (Model P32858X) for men is a famous timepiece was originally created in the 1950s, and is among one of the most expensive watches in the world.

Another world-famous Italian watch brand is Seiko Watches. A brand has tremendous popularity worldwide and is known for being trendy and sophisticated. Their watches range from being elegant and traditional to be fun, and quirky. Although they are luxury watches, they are reliable machines, even designer status. They are backed by an industry standard two year warranty.

Bulgari is another high-end brand of Italian watches. Founded in Rome in 1884, it is a complete designer brand, and not just focus on watches. The clock output of the subsidiary units Bulgari Time SA’s watches are quite expensive, but worth every penny, because of its beautiful and elegant design. Other trademarks are Officina Del Tempo, MOMO models and Brera Orologi among others.

Despite the Italian watch industry is a tough competition from the Swiss watches industry, it has over time has carved a name for himself, and now has a large clientele. Many people prefer Italian designer brands of Swiss watch brands, since they are more luxurious and well known. With its growing popularity, there will not be long before they leave the Swiss brands behind.

Best deals ever

What is the new trend on the online world these days? who knows it? Here, I am raising my hand and  I know minimal of you we also knew it already, which the buying coupon codes and voucher printable into those legit websites who offers the services. Actually, they were a lot of sites where you could get your Bed bath and beyond printable coupons, however though, there’s some also who aren’t reliable and legit at all, so, you better check the real one not just to protect your self but also to get rid on those scam sites there.

A lot of great deals that we could get to these offers, there were some discounted travel package, food trip package and also an spa and beauty wellness package which the most girls wanted, but of course most moms will straight to Bed bath and beyond printable coupon because moms wants an new bed bath often than having some beauty packages of coupons for them self. Yeah – that’s the mom can do just to give her family an comfortable feelings. It’s good that I have still a mom and this coming holidays. I make sure that I can give her an total beauty package using an vouchers because deep inside she’s also wants to have it or to experience how to relax and get her self unwind.

Celeb outfit : Se7en’s Galliano’s Light Printed Sweater in black( £204.00)

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On this blog, Istarblog.com, I really into Korean fashion. Because I’d find Korean fashion dope and quirky that’s why I often includes them out here. Today, I’ll blog again this Korean celebrity singer named Se7en, the artist is great well known on the country,Korea, because he did shared his talents already that can made him on the most demand singer’s on today Korea’s music industry.

Se7en is wearing an quite expensive sweater from Galliano, one of the lead brand in fashion capital of the world – Europe, The sweater has an item name of “Light Printed Sweater in black” that has an price of  £204.00, for all you know. 🙂

The Sweater looks fine on me and I really do like the prints that can signifies this sweater is more on streetwear. However, it is depend on you on how you may wear it. Like what Se7en did on it. Stunning!

Alright, that’s it for now and will update you more celebrity outfits too soon.

Phot0 credit: ygcloset.wordpress.com

How to choose wedding bands

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Choosing and buying wedding bands disputes at this expense, in connection with this decision should be clear thought out. Many young couples is the dilemma of how to choose Wedding Bands, and then follow. Certainly not worth a rush. If a pattern we liked kupujmy not right away, let’s go back to the shop the next day and see that it was not a momentary infatuation. The final decision should be made together with a partner. In this way, using all the rules, we can help others in the future, how to choose a wedding and be happy. Until now towered anklets made of gold, still today, just as often found with white gold Wedding Rings silver, platinum, titanium, and multi-colored, made of several metals (usually white and yellow).

Avant-garde trends in modern wedding bands are inlaid, or with the addition of precious stones. Regardless of the type of metal used to carry wedding bands, you can embellish them with precious stones. As a rule, the ring is decorated with the bride. The most interesting stones include diamonds or rhinestones here, but you can also do wedding bands with rubies, sapphires, emeralds or. When choosing Wedding Rings with white gold is also worth to know about the possible ways of implementation. Only a portion is covered with white gold and some made in full. For complete information, please contact the seller. Important is also the price we pay for selected models. Changing trends in the industry do not avoid wedding expenditure. It should be up to date with the prevailing trends by reading trade portals. In this way we can see the current news, as well as extend their own ideas, inspiration and dream wedding.

Jeremy Scott’s Fall Collection featured in 2NE1’s “Go Away” Japanese Single

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This recently, the Korean girl group 2ne1 had been released their Japanese single from their previous Korean go away album. This means, the girl band will be debuted in japan soon, but I think they’re starting at this moment.

Of course, their fans can wait to hear their Japanese version of  “Go Away” that been a big hit recently in Korea. And the another thing that most people looking forward to see was these outfits that the girls wearings.

On their poster on top. You may noticed their dope kicks from Jeremy Scott’s Fall Collection. Becuase the kicks looks unique and very colourful which is the trend pattern for shoes this fall. At this moment, I still don’t know how much is this kicks is, let us wait for the collection will be available on market for the further pricing information.

* I will update this post soon.

Christian Louboutin Louis Strass Crystal and Rantus Glitter Sneakers

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These are the new set of christian Louboutin Men’s sneakers for this season. However, there were some comments on facebook and even to other fashion blogs regarding on the shinning shoes one, which the Rantus Glitter Sneakers. Because they might thought that men wont wears this shoes often like the usual Christian’s designs,though on the recent designs of the brand. They were some shoes that had spikes on it but yet still this shoes is huge difference on the spunky spikes that guy loved definitely. But of course let see on how men can deal with this shoes. Will make you an update soon.

So far, I dunno how much these shoes cost you, but like what did I said I will update you sooner on the further information, so please get back to this blog often. Alright, that’s it folks-Thanks!

Givenchy Urban Sneakers

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I really loves kicks because kicks are the one that guys most love to have, simply as that. About this shoes, this shoes is from the Givenchy brand, actually I love all things in the brand to the hat going to kicks because they did have this strong and quality materials that will lasted long time not like on the other brand that has these poor quality of materials that fades out easily and broke at the same time.

This sneakers were made by the urban dope boyz. And it has a price of $430, yeah quite expensive but sure thing this shoes will be use decades.Can’t afford it? You can find something else nice online with voucher codes instead.