Daesung rocking on his Balmain Military Shirt and Belt


This blog is mainly tackling about the artist fashion and such related that’s why you’d often seeing some celebrities blogged out over this awesome blog. Now, I was about to blog about Daesung, colleagues of Seungri the man that I recent blogged. This guy, Daesung, is also had its own fashion statement that can differ to the other member of Big Bang where Seungri and Daesung belongs. I know, you know that kpop group already.

On the photo, Daesung is wearing an Balmain cotton military shirt that has a price of £625.00 and he pair it on the same brand belt. Though the shirt is way expensive but of course celeb can affords it that’s why let it be..LOL But for me, I wont ever consider this too expensive shirt with me..hahaha Because I simply don’t have that much money.. :))

Seungri rockin on his John Galliano’s embroidered shirt from the S/S 2010 collection


Recently, we’ve seen Seungri wearing an very dope shirt that all of folks were asking on what’s the brand of his top especially those Netizers. I think most of you will find the embroidered royal thing on the left side of the shirt awesome? that’s why you were eager to have it nor just to know it simple – brand of it. Well, the shirt’s brand is John Galliano, an European brand, that has selection of this kind of shirt or polo shirt. And I think, the brand specialty was this kind of creation. So, if you were looking on some dope shirt like this you better check the brand first before the others. Because liked what did Ive said, the brand are mainly on this kind of piece.

About the price, sorry to say. I don’t have any idea at the moment on how much this cost. Just search on the nearest stores where you resided or better yet online for the further pricing details and some sort designs of the top. 🙂

T.O.P Rockin on Pierre Hardy High-Top “Limited Edition “




On the photo on top, T.O.P is wearing this awesome high-cut Pierre Hardy Kicks that’s inspired by Roy Lichtenstein and to the late 50’s and 60’s pop art movement called the Poworama. The kicks were limited edition, and if I don’t mistaken they were only 500 of this distributed around the world and T.O.P got one of it. Indeed! Lucky…

The kicks price is $609. And sorry to say, all the kicks are now sold out at the moment and as for now, the company haven’t yet any further statement if they will release another set of the shoes or better yet they’ll sell it in stocks..Let see, I will update you more on this blog. Kindly often check back..:)

T.O.P rockin on his Alexander Mcqueen Knuckle Duster Ring (Jewelry)


On this blog, istarblog.com, I used to blog something that has related in any jewelry because this blog is dedicated to blog topic so. Today, what I’ve got was this guy named T.O.P who’s wearing the dope ring from the lead fashion house company which the ” Alexander McQueen”.  We all know that the brand wants only to release and make these high-end fashion pieces because they were in the top fashion industry nowadays. And they have to maintain it for not themselves but also for those fashion enthusiast who are looking up to the brand.

Recently, the actor-singer,TOP, was seen wearing the “Alexander Mcqueen Knuckle Duster Ring” I must say the ring is really quirky for men and its look super dope to him that can make me think to include this on this blog that I actually did. The ring is made of metal that has 4 designs on it and the other awesome stuff was, the piece is made as one that it actually look like 4 rings. awesome,right? and this how great the McQueen is. 🙂

Taeyang wears Ksubi Ara Sunglasses

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Ksubi ‘Book Club’ Eyewear Collection Spring 2010
Dark mottled tortoiseshell frames
$170.00 USD
Once again another Taeyang’s post to this blog. Because I really liked on how this guy carrying him self on the pieces he had. Though, we often seen him wearing some awesome black pants but yet still his eyewear is the most remarkable on his fashion statement.

On the photo on top, the guy,Taeyang, is wearing an Ksubi Ara Sunglasses that you can buy online or in the stores nears you, just check it dude.The eyewear has an price of $170.00 USD, quite expensive but I think this kind of sunglasses will surely be lasted.

Taeyang x Givenchy Jacquard-Print Tee

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Fashion is really into patterns and prints. Yeah – I agree on that! Because brand line these days are have to follow on what’s this fashion enthusiast wanted. Though plain tees are still hip on today’s fashion industry but I think it will better if you wear something in prints. Because prints can gives more spice on your total outfit believe me!

Anyway, On the photos on top, the artist, Taeyang , is wearing an Jacquard-Print Tee from the Givenchy. The tee really looks dope and hip and I think jacquard prints is way better to leopard ones,what do you think? this how only I seen to it, bear with me if majority votes are into leopard still. LOL

The tee has a price of $335 that you may buy in any retail online stores of the brand Givenchy and of course on the store itself – Givenchy. So yeah that’s it and I hope I can help you a bit as you eager to know on what Taeyang’s wearing on the photo on top. Thanks!

GD rockin ‘Galliano’s red coat’

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

GD – G Dragon is the leader of the all boy kpop group big bang. This recently, the group went to London to attend the EMA MTV award. Because they’ve got been nominated under the category “World Wide Act Asia Pacific”. Actually, the event had already done and yeah- they wins it. Awesome,right? But I know most of you also awaits on what these guys wearing on the awards night. nah?

The boys are wearing each leather jackets that has spikes on it. Check google for more pictures rather come back on this blog tomorrow because I will post some. Anyway, one of the eye catcher was this GD’s Galliano red coat. The coat looks dope and its really suits in on Gd’s personality.

The Red coat is belong on “John Galliano S/S 12 Men Collection“, check the collection for more further information on the coat belongs on the other pieces that are included on the collection. And at this moment, I don’t know how much this will cost you just check again online for the pricing. Please bear with me. Hahaha but rest assured, I will update this post too soon for the full details. Promise!

Okay, that’s it for now and have a great day ahead to everyone. 🙂

Indeed, Taeyang is such a Swag

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I really liked how this guy put his all stuff together to create a great swag outfit. Look, on this outfit Taeyang is wearing an Swag printed tee from Bandanna that has a price of ¥6,090 that you can buy online over this site ” http://zozo.jp/shop/swagger/goods.html?gid=872781&did=&cid=12744″ .

Actually, I often saw Taeyang wearing some tees that has an swag printed on them. And I think this how he can express his self more and what he was like to be, which he is already. Yeah – he’s a swagger and we all knew that ever since. Though Taeyang is more on tee, both plain and printed one. But yet still he can carried it well that can put him self on best male fashionista on his country, Korea.

So yeah, That’s it for now and I hope you may often check back this blog for more taeyang’s outfit information and even some celebrities outfits. Thanks folks!