Jonas Brothers Before and After Pictures

Joe Jonas
Nick Jonas

I know to those people who wants to see what there idols look like before and what the feature on their appearances changed , Jonas Brothers is one of the Hot teenage boy band in hollywood and there is it..that was Joe Jonas And Nick Jonas Before and then and sorry because i cant find Kelvin Now And then Pictures..LOL By the way Camp Rock 2 The final Jam Is Premiering on 11th check out my next post about the info..thanks

YG entertainment Helped Goo Hye Sun for her Movie

Goo Hye Sun

Yg entertainment is very supportive in what their talent can excelled with , like Goo Hye Sun who discovered her self that she can also direct a movie, actually before Goo Hye Sun Directed a Movie titled The Cheerful Caretaker/유쾌한 도우미 and through her passion by directing movies she asked Yg entertainment for sponsorship in her new movie Magic/요술 and she wont failed because yg’s supported her and invested a 7 million Won if im not mistaken, by the way Goo hye Sun is under Yg entertainment..

Seungri New Show “Enjoy Today”

Seungri On Enjoy Today

big bang Member Seungri Got A new Path Today Which Being a MC on  the New Variety Show Called Enjoy Today..We all know that Seungri has a Sense of humor and he actually or he naturally can host that’s why he given a change to be part of this quite amusing show..

Enjoy Today Replaced the Danbi on MBC Sunday Sunday show..actually the show is airing now so im quite late again on this …its on last august 22 when the premier happened..LOL

Korean POP Goes Globally Because Of Social Media Wrote about Kpop That they see it globally soon because of social media campaign , yeah social media is one of the most powerfully source to reach out people around the globe like facebook, blog like this and such any and we all know kpop has a great material to offer to us thats why other nation really appreciate what are those kpop shared in music industry though we cant understand whats the entire meaning of their song but through melody i believed people can understood quite a bit

Read the full entry through it self over here Korean POP Goes Globally

Rain And U-Kiss Live in Manila For Intensity With Christian Baustista

Intensity Featuring Rain and U-Kiss With Christian Bautista

Korean Super Star Rain And one Of the Most in Demand Kpop  boy Group in Korea Which the U-kiss are having a Intensity Concert in the Philippines  this coming September 11 2010 with a specially guess Christian Bautista  @ SM Mall Of Asian Grounds ..See Poster For the details Or Call Ticket world @(02) 891.99.99 or visit Philippines and you can buy Tickets in any SM Customer Service booth..

President Of YG Entertainment ( Yang Hyun Suk ) is now a Father

Yang Hyun Suk and Lee Eun Joo

I think a lot of blogs had been posted this already but still i want to post my own opinion about this , yeah President of YG entertainment Yang Hyun Suk is now a Father to his beautiful baby girl who recently birth last august 5 to Yg long time partner Lee Eun Joo and Yg said that his baby is a lucky sign to 2ne1 who about to come back this October or November  of this year because the child was born at the time of 2:01 so meaning come back of 2ne1 might be hit again..

Yg reveals the first Photo of his Daughter Via Twitter

Se7en Digital Bounce

Last July 27 Yg Entertainment announced that Se7en Will Come Back Soon on the music scene(actually he promoting his album by this time now..LOL) by uploading this practice video on yg official channel youtube, and of course im kinda lime again because i was too late to post this one out here..LOL anyways though everyone know about it already i still want to blog it for se7en category..haha

Digital Bounce Live Performance

I think TOP of big bang is one of Se7en like to work with if there was a rap on his song or maybe because they been on the same agency..

Taeyang’s International album released today

Taeyang International Release Solar

I often Check my facebook to update whats are happening to my friends and even those Celebrities Fanpage that i liked with, and yeah as i checked it a hours ago i found out that Taeyang I’ll Be There has now a English Version And His International Album  was released Today on Itune check out here , this was a good news to those international fans who cannot buy the cd it self on Korea instead buy it on Itune..

by the way this is the Korean Version of this song

Note: I am not affiliated on Yg Entertainment

Big Bang 4th Anniversary Message to VIP

Not just Birthday of G-dragon that the group can celebrated with they did also celebrate their 4th years Anniversary as a group Big bang and on this specially day Big Bang Has a Messages To those Fans Who will supporting them since day been lunched …let all watch the video and sorry to those who doesn’t understand Korean because we wasn’t know what they been come up with..LOL try to find on youtube who has a subtitled English if your really insistently to know..;)