Shopping For Quality Yet Affordable Products at Lazada Philippines

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Some people do not like online shopping. There are even those who have not tried purchasing anything online. The same cannot be said about me because I love online shopping. It is such a stress reliever and something that you can do anytime, where ever you are. For me the advantages of online shopping outweighs the disadvantages that some skeptics have about it. I am a very busy person so it kinda saves me time because I do not have to go to the mall and endure all the hassle that comes with it like traffic and throngs of people in the counter.

I have several online stores that I always visit because of the wide array of products they sell. I like the ones which sell everything so if ever I need to buy several items, I will buy it all in one place and save some money on the shipping fee. One of my favorites is Lazada. I have bought several items from them and for sure I will be purchasing more in the future. There are so many things going for this store. I remember when they were just starting and now they have hundreds if not thousands of products from different categories.

Shoppers can also search for products by brand depending on the type of item you have in mind. I am interested in buying a tablet and have a choice among many brands like Acer, Apple, Asus, Cherry Mobile, Coby, Samsung, Starmobile etc. Coby is known for selling high quality products at affordable prices so I checked out their selection of tablets (click here for their other products).

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The Coby Kyros MID7011 7″ Android 4.0 4GB is one of the more affordable tablets that is not lacking in features. It comes with a 7″ capacitive touchscreen which is more than enough to watch movies and play games in. It runs on Android 4.0 ICS and has a dual-core 1GHz processor and 512MB of RAM. You can efficiently do multiple things on this tablet with relative ease. Probably the best feature it has is its built-in TV tuner. Now I can watch TV anywhere I am. With its 4GB internal memory expandable to up to 36GB via a 32GB microSD, you can download all the apps, games, music, movies etc. that you want. It also has Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity.

Lazada has been generating a lot of buzz, so much so that it was recently featured on the TV show Thumbs Up, a lifestyle magazine show that scours the whole Philippines for successful and up-and-coming enterprises, places, and people. The interview with the co-founders of Lazada has really explained the whole process of shopping with this fastest-growing online store and how convenient and worry-free everything will be once you do decide to shop with them.



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I used to blog up this guys b2st for their musics and fashion statements on this blog,, often. Because look, they have the awesome styling in any appearances they’ve made. This actually an magazine photos for VOGUE Girl  that had been released last June 2013. And I must they are looked so dope here wearing these neon and bright pieces from their major sponsors. Sorry, I couldn’t able to named out their list of sponsors here or the exact brands where these awesomeness came from. Because I supposed to focused with on the magazine cover itself and to the concepts they’ve used to here.

I actually pretty envy on these styling because this really me, I mean this speaks with my style – though I used to like the plain dramatic styling like only wearing an plain tee and pair with it in plain colored shorts or pants. It’s kinda neat looking though but yet I think, I still prefer myself seeing on these colorful styling especially now we were having this summer season.

B2st is actually demand in their country today, Korea. Whether it’s on music or any related with fashion like posting for VOGUE Girl , ELLE and some sorted of magazine’s covers. They’re alike with the leading group called Big Bang which also I follow and amazed with on their deeds when it comes to their musics and fashion too. I will blog up about them ( Big Bang group) soon or they might be the next after this B2ST x VOGUE Girl. So – please keep on checking this blog for more Kpop fashion updates as well with other fashion news around the industry today.

Ps: These styling can be serves as lookbook as you, yourself didn’t know on how to style. 🙂

How To Roll Up Your Shirt Sleeves?

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I know most men out there are got this little problem on how they may roll up their shirt sleeves easily. Yeah! I know, right? because I was also troubling with it when every time I wear my shirts. Actually, rolling up your shirt’s sleeves is not really as hard as you thinking of. Because you would just have to know the basics and the proper techniques to do it so. Let me share these 2 videos that I’ve recently found over the video sharing site, YouTube.

On these videos, they’ve mentioned the 3 ways on how you may fold your sleeves easily and I prefer myself to do the 2nd one. Because it is indeed the easiest and the most convenient to do. Try to check these 2 videos for you to know the proper ways on rolling up the sleeves.

Where Do Taeyang Get His Shirts?

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Might most of you were asking on where do Taeyang usually buys his shirts. Because look, it does fits on him well and the shirts itself looks so comfy because of the high of materials they used to it, I think so. I am actually a fan of this guy, Taeyang, because he got an nice voice that I once frustrated to Anyway, I simply likes his styles too because it does speaks on my style neither that’s why then I used to follow his fashion statements most of the time.

Since I wanted to find out where his wardrobe team buy his shirts. I tried to be fond and asked these fan based sites if there’s an hint releases recently where stating a certain brand/s where they buy things for the artist. And some told me that it might be on , where all the Korean apparels are houses and selling on. I scanned the site immediately and I think this site is the one they’d consider for Taeyang’s shirt on this photo because look what I found, they does sells this Red Plaid Korean Shirt with Rolled-up Sleeve Style which has resemblance on the shirts he worn on this photo. The shirts has an price of $13.21 at which best yet ever great deals I’ve ever seen.

 photo uniqlo-plaid_zps5e869a23.jpg is selling a variety of plaid shirts, shorts, Korean styled pants, Jackets and sweater for men that can definitely make you dope. Also, they sells some chic dresses, killer heels, boots, blouses and more for girls. In short, it is one stop shop. Go check it yourself on what’s great finds fits on you and suits on your budgets. No worries, because you can still have an discount code once you got your account activated. They do have this chat corner where you can ask all of your concerns regarding on buying your stuff. 🙂

Summer Trends: Floral Shirts For Men

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As summer time’s comes. We really have to change the way we dress to like we needs to consider these light kind of clothes like plain tees, tanks, shorts and some sorted of apparels that are meant for the summer season. However, we really have to be trendy too so that we can have all eyes in you. I must suggest you then to wear these floral and printed finds like floral shirts, floral shorts , yeah! men these days can either wear floral prints for their shorts, and some kicks that has an floral prints in it. Yes! let’s bring the Hawaii spirit on for this summer 2013.

I’ve seen actually a lot of men already wearing an floral shirts and it’s confirmed too ( by the fashion brands and enthusiasts) that this piece is the one trendy and must have for men’s fashion today. Because it gives this summer accents as well men can still be looking so masculine by wearing this. I actually wears one when I attended an friend’s wedding last week and I might include my photos soon ( it might on my next post) wearing and rocking myself on this summer trend pieces, the floral shirts for men.

You might also get interest with to solid crank handles , just want to share though. Because a lot of my readers are keep on asking me where they could buy these crank handles for reasonable prices. That’s why then I included a link where you can buy it. I hope you’ll find this quite informative and useful for your end.

The Kopykake 300XK For Artists at Madison Art Shop

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I do not know how to draw or paint but I do appreciate art and would often go to art museums to unwind. Being able to do art is a God-given talent. Someone who has it should cherish and develop it to its full potential. Successful artists probably have all the materials and art supplies they need to hone their craft and I am sure that whenever they do not have time they buy materials from online stores such as Madison Art Shop. It is faster and more convenient and they will be able to have more time in their hands because they can buy everything in one place.

In business for over a decade and continuously growing, Madison Art Shop is one of the leading and most resourceful online art supply companies in America. The store does everything to keep their customers satisfied by gathering the best collection of tools and supplies so that they are equipped to do the best work they can. They have thousands of happy customers and have sold over 180,000 items. Among the categories to choose from are Art Studio, Art Education, Drawing, Painting, More Art Forms, Children’s Art, and Gifts.

One of the products they sell is the best-selling opaque projector for artists, the Kopykake 300XK for artists. It takes any picture from a personal photo, calendar, or magazine and projects the image onto a wall or canvass for the artist to sketch it out. The projection can be enlarged or minimized and the maximum image size it takes is 6 inches x 6 inches. The images created by this projector are very clear that is why artists love it. The Kopykake 300XK comes with a 250 watt color-correct photolamp.

Getting Information about Air Brush Makeup

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Every girl wants to be pretty and to feel special. One way that many women choose to make themselves feel good is through makeup. Makeup offers the chance to highlight your best features while minimizing those you don’t care for quite as much.

While some women may be hesitant to wear makeup, the truth is that a little bit of makeup can go a long way. If you’ve never worn makeup before, you have a few options for choosing makeup. First off, you can head to your local Wal-Mart or Target and pick out some makeup off the shelf.

Pick colors that you like and that complement the color of clothing you typically wear. Also make sure that the makeup you choose is within your budget. Never go into debt over makeup. Another option for women who plan to wear a lot of makeup is to invest in an air brush make up system.

Air brush make up is especially beautiful and fantastic. If you’re willing to take the chance and try it out, you’ll be thrilled with the results. Regardless of what you wear, make sure you choose makeup that makes you feel good about yourself. Makeup should always make you feel incredibly special and beautiful.

Fun Riding the Bicycle

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My being busy with so many things prevents me from regularly doing the hobbies that I love. I guess this is the price you have to pay to earn more money and to advance your career. But of course everybody deserves a break and what better way to destress than to do what you love doing. I have always loved biking. If I had more time or I am more sports minded I could have done it competitively and joined various cycling competitions. But as it is, I am quite happy even if I just ride it around the village where I live or go on short trips and do errands. I have a couple of friends who also enjoy cycling so sometimes I invite them and we go mountain biking.

Bicycling has quickly gained popularity and some people even use it as their primary mode of transportation. It is also a great way to shape up. You get to burn a lot calories even if you ride for only a short time. I have several bikes including utility bikes and mountain bikes. I especially love the Scott bikes from Eureka that I bought a couple of months ago because they are comfortable to ride in, lightweight, durable, and affordable. I would probably buy another one if a new model catches my fancy.

Another thing to keep in mind when riding a bicycle is the use of proper clothing. Weather is a substantial factor in determining what clothes to wear when cycling. It is a must to wear a helmet and if you are quite inexperienced, you need to have elbow and knee pads. If you are fond of riding at night or early in the morning, wear brighter colors and reflective pieces for you to be easily seen. Flats are a suitable alternative to sneakers or bike shoes. Wear a windproof jacket with zippered pockets and a hood when it is cold. For bottoms, do not wear bulky bottoms, jeans and wide-legged pants. When it is cold, wear pants that are long enough to be tucked into thick socks and wear Lycra shorts during hot weather.

Mens Designer Clothes At Tessuti

I am actually having an hard time when finding clothes for me, as a man. Because we all know that most brands today are more focused with girl’s fashion than to the men. However, there are such online stores that used to sells some great Hugo boss green clothes for men that can definitely make a guy dope for today’s fashion. I actually fan of this brand Hugo back then when I was in college because their apparels and clothes are indeed versatile that I could wear of anytime and everywhere. And it’s indeed comfy and fits really to every students and outgoing person like me..

As I searched the web over to find out where is the best website to find Hugo pieces. I found out that mens designer clothes at Tessuti include a range of hugo pieces for men. Yeah! good thing there’s at least one shop that sells Hugo at very reasonable prices. You can check out their pricing ranges here for more details.

 photo hugo_zps6f49af75.jpg

Look at the guy styling on the top photo. He is wearing a Hugo shirt and Shorts which pairs with an nicely dope kicks from new balance, if I am not mistaken. And this outfit for guy is really fits for this season, summer. I hope you can visit me often here for more tips and styling photos that may help you to have this idea on how you may also style yourself out.

Okay, that’s it for now and I hope you’ll find this post quite informative on your end… ehhehe Thank you so much and have yourself a great day ahead.


Childrens Designer Clothes

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I am really amused with kids who know how to style themselves as young as they are… or I need to commend their parents by styling their kids such dope and swag like the old ones. Yeah! I’ve seen a lot of kids these days who’re wearing clothes and fashionable pieces from these well known high-end and local brands like D&G, Guess, Levis, Armani, Miss Grant at Strawberry Children and many more. I actually wasn’t aware of with these which high-end brands are also releasing or considering a line and label for the kids fashion today that can bring kids in to fashion trends too.

I think, this is really a great idea to focus on with these kids apparels than having out the full focused with the main stream of fashion and creations for the elder. And in this way too, brands and labels are can widen their market and got their sales rises more which I know most of the brands are looking forward each year to happen, right?

I really suggest Children’s designer clothes  to unbranded clothes because designer clothes are really in trends and it does fits to your kids so well compare to these RTW clothes that we usually see at the mall’s selves. Okay, I need to share this one as you wanted to buy great clothes for you kids, you can actually heads up to this site called , that I’ve recently found over the web, that sells great pieces from shirts, basics tees, shoes, accessories and all related to kid’s fashion for both girls and boys. I am rest assured that you could get sorted of great finds there. And they have just the cheapest fees for their shipping for both locals and international.