Taeyang’s wearing Versace x H&M



Print Jeans by Versace for H&M

This recently, I’ve got numerous email from my blog readers asking on what Taeyang wearing on the photo given on the top. so – Ive decided to make my own researched on which and where brands his outfits came from. But sadly, I just found his pants not his total outfit, so please bear with me..LOL, Actually, I just got the information to the other Kpop fashion blog called big21fashion.com, so – kudos to the team or personnel behind this awesome blog. Because they did some hard researched just to find out on what these guys, Big Bang, often wearing. And this job is not really easy like A,B,C because I’d also personally doing it to my blogs too most especially on this blog, Istarblog.com.

Taeyang skin type print pants is from the brand Versace for H&M. Yeah, it is a collaboration piece by the 2 giant when it comes to the high-end fashion today. And will try to blog these pieces from this Versace x H&M  collection as I got spare time soon. About the pricing details? hmmm. At this moment, I’d still dunno how much this piece will cots you, however, soon I got to know further. Of course, I will then update you the full details here. So – please, keep on checking the blog for more fashion updates specially to Kpop fashion news. Thanks!

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Ear Tapers, Gauges And Jewelry Plugs Online

Ear stretching has been around for centuries, and its not stopping any time soon. Kids in middle school are getting their ears gauged and not even thinking twice about it. You can now go into a high school and see the cheer leaders with their ears stretched, 10 years ago that was not something you would see.  Regardless, ear stretching/gauging is here to stay so a little info about the vintage trend.

Tapers- Tool used to stretch your ears with. Starting at 14 gauge and come in a variety of styles, colors, and prints. These are sold individually.

Plugs/Gauges – These come in all sizes/gauges and styles like wood, bone, acrylic, stone, silicone, tunnels, steel, glass, and horn.

Body Jewelry – Lip rings, Monroe rings, Belly button rings, and nose rings are other types body jewelry that is common these days.

There are many new jewelry plugs now available including acrylic plugs, bone plugs, wooden plugs, stone plugs, and horn plugs. If you are just starting out, it is recommenced that you use stainless steel plugs to prevent any infections from happening. Spirals, talons, pinchers are all exotic styles that are available in case you wanted something different from a plug or tunnel.
Some people might get a big reaction out of your newly stretched ears, but eventually they will get used to them. This is your way of expressing yourself and no one can take that away from you (except for your parents or guardian if under 18).
Make sure you clean you gauges because they will start to smell. You will start to notice this sooner or later depending on how long you’ve had your ears stretched. To clean them, simply pour some hydrogen peroxide into a glass and put your jewelry into it for15 minutes. After marinating, rinse your jewelry under warm water.
Never skip gauge sizes! This is very important. You should also wait till your lobes are fully healed before going to the next size/gauge.
If you would like to buy jewelry plugs, ear tapers, gauges, lip rings, click here to find something that fits your taste and personality.

Gummy x Eyelet Pinafore Dress


Gummy, YG Entertaiment Artist, had spotted wearing an elegant all black dress from the designer named Chloe Sevigny. And if I dont mistaken, the designer is residing in the USA but she’s an Korean too. Okay, let me search the full details about this and will update you in here once I pretty sure about the info. Actually, I found the girl, Gummy, look elegant and quirky on this dress that’s why I include her up here. Also, this was my first time to see such leather dress with laser-cut eyelets on it. Pretty genius uh!

Anyway, the dress has this name of Eyelet Pinafore Dress and you can buy it over online, just search the product name and all stores that has this dress selling on will definitely shown on the search bar. Sorry, I cant include any online stores that has this dress on because this post is tend to be clean to link one hope you may understand me..hehhe by the way, the dress might cost you $1000.00 in any affiliate stores, however, I’ve seen one store that has this order to phone program wherein can help to get this dress half price. I’m pretty sure the online store I was telling is the one top on the google search.. hehehe

Okay, that will be all for now. Thanks folks and keep on supporting me here..:)

Sean x Juun.J


Actually, I am not really familiar on this Korean guy and even to the brand Juun. J, so happened, that this guy is also be part of YG entertainment where houses some great artists that I’d often blog here. That’s why I also now wants to blog him up too here..heheh Alright, the guy is also a singer and he got this name Sean. And as you can see on the top photo, he indeed rock himself to this leather jacket from the brand Juun. J , Korean local brand I guess, that has a price of $2175.00 that you may buy in any store near you. Yeah, I know, its pretty expensive than to those Balamain leather Jackets same designs as to this. I think, the guy is one of the high profile artist nowadays..I dunno!

Okay, that’s it for now and I look forward to blog more about this guy and his fashion over this blog pretty soon. And please, do often visit this blog, Istarblog.com for more fashion updates. Thanks!

Varsity Jackets are still trends?


I’d still see some folks wearing this kind of jacket on.Do this varsity jackets are still trending on today’s fashion or nope? because Ive heard some fashion news already before that this jacket is been outdated on the market and even to the fashion industry. However, I’d still not sure though about the news Ive heard, please do bear with me then if this a false news.. LOL

Anyway, some people used to put some personalized coin on this jacket as they wears it. I dunno the significant meaning of it though, but I’ll try to find it out for you my dear readers and even if this kind of jacket here is already outdated or nope. Alright, need to end this now. Thanks and please keep on visiting me here for more fashion updates. Thanks!

Vintage Fashion


I think, I’m starting to love the vintage fashion. Because its simply and at the same time it has this great share into fashion industry today. Also, most of the fashion enthusiasts and  fashion bloggers are keep on wearing this kind of statements and styles. Actually, vintage fashion is been trends already way back time, so happened, that brands and labels today are used to use it as their main based on these new creation and collection today.

You may check out some well known brands and local brands for these vintage pieces that could rock you on. Because at the moment, most of the brands out to the market are had this vintage label already. By the way, do you know any outdoor furniture covers? I just needed it for my vintage fashion collab. I will let you know once I got it. This pretty exciting!

Thanks so much and I hope you may often check me out here for more fashion and entertainment updates. Alright, have yourself a great weekend.

Trends: Floral Pants


Though, I am into men’s fashion and some Korean fashion over this blog, Istarblog.com. Yet still, I wanted to blog up some girls related fashion to on this blog, of course, just to balance up my readership thing. Today, Ive noticed that girls most especially celebrities are keep on wearing this floral pants on. Do this pants is now trending today? I am not sure though, because i haven’t read any fashion news regarding this, might this statement is trends now due of the summer season. However, this might not also trends today because summer is fast to happened.

Wait, Ive seen some band clamp members wearing this kind of pants too.. oh wow, I didn’t expect it. Alright, that’s it for now and will try to update you more soon. Thanks!

Zac Efron wears Persol PO 0649 Sunglasses


PhotobucketPersol PO 0649 Sunglasses

Actually, this was my ever first time to heard about this brand Persol PO for sunglasses. Because I am just into well known brands one like, Rayban, Carerra,Oakley and so many more, however, as Ive heard Zac wearing this brand, Persol PO, out. I’ve been curious to it and decided to researched a bit about them, and I found out that this brand is quite long already in the industry, I think, this brand is included on the high-end brands…

On the photo on top, Zac Efron is wearing an Persol sunglasses that has a item name of PO 0649 that you may buy in any online stores and of course in the brand’s main website itself. By the way, this sunglasses will cost you $248 in all sunglasses stores, for both online and stores near you.. Alright, that’s it for now and I hope Ican constantly updated you some celebrity fashion and wears on this blog.. Please do visit me often here.. Thanks!

Burberry Prorsum Menswear Spring Summer 2013





A lot of brand labels today are used to released their each Spring Summer collection for the year 2013. Because they have to give us an idea on what pieces we could expect from them in the approaching months season trends or collection. This recently, the brand Burberry Prorsum had already released their possible creation for their spring summer collection year 2013 that you may see on the top photos. Actually, they’ve already conducted an fashion shown for it that you may watch on the below video:

I must say, these pieces are indeed awesome and has its own character and the patterns used are quite quirky than to the usual cuts or designs. I cant wait to be able to release these pieces out soon in the market.. And as for today, I haven’t any idea on how much these pieces pricing range are, however, as soon the brand,Burberry Prorsum, released pricing details, sure thing, will update you again in here. Alright, that’s it for now and you’ll be expecting me to blog up all of the brands spring summer collection for the year 2013..