Fashion News: A.P.C. x Carhartt Upcoming Collaboration Teaser


I’d loved seeing both companies doing collaboration. Why? because 2 brains are better than one..LOL nope, seriously, all the collaboration pieces are had this swag on and its well designed and its really became trends in the season. I dunno, why almost the collaboration pieces are became the most talked about by the fashion enthusiasts for both online and offline. I think, maybe because it is maximize each other popularity by combining the 2 designs in one. That’s why collaboration pieces are the most demand thing as its released in the market. Okay, this was only my own opinion regarding this okay!

Recently, on the fashion news. These 2 company , A.P.C. & Carhartt, are been on the news that they were planning to have a collaboration pieces soon. And yeah! they’ve actually starting it, you may see the teaser on the top photo. This so much look exciting, isn’t? Alright, will update you soon as they released their lookbook or any campaign ads of their collaboration pieces. That’s it for now and please do check back often for more fashion news updates. Thanks!

Engagement Rings That Lasts A Lifetime


Would a groom give his bride a so-so engagement ring or an engagement ring that would be the envy of every woman? Of course he’ll give her the most beautiful engagement ring that he can afford. This is one of the most important day in a woman’s life and receiving a beautiful engagement ring would certainly add to the special event. But an engagement ring doesn’t really have to be super expensive. It just has to be something that comes from the heart. I’m sure whatever ring a man gives to his girl would always be special to the girl. It doesn’t have to look like a celebrity engagement ring that costs an arm and a leg.

¬†Among the more popular designer engagement rings are from the brands Cartier and Tiffany & Co. Since both brands have been in the business for many years, most of the rings that they sell are expensive. But some are more affordable than others. Those with diamonds and other precious stones are naturally more expensive than those without. So if you want a designer engagement ring that’s more affordable, go for the gold or Sterling silver plain wedding bands. Keep in mind your budget since you also have to think of your wedding dress. If you are a celebrity or from the royalty, you’d probably commission a famous designer to make your wedding dress. Monique Lhuillier and Vera Wang are two of the most talented designers today. But let’s be realistic. Designer wedding dresses are very expensive. But of course, you are definitely getting your money’s worth with these designers. Don’t despair if you’re not rich. There are other designers that are talented yet more affordable.

A Cartier engagement ring would always be in every woman’s checklist of engagement rings. It’s expensive and a brand that the rich and famous usually buy. Cartier designer rings have been around for decades, arguably the most popular is the solitaire Cartier collection of 1895. It can be worn anywhere, any time despite of its elegance. Cartier designer rings are timeless and thus will be here with us for many more decades. Modern styles have been added to ring designs for the modern woman. Always a ring staple are high quality diamonds.

Another good choice for a ring is the Tacori engagement ring. They have a lot of designs to choose from. Others are simple while others are more intricately designed. The business was established in 1969 by Haig Tacorian as a family business and expanded over the years. There’s a design for every type of woman.

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