G-Dragon rockin’ Ambush accessories



Ambush 2012 “Holy Mountain” Collection

Might few of you are keep on following this guy named D-dragon, Korean singer, when it comes to his fashion sense and styles. Becuase lets admit it, the guy really have this great taste when it comes to his fashion and also, he really had these quirky things for his accessories like what you are seeing on the top photo wherein he is wearing a great accessories from the Ambush 2012 “Holy Mountain” Collection. Actually, Ambush 2012 “Holy Mountain” Collection is been well know already on their unique accessories and been seen by the some Hollywood stars like Gaga, that’s why no wonder why GD hooked up to the accessory brand as well..

For more info about these pieces, you can heads up to the brand’s main website for the list of the accessories as long to the each price. Because I cant able to include all the info here due of my limited time, however, soon I got some spare times soon. I’ll definitely update this again for the full pricing details. Alright, that will be all for now. Thanks folks!

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