LOVELY & Stunning dresses for Girls


Love is always in the air. And I know most of you folks are too excited to be in February because a lot of parties, events, gatherings and the most importantly was this Valentines day are dated on this month. That’s why couples are used to love the February month.

Anyway, for guys, do you want to win the heart of the girl you want? I know you do, so why not ask her a date this coming valentines along an awesome dress as your present to her? Yeah – you should do that if you really wanna to capture the girl’s heart. Because girls are naturally vain and dresses are they’re all obsession. Because girls wants to be beautiful as always they can, that’s why awesome dresses that are in trend are the most perfect presents for them. ūüôā

Don’t you worry, because I made an list of dresses on what are the most girls want to have this valentines as they go through in any dates.

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LOVE Berry Asymmetrical Maxi Dress
Price: £48.00 (including tax)
Buy it here

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LOVE Royal Blue Strapless Asymmetrical Maxi
Price: £40.00 (including tax)
Buy it here

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LOVE Stella Print Tea Dress
Price: £36.00 (including tax)
Buy it here

All these awesome dresses are from the website , just heads up to the site for more selection of trendy dresses.

*Girls, you can buy dresses on your own to the site too.. Just use the discount code below for you to save more..:)

And also, you may use this DISCOUNT CODE – ” RONEL20 ”¬† that will be VALID TILL 28TH OF Feb- 20% off all LOVE Full price items…

T.O.P Rockin on Pierre Hardy High-Top “Limited Edition “




On the photo on top, T.O.P is wearing this awesome high-cut Pierre Hardy Kicks that’s inspired by Roy Lichtenstein and to the late 50’s and 60’s pop art movement called the Poworama. The kicks were limited edition, and if I don’t mistaken they were only 500 of this distributed around the world and T.O.P got one of it. Indeed! Lucky…

The kicks price is $609. And sorry to say, all the kicks are now sold out at the moment and as for now, the company haven’t yet any further statement if they will release another set of the shoes or better yet they’ll sell it in stocks..Let see, I will update you more on this blog. Kindly often check back..:)

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