Classy ways to show the world you work hard

“I’ve never had a great reason to show off, but if I did so, I wouldn’t. You realize why? No person likes a showoff. It’s tacky and it can be interpreted as though you believe you can be better than someone else. That’s not a nice thing to remind people, even though chances are that you actually are better. However because exposing can be ill received doesn’t mean that you should hide or be ashamed of your accomplishments or success. You’ve worked difficult to earn your credentials. You’ve studied all night long, you’ve make the time. You’ve paid your dues and you will have every right to be pleased with where you are, and then there are tactful ways to show this to the careful observer. Don’t buy that Bentley if you want to keep a low profile, try something a little more subtle. It’s sexy and it’s classy.

1. The right accessory
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There are few things on God’s green Earth which are as synonymous with success compared to a Rolex. A Rolex is no more a watch than a Harley is a bicycle. A Rolex is a bit of art, it will be the definition of pride and perfection. If you wear a Rolex, you are telling the world you are not a person to settle for anything less. Ever. Rolex watches are renown for hand made precision. These are Rolls Royce of accessories. One of the many truly beautiful reasons for having this gem that sets it in addition to other watches is that the people that design and construct these classy time pieces are simply as happy with their work as you are of yours. If you were to in fact invest in one, you can always contact the certified rolex repair any time you wanted to make sure that yours was working right for you. Equally as their product is second to none, so is their rolex customer service.

2. A tailored suit

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If it’s worth investing in a tailored suit, and they will all say yes, ask literally any classy woman in the world. In addition you look the part, however you feel the part and when you are feeling the part, you act it. You are it. There’s a good reason that once you see a gentleman walk across the road, he turns heads. There’s rich people everywhere, it’s not because we think he’s rich. It’s because he’s put together. Despite whatever problems he’s having with his car that week, or that his boss may have scolded him in front of the investor they have a crush on, we don’t know. Today he placed on that suit and he looks like one million bucks whether or not he feels it,. That’s all we, the gawking public know.

3. That smooth bottle of liquor

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If you have your colleagues to your office late Friday and present them a Jack Daniels, they’ll either expect to hit your local dive bar afterwards, or opt out and go home to their classy husbands and wives. Open your cabinet and pull out that 25 year old single malt. It will turn their heads every time. The proper scotch is as effective since the right suit or the right watch to show the world that your particular life is going just how you planned without shoving it down their throats. Remember, tact is attractive.”

Wooden Watch Trends for summer

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A lot of new pieces came out recently in the fashion industry that may be right on trend very soon, one of them was the new wooden designed watches – (see above photos). Actually, wooden watches were released last year, however, due to some unknown instance and how peeps were more focused on other trendy pieces at that time, wooden watches became kinda the outcast in the clan and they were forgotten. Maybe because they are kinda strange for peeps to have on and because they are used to having well known ‘metallic’s’ or ‘designer watches instead of the wooden kind of watch, wooden watches add a real style statement whereas designer watches are great for adding a touch of class.

But now, as fashion evolves so fast and as people accept quirky things when it comes to their fashion, thanks to celebrity influences, wooden watches are more than likely going to be considered by these fashion forward enthusiasts. But I am not saying that branded watches are not hip today, they are still on trend, I think wooden watches are just one of the new ‘hot pieces’ of today and with the sunny days upon us they will become the more appropriate choice for the summer heat, yeah! I think adding up some new materials and statement your accessories like this wooden watch ,is a must if you wanna rock yourself into summer! They will definitely spice up your beach look! You can check out Google for some look-book photos or styling tips to mimic celeb styles and spruce up your summer outfits.

I still suggest some great designer pieces such as women’s stunning Cartier watches or men’s omega watches at David M Robinson as you are not comfortable on wearing such wooden stuff there. Because omega watch are still trendy and they’re really great with their collections of watches that even celebrities are still patronizing these days.


Timeless and Elegant Jewellery at David M Robinson

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Most women are probably fond of jewelries. Who wouldn’t want to receive beautiful, sparkling, and exquisite pieces, right? It’s understandable that some people only buy costume jewelry because they’re cheap but if you have money and can afford to buy genuine jewelry, it’s better to do so. Nowadays, customers can already buy authentic pieces at many online stores. If you are busy and don’t have time to shop in a physical store, shopping online is a great option. Among the most trusted brand in fine jewellery and watches is David M Robinson.

For more than forty years, the talented goldsmith David Robinson has been designing and creating innovative and beautiful jewellery in all his workshops. His reputation as one of the best in the industry has resulted in many customers worldwide buying his jewellery. David M Robinson now employs more in house goldsmiths than any other retailer in the North of England. Designers, skilled watchmakers, and display artists are among those who comprise his team. His jewellery collections remain exclusive to his showrooms in Liverpool, Manchester, Altrincham, Chester, Southport and London’s Canary Wharf.

David M Robinson sells rings, bracelets and bangles, earrings, necklaces and pendants, Georg Jensen and Patek Philippe Jewellery. Aside from those they also sell watches from Cartier, Longines, Omega, Tag Heuer, Patek Philippe, IWC Schaffhausen, Officine Panerai, Rolex, and Raymond Weil. David M Robinson is an official retailer of men’s Rolex watches in the UK. As we all know, Rolex is the most popular brand of luxury watch and David M Robinson ensures customers that buying a Rolex from them will be a great experience. Among the services they offer are Bespoke Design Service, Valuation Service, giving advice in caring for timepieces and choosing the perfect diamond engagement ring. They provide interest free credit where customers can have a choice of payments over 12, 24 or 36 months.

Reasons To Buy and Wear Replica Omega Watches


In modern society time is very important because of the social pressure, and millions of people hope to save time so that they can do things as many as possible. With a Omega watch on your wrist, you can know what time it is, and then you can know what you should do at this time and what you should do some time later, so you do not need to worry about being later for school or work or something else. As long as you can grasp the time, you can do anything on time according to your schedule. Omega watches had placed an very important role in telling what time it is now from a long time ago, as time goes by, they tend to place an more important role in telling individual fashion taste and personality style. As we all know, designer Omega watches feature high quality design, fashionable style and long durability so that millions of people who pursue for fashion taste and special personality style like them very much. When they wear design Omega watches and walk in the street, the other people around them will cannot help glancing at them and admire them very much because the designer Omega watches on their wrists enhance their glamour very much. The problem is there are still millions of other people that are eager to wear designer Omega watches but are restricted by the poor bank accounts cannot afford to buy expensive designer Omega watches. What can they do to enjoy the luxury of designer Omega watches but do not burn a big hole in their pocket? Buying and wearing replica Omega watches will be a good alternative choice for them.

Replica Omega watches are very affordable. Usually one designer Omega watch should cost you $1500 or even more, but one replica Omega watch usually only need you pay less than $300 for it. Thus, with the money you pay for one expensive designer Omega watch, you can buy several cheap replica Omega watches. As we all know, fashion styles are always change, one style of replica Omega watches is very popular nowadays, maybe it will be out of date 2 months later. If this case is true, the designer Omega watch that you spent much money on will no longer enhance your glamour very much and you will have to buy another Omega watch to keep up with the fashion. However, if you buy one cheap replica Omega watch with a special style, even if it is out of date 2 month later, you will not feel a lot disappointed because you can easily buy another fashionable replica Omega watch again in your budget, thus you can save much unnecessary expense. If you prefer, you can even buy serveral Omega watches at a time, then wear different Omega watch every day according to your mood, special occasion or your different outfit. In this way, you can let yourself get other people’s attention as much as possible.

Replica Omega watches are very fashionable and durable. Because replica Omega watches are usually the exact copies of original designer models, so that they can look very alike to the original designer Omega watches. Once one kind of fashionable designer Omega watches are put into market, the corresponding replica Omega watches will be put into market soon, thus replica Omega watches can also very fashionable. Although replica Omega watches are very cheap, they are made of almost the same high-end raw materials so that they also have very high quality and can be very durable. Because designer Omega watches manufacturers or sellers spend too much money for the advertisement, so the cost of designer Omega watches is very high, thus they have to sell designer Omega watches at very high price. However, replica Omega watches manufacturers or sellers do not need to spend much money for the advertisement, so that the cost of replica Omega watches is very low, thus they can afford to sell replica Omega watches at very cheap price but can gain the same benefit as the designer Omega watches manufacturers or sellers.

In a word, replica Omega watches are not only very cheap, but also very durable and fashionable, so that more and more practical customers would like to buy replica Omega watches, and buying replica Omega watches has become a fashion trend nowadays.

Sponsored Video: Tudor, The Timepiece of All Time


Among the watches I would like to own, if my budget permits it, are Rolex and Tudor. These two watches are timepieces that we can truly be proud of and can be handed down from generation to generation. Even though they are expensive, we can be sure that we are getting our money’s worth when we buy them. It’s also a good investment because its value doesn’t depreciate. Tudor Watch Company was first established in March 1946 by Hans Wilsdorf, the same man who made Rolex a household name. He wanted a watch that would be more affordable but with the same qualities that a Rolex watch has. The name Tudor was taken from the Tudor period of England. The first logo of Tudor watches was a Tudor Rose on the dial, an emblem of England. In the late 1960’s it was changed into the Shield emblem.

The first Tudor Oyster was introduced in the 1940’s while the Tudor Oyster Prince was introduced in 1952. Its marketing campaign centered on the watch’s durability and showed that it can be worn anywhere, even in extreme conditions. Models that can be worn underwater soon followed. The Tudor Prince Submariner during 1964-1966 and Marine Nationale during the early 1970’s-1984 are more technologically and functionally advanced. The Tudor Oysterdate Chronograph was then introduced in 1970. Along with a new slogan, “Designed for Performance. Engineered for Elegance”, the Grantour Collection was presented in 2009. The Tudor Heritage Black Bay comes from Tudor Heritage collection. It’s exquisitely designed and finely crafted and draws inspiration from the 1954 model.

The latest addition to the Tudor Heritage collection is the new Tudor Heritage Advisor. It was introduced in 2011. It’s a modern version of the 1957 alarm watch equipped with a mechanical alarm clock module. A lot of the original design was retained with a few modern twists to the design. Among the other features are 42 mm titanium and steel case with polished and satin finish, steel winding crown with a Tudor Rose, domed sapphire crystal, a choice of an alligator leather strap or steel bracelet. It’s waterproof up to a depth of 330 feet.

When it comes to innovation, Tudor watches stand out. Its fabric straps are hand-crafted, meticulously done, and comfortable to the wrist. They certainly make the watches more stylish and sophisticated. Tudor watches are made with high quality and has durability in mind. They use only the best materials and these are tested up to the smallest detail. With every Tudor watch is a promise of excellence, durability, and style.

Sponsored by Tudor.