[ ENG SUB] SBS Roommate Ep. 3

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Korean entertainment industry are getting big today. Because we (other nationalities) are fond of watching their shows whether it;s into the Kpop to dramas or even some of their reality shows like this SBS Roommate, are still patronizing. Yes! that’s how the Korean entertainment huge these days. To the fact that most of us doesn’t really understand the whole things they were saying due of the language barrier and yet we’d still watching them because of the whole materials and concepts they were using as they put up one show, besides we can still watch the subbed one for us to understand a bit or just the thoughts of what they’re doing on the entire show..

Recently, the one leading Korean TV station, which the SBS, had released this awesome reality show called Roommate, quite similar to Big bother house but in different concepts. And i must say, this show is really great and can really gain popularity because of the individuals they had put together in the one roof.. You may watch the latest episode of the show below.. No worries! from now on, I’ll be including each latest episode of this reality show in this blog, istarblog.com, for you to be updated as well..

Thanks to ThanhnamKoreanTV team for exerting the effort for putting the english sub for this SBS Roommate Ep. 3.

We Can’t Stop – Miley Cyrus (Boyce Avenue feat. Bea Miller cover)

One of the reason why I cant be able to update this site often was this acting hosting server which leads me for transferring the site, istarblog.com, into other hosting account I have. Now, I guess the site is running better than before, right? what do you think guys? it this site loads fast on your end? lemme know please for me to fix the glitch as early as now and to avoid any big troubles I might get soon. Anyway. let’s talk about this video I’ve been stumbled recently which my fave band Boyce Avenue doing an cover of an Miley Cyrus piece entitled ”  We Can’t Stop ” together with the very sweet and talented young lady here named Bea Miller. Actually, I’ve heard a few about Bea Miller but am not totally aware on how she does sings. My goodness, she is really good and I simply liked her range of voice too, so angelic on the ear. Now, I am looking forward to hear more about of these guys and hopefully they’d often do this where they collab for an cover and stuff related. Yes! a fan here waiving his hands.. ahah

What do you think guys about their cover? give them an thumbs up over youtube for us to see more cover from these guys in the future. I hope to, they can have a concert or mini performance stage here where I resides for me to see on how awesome these guys are.. Cant wait.. LOL.. Okay, I think I need to stop taking now and doing some fan boy-ing acts haha by the way, soonest I’ll be having my own youtube channel and I hope you can check it out too beside this site as it’s available soon. I’ll let you know then when would  it be available to see..LOL Thanks so much, peace out ya’ll..

Classic digitech effects

By the way, let me share this new song here by Taeyang, Kpop artist, entitled : Ringa linga

Might someone of your there are quite amused and amazed with these sorts of songs that has its kinda electrifying sounds added to it, sorry I dunno the right term for it, like we’d often heard in these kpop songs which probably often blogged up here too, istarblog.com, because I was pleased with the genre and I simply found myself kinda relating to their music, but not often but mostly times. ahahha

Today, let me tell you about this classic digitech effects which one liable on these great pop sounds in each pop songs releases today. Yeah! using this gadget board you may produce such great sounds ever that will blended well on the main sounds or keys of your musics. I know you might not understand what am talking about here but am pretty sure that mostly music enthusiasts out there are can follow what am discussing to you all here.

Alright, that will be all for now. And I’ll try to update you more about fashion news and collections by my next posts. Have a great day to everyone.

Team B of WIN performed Baby By Justin Bieber ( Korean Version )

This isn’t my first time actually to heard an Korean version of this song of Beiber entitled Baby. Actually, most Korean artists converted or got them own version of some of these well known English songs like this Baby which I recently heard from this so called Group B of the TV show called “WIN”. I simply found this version great and dopeness happening to it. Look, they’d either added some rap in it which made the song more lively and catchy in away through the arrangement of the song itself. Though I really cant understand the Korean language or Hangul and yet it still like understandable on my end because of their way to sings it, also, as we all know that song or music is our international language already.

Alright, I just wanted to share to you this video though I haven’t got any further details in hand yet regarding it even on their currently running TV show now up there which the “WIN”. However though, as I got time these days ahead and as I fond myself for searching details about the TV show. No worries, Folks! I’ll surely update you all in here as you, yourself look forward to know the show they’d having these days at their country, South Korea.

Thanks so much and I hope you’ll have a great weekend and start the weekdays with an happy hearts. 🙂

Taeyang – Take It Slow (Acapella)

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Occasionally, I am also blogging up some music related topics on this blog, especially Kpop. Because this blog is mainly about Korean or Asians fashion and I think putting up some music that has fashion related to it is also doable. Most fans out there are really knew that this guy named Taeyang has this great and quirky fashion sense and tastes. That’s why then most of you guys,particularly Asians guys, are keep following and mimicking its styling every now and then. And I’ll be sharing some of his fashion statements which influences the today’s men’s fashion. So – please keep on tuning in here as I tackle Taeyang fashion by on my next posts.

Before that, let me also share this video ( actually an audio only) where this guy, Taeyang, singing his song entitled ” Take It Slow” acapella version.

I simply liked this acapella version because his voice is fully heard.

How To: Turn T-Shirt into Tank Top (D.I.Y)

It’s time for me again to have my series of post ” How To” done for this week. Because as I promised I consistently updating this blog through my “how to” category and for you to know as well on how does people make their lives more easier through these tips that I continuously putting up here, istarblog.com, behind the “how to” series of post.

Today, what I have was this D.I.Y on how you can turn your unused or unwanted T-shirt into nice and useful tank top that suits for this season, summer. I actually consult YouTube, video sharing site, for this one for the video tutorial on how we can make our t-shirt turns into tank top. And look what I’ve found, the 2 videos where has this step by step and easy to follow procedures on how to cut those T-shirt sleeves for you to have the nice tank on.

I actually tried this way time ago and yeah! these how I really make it. It is nice that there’s numerous of tutorial videos over youtube on how you can easily make this. This really makes my post relevant to my readers..ehhe Alright, that will be all for now and I hope you can keep on tuning in here for more tips and “How To” posts.

KPOP Beast/B2ST For CECI Magazine








Have you see the CECI Magazine already? if not yet, you’re so lucky to be stumbled here because these are the some photos of the all boy kpop group b2st for the magazine. Actually, I think the magazine is already out in the market today, just check out your local store for it as you wanted to have yourself a copy. On the photos on top. One thing is I’ve noticed, which their fashion styles. Because we all know that b2st had only an simply style when it comes to their fashion, however, since they’ve released their new song called ” Beautiful Night” it noticeable that they started to consider these high-end fashion pieces.. This was only my opinion though… please dont get me wrong dear fans..hahah Because I just often seen them wearing some street wear brands like stussy,obey and more.. than to these high-end fashion brands.

Watch their awesome live performance below singing their beautiful night song