GOODENOUGH 2012 Fall/Winter August Releases


I know most of the dope guys out there are pretty excited to have their own pieces from this brand GOODENOUGH Fall/Winter collection 2012. Because look, these pieces are much way better and has its swag in every pieces from the brand’s,GOODENOUGH, collection. However, I only suggest you to have a great washing machine as you got some swagger pieces like these one. Of course, for the clothes to be lasted and can be use long time. Yeah! that’s the awesome secret which most guys doesn’t know yet. Because dudes nowadays are doesn’t much knowledgeable about how to proper keep the clothes. But I believed, soon you got to read this. I’ll definitely sure that you’ll consider your way to have this great washing machine.

The pieces on top are the one includes on the brand GOODENOUGH Fall & winter collection for this year 2012 that has been released this August already, I believed. However, I’d still doesn’t know yet the further details about these great pieces here like the availability,pricing ranges and in what main materials that these pieces made. But no worries, soon I got to know further. Sure thing! I’ll update you again in here.. Thanks so much and please dont forget my tip okay? which having a great washing machine is a must as you invest to some dope pieces like this GOODENOUGH collection here. Thank you!

By the way, thanks to @Fairyhobmother for giving me an awesome gift. Folks, you may also have a chance to receive some Fairyhobmother love by simply leaving some comments below. He mights visit your blog as well and get in touch for further offer or gifts. Thanks!

Melie Bianco hand bags


Though the blog is mainly into these dope men’s fashion and celebrities, I still occasionally include some of the chic pieces which girls would like to know about. Yeah, today, I suppose I’m pleased to tell y’all about these awesome bags that I found recently which are definitely hip too.  As soon as girls discovered how awesome the designs and how hip these bags are, I am sure that they will be hooked. I am talking about these Melie Bianco hand bags. One of the samples was this bag in the top photo. What do you think about it? Dope or not? I know you’ll definitely like it as much my sister’s do.

Another good thing about the brand is they really have reasonable prices on each of their bags. And as I’ve checked it, they are ranging about 50-300 bucks on each designer’s bag they have. Still good though, right? You may check the other info about the brand on their main site. Just search it over Google for more details. Also, I’ve heard that even celebs these days are having their Melie Bianco hand bag because the brand name is getting more and more popular. Personally, I really suggest a girl to have this brand of bag than to the usual bags out in the market these days.

Alright, that’s it for now and I hope you may keep on visiting the blog for more fashion updates. Also, I will post on the other fashion brand that you must have to check about.



Seungri rockin on his Lacoste top



L!ve Cool Cats Short Sleeve Tipped Pique Polo by Lacoste

Recently, while I was roaming to these fansites of the Kpop group Big bang. Ive seen this awesome photo where Seungri, Big Bang member, wearing a great top and I must say, it gained so much attention to the netizers even today. On the photo on top. Seugri is wearing an nice Polo shirt from the brand Lacoste that has a item name of  L!ve Cool Cats Short Sleeve Tipped Pique Polo, you may check online as you wanted to have the same shirt like seungri have here.

Again, about the pricing and such details. I dont know it yet. However, soon as I got time to search further. I will definitely update this again on this blog. SO – please follow me on twitter for more fashion updates. Thanks so much!

Must-Have Scarves for the Perfect Wardrobe


Gone are the days when scarves are just mainly a winter staple. Yes, this fashion accessory often worn during the cold months in order to warm the neck  had reinvented itself and can now be worn all year round. A scarf can add color into a plain and boring outfit. Hollywood celebrities who jetset to different countries also wear a scarf as part of their airport fashion. Aside from the comfort it brings, it certainly has become a statement piece for fashionistas.


In order to complete the look of a perfect wardrobe, having just one scarf is not enough. If you are into fashion, invest on the following must-have scarves as they would come handy in the long run:


The Silk Scarf


This lightweight material is the perfect accessory for the summer season. Go for a silk scarf with fun and colorful designs that can easily brighten up an entire outfit. Some women even use a silk scarf to accessorize over sized handbags by tying them on the handle. Play with the different options available and learn a few tricks on how to wear them.


The Cashmere Scarf


It is the scarf for the winter season. Cashmere is very soft and smooth yet it provides warmth. Now some people are too lazy to dress up during winter time and often opt for an all black wardrobe: coat, top and boots. Add color to this ensemble by wearing a bright pink cashmere scarf. Wear it around the neck and have the ends dangle a little bit at the front or back. You can find videos on how to wear it in different ways.


The Printed Scarf


Printed scarves are for fashion forward individuals who love a little mix and match. Most women stay away from scarves with animal prints because they think that it’s hard to find outfits to complement it. Leopard print and floral scarves are the trends for this season. The key in order to avoid a fashion overkill is to not wear it with a printed top. Use this to break the monotone look of  plain black top but not as an accessory for an animal print blouse.


Dianne is a freelance content writer who loves shopping and fashion. Currently writing for tørklæder she sees this as a way to share information about scarves.

Eminem x Stussy “RECOVERY JAPAN TOUR 2012” T-Shirt


While I was roaming around the web awhile ago. This tee here where from the brand Stussy really caught my attention because it supposed this tee is limited edition only and where used as well on Eminem’s concert tour in Japan, if I dont mistaken about the info I gathered. Alright, I think this tee is also now available to the market today or better yet, check the Stussy shop site for the further information about this awesome tee here that most of the fans of the guy Eminem would pretty sure like to have.

About the pricing details? oh well, my bad, because I haven’t know the info yet, however, soon I got to know further. Of course, I’ll be pleased to update you again in here. So – please, keep on checking the blog,, for more fashion updates. That’s it for now.  Thanks so much and have yourself a great weekend. 🙂

DARA (2NE1) Wearing Balmain



Multicolor Long Top by Balmain


Gold Colored Metal Floral Belt Greed Buckles Belt  by Balmain

When it comes to K-pop fashion. This group 2ne1 had the most swag and dope fashion styles and statements. Look at their youtube videos and you may see there how this group rock their stage on these awesome pieces and fashion sense. Today, I’ll be going to blog up about this photo of Dara, member of 2ne1, wearing her Balmain pieces. Actually, YG entertainment, the agency where this group home, had this wardrobe department who cater to all YG artists styles and fashion that includes 2ne1. That’s why the girls had the most awesome statements above all  girls kpop groups today, on my own opinion.

On the photo on top, Dara is wearing an nice simple tee but rock from the brand Balmain, as Ive said, that has a item name of Multicolor Long Top and you can buy it in any affiliated balmain online stores or in balmain online site itself for 598 €. Yeah! pretty much expensive, right? I think, the tee dara’s worn are just the alter version one or do balamin had shirt version of it? I dunno, oh well you’ll better to check balmain site for it as you eager to know it further..hehe

Her belt is from the same brand, Balmain, and it has this item name of Gold Colored Metal Floral Belt Greed Buckles Belt and you can buy this for 300.00 € . My goodness, I think balmain is the most expensive brand in all high-end power house fashion brands out  today. Alright, that’s it for now and please keep on checking for more celeb fashion and fashion news updates. Thanks!

ODIN at Target Collection for Fall 2012 – Looks





Men’s fashion today is getting huge. I think, its already huge, not like before wherein brands are just only stick with these girls pieces that can set aside for these men’s pieces, however today, brands and companies are doing great and been to men’s fashion as well. Because men’s fashion are having its own market (became big) today due of the demand and at the same time men itself are kinda, majority of a men, adopt on what’s on fashion today. In sense, men’s today or men on this generation are more in fashion too than before.

Recently, the men’s fashion brands called ODIN and Target are gone on their first collaborative pieces, the pieces on the top photos, and I must say, these pieces are way better and had their own character that may suits well to everyone guy out there. About the availability? oh well, I dunno yet if these pieces are already out in the market today and how much they’ll cost you, however, soon I got to know further information about this awesome collection. Sure thing! I’ll update you again here with full details. Thanks so much!

Get Hands On To Cheap Louis Vuitton Bags


These days fashion and style have created a hype in the modern world as they play great importance in the life of every stylish and fashionable person. Now a day Style and latest trend has taken a wonderful jump ahead and hence every fashionable woman have the zeal to carry the most popular branded as well as the designer auxiliaries, specially Handbags. There has ever an outstanding association of females with the style ancillaries. For the upper class cadre of group it is rather casual to acquire the stylish and voguish auxiliaries as they are of all time ready to spend great amount on purchasing these accessories that meets the requirements and essentials of females with detail to current and most updated style with latest practice and trend. The replica handbags were manufactured for ordinary people who have the desire to possess trendy accessories but because of the limited funds they are unable to buy them.

But in the other side of the story for the women and girls who exist in mediocre class of unit it get along utterly very challenging to acquire these pricey handbags, and thus even if they are the extraordinary followers of fashion and style but still they get circumscribed for purchasing the Stylish Handbag. And thus later on determining the needs of these people Replica handbags or the cheap Louis Vuitton bags were manufactured that was utterly and indistinguishably designed analogous to the original proprietary handbags.

Louis Vuitton is the most prominent and spectacular name of the brand in the fashion industry which is said to be the asset and cup of tea for highly prosper people who have sufficient funds to meet their requirements, whereas cheap Louis Vuitton bags are best option for middle class people for meeting their fashion desire and zeal.

CL’s Top



I simply liked CL’s top on this photo. Though, I haven’t got a chance to know further on what’s the brand of the tee but I do believed most of the fan sites out there are done blogged this up. Ill update this tomorrow.. Anyway, the top looks like empire waist tops, right? which I know most of the fashion enthusiasts out there are looking forward to have today. No worries, just check back this blog by tomorrow and I’ll post up the full details about this great top here. Thanks!

Big Bang x Chrome Hearts


‘JJ Dean’ Womens  Leather Jacket – Chrome Hearts


Approx. $9918 by Chrome Hearts

Recently, the dudes spotted wearing this awesome dope leather jackets that gained so much attention for these fans and netizers who follows these guys Big Bang. That’s why I made a lil researched on where and in what brand this jacket came from. And I’ve found out that this swagness is from the brand Chrome Hearts, as most of you expected, because these guys are often wearing the brand,Chrome Hearts, as they go in any TV appearances. You may check the photos on top for the price details.

However, you might get in trouble as you wear this kind of jacket on. Where on how you can clean it up after you wears it. Because leather as material has this quite fragile thing as you washing it in any detergent and such. But I suggest you to try this leather cleaning machine that you can buy only online. Search it over Google for the info. Thanks!