F1st Is the New KPOP Group??


This Was the new KPOP Group? sorry i never heard about them i just saw them on KPOP.COM when im browsing the site, anyways i know this group will be a big thing soon so i better to post them out as early as now..LOL this group are composed of 4 beautiful girls and 4 men and as i watched  their debut MV which the You Like Me,I Like You .. i seen that they been exploring some dance routine like ballet and other jazz dance i think..:)

IU Such a Lucky FanGirl Who Will Perform On Taeyang’s Upcoming COncert ” SOLAR “

Yeah i know to those fangirls out there are really envy on this girl named IU who will be guest performer of taeyang for his upcoming Concert SOLAR that will occur on Grand Peace Palace on the Kyung Hee University campus on 25th and 26th next month September..

I know other knows IU already because the girl was the Lucky backup dancer of taeyang  on the passed episode of  SBS HEROES

Taeyang Upcoming SOLAR Concert

Earlier of the month we been heard that Teayang is having a concert on the first week of September if i am not mistaken but this recently Yang hun Suk which the CEO of Yg Entertainment Finalized the date of the said concert that happen on 25th and 26th of the month of September that will held on Grand Peace Palace at Kyung Hee University campus..so get your ticket(s) now on  http:.//gmarket.co.kr

2NE1 Comeback Album title Track ” GO AWAY “

2NE1's ComeBack " GO AWAY "

after 1 year and 2 months for 2ne1 last album with  the following track ” I Dont Care” Yg entertainment revealed the title track of the comeback of the girl group 2ne1 which titled ” GO AWAY , today august 30th as YG Interviewed on the Money today news  they been told that the music video of the said comeback is almost done and they expecting tomorrow on 31th 2ne1 finished all the music video that they been promote on the date comeback on September 11,2010 (same date on Rain and U-kiss Concert in the Philippines) and they said that fans will surely love the music video’s because leader CL is will be a female car racer on the music video that YG Pretty sure that they fans will love to see..:)

Big Bang On NTV Japan And Their Big fan Mariko Shinoda

Japan Celebrity  Mariko Shinoda of AKB48’s admitted that she was a big fan of the group big bang and big bang returns the favor to her that they were a fan of her as well and mariko as a fan she really buys big bang album and of course she had this new realesed album of big bang which the beautiful hangover and she twitted and post this picture on her blog, holding the cd with autographed of the group

Mariko Shinoda

Taeyang “I’ll Be there” Reached International Fans

I'll Be There

As ive said on my recent blog that Kpop Goes Globally through out of social media.. i believed that Yg has a great concept on how they reach out those people who appreciate nor can be appreciate on their own set of musics i mean Kpop, like Taeyang one of the big bang member who has a great range of popularity in Korea and japan but maybe they doesn’t know that even on other countries like united state and Canada Taeyang is also well known,, why i know? because as they released taeyang’s Solar Album Via itunes his Single ill Be there is a hit to those countries actually in united states taeyang got the spot of 2 while on Canada he is the number 1 on the chart.. so meaning very soon at this moment taeyang can invades in even on Hollywood..