Taeyang x Givenchy


Another Taeyang post. Recently, Yg-family where this guy Taeyang belong as their artist had held an concert last months ago, sorry, I dunno what’s the exact dates when this photo captured but rest assured, this photo has taken upon their concert. Anyway, on this photo, Taeyang is wearing an dope and hip tee top from the brand Givenchy. And as for today, I still dont know the pricing details of this tee becuase there’s no yet released rather shops online selling this tee.

By the way, the tee has an product name of “Printed Jersey T-Shirt”. And I will update you soon as I’d found out the other details of this awesome Givenchy tee.

Photo Source: YGcloset.wordpress.com

Taeyang and G-dragon x Balmain


I often blogged these guys over this blog, Istarblog.com. Because I simply liked their fashion sense as much the brands they’ve often wears too. Today, what I have was this photo wherein taeyang, the guy on the left and G- dragon, on the right, were spotted wearing the same brand of coat recently which from the European fashion house brand called Balmain.

Actually, these guys and the rest of their group mates, I dunno if you do know their group big bang or not. But anyway, their group as always seen, they do wears the brand balmain often. And I still don’t know if the brand is one of their main sponsor or not, lemme confirm it first, then I will let you know. Alright, these coats that the men wore are includes on the balmain fall/winter collection 2012. Check the pricing details and some further info over Google and I am pretty sure that they were some more relevant blogs out there that could give the info you’d wanted to know. Because this blog is only emphasizing the celebrities outfits..

Thanks so much and I hope you may comeback to this blog for more celeb fashion and such related things. 🙂

Note: photo credit to ygcloset.. thanks 🙂

Taeyang wears Ksubi Ara Sunglasses

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Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Ksubi ‘Book Club’ Eyewear Collection Spring 2010
Dark mottled tortoiseshell frames
$170.00 USD
Once again another Taeyang’s post to this blog. Because I really liked on how this guy carrying him self on the pieces he had. Though, we often seen him wearing some awesome black pants but yet still his eyewear is the most remarkable on his fashion statement.

On the photo on top, the guy,Taeyang, is wearing an Ksubi Ara Sunglasses that you can buy online or in the stores nears you, just check it dude.The eyewear has an price of $170.00 USD, quite expensive but I think this kind of sunglasses will surely be lasted.

Taeyang x Givenchy Jacquard-Print Tee

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Fashion is really into patterns and prints. Yeah – I agree on that! Because brand line these days are have to follow on what’s this fashion enthusiast wanted. Though plain tees are still hip on today’s fashion industry but I think it will better if you wear something in prints. Because prints can gives more spice on your total outfit believe me!

Anyway, On the photos on top, the artist, Taeyang , is wearing an Jacquard-Print Tee from the Givenchy. The tee really looks dope and hip and I think jacquard prints is way better to leopard ones,what do you think? this how only I seen to it, bear with me if majority votes are into leopard still. LOL

The tee has a price of $335 that you may buy in any retail online stores of the brand Givenchy and of course on the store itself – Givenchy. So yeah that’s it and I hope I can help you a bit as you eager to know on what Taeyang’s wearing on the photo on top. Thanks!

Indeed, Taeyang is such a Swag

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I really liked how this guy put his all stuff together to create a great swag outfit. Look, on this outfit Taeyang is wearing an Swag printed tee from Bandanna that has a price of ¥6,090 that you can buy online over this site ” http://zozo.jp/shop/swagger/goods.html?gid=872781&did=&cid=12744″ .

Actually, I often saw Taeyang wearing some tees that has an swag printed on them. And I think this how he can express his self more and what he was like to be, which he is already. Yeah – he’s a swagger and we all knew that ever since. Though Taeyang is more on tee, both plain and printed one. But yet still he can carried it well that can put him self on best male fashionista on his country, Korea.

So yeah, That’s it for now and I hope you may often check back this blog for more taeyang’s outfit information and even some celebrities outfits. Thanks folks!

Taeyang’s Atlanta Falcons Cap

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Taeyang is often wearing some cool caps and baseball caps. This indicates how the baseball caps are trend on today’s fashion industry.

I know not only music that you are looking to on this guy but also his fashion sense, because as you follow him often you’ll see how dope this man is, and I can prove it to you as I blogged him constantly to this blog. Look on my taeyang category and you’ll find out.

Anyway, on the picture on top. The guy is wearing an Atlanta falcons cap that you buy online or on this site mvcaps.org for only 9usd. By the way, to make the air clear, I am not affiliated to mvcaps I just includes it for your convenient.:)

So yeah, if you want to be dope and hip today. Just get the best caps for you and let your self rockin. 🙂

Taeyang wearing a Givenchy Rottweiler bomber jacket, and Chrome Hearts belt + shirt

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If we’re talking about Taeyang’s fashion. I’m pretty sure that Givenchy and Chrome hearts will not be abolish on the list. Because taeyang is often wearing these brands. I don’t know what are things on these brands that can he often wears them, maybe these brands had an sponsorship contract to him or so?(dunno) Anyway, on the photo on top. Taeyang is wearing an Givenchy Rottweiler bomber jacket and  Chrome Hearts belt and a plain shirt. Sorry, I have no idea on how much these pieces is, just check on the online stores for the pricing information. (bear with me)

Alright, that’s it for now and I’ll update you for more celebrities outfits. Thanks!

Taeyang doing the Dougie

I know some of you had noticed that taeyang is used to do the dougie dance these days. And I think Shaun is the one who’ve taught to him of this awesome dance? ( that’s my hint though) Anyway, that’s it! – and by the way, taeyang’s dougie is way better to Justin bieber way. I am not bias, but that’s what I think and my opinion.

Though the dougie is now trending not only in the united stated but also to the other part of the world and still trending though, Asians are easily adept this kind of dance. Because we Asians are indeed talented that’s why its not questionable were you’ve seen taeyang dancing this dougie so well. And yeah- don’t ask, I can dougie either.lol

Also, I just wanted to share with ya’ll this awesome online shop that Ive been stumbled recently which the Grayandosbourn.co.uk. A online store where you can buy your own Gelco. Because gelco is indeed trend these days!

Taeyang is wearing black swag tee

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I used to blog taeyang on this blog because the guy is indeed SWAG, that’s why when I saw this picture of him wearing this black SWG tee, I’m quite happy and its time for this photo to be included over this awesome fashion blog of mine.LOL Anyways, taeyang is wearing SWG01 tee from the brand name swagger it self. And this has a price approximately $85 , not bad though,right? because the tee has this great material and we can surely feel this comfortable which the most important thing as we buying a tee or clothes like this.

If you wanted to buy the same tee, just head up on Google and try to search the tee name and will surely shown up all of those companies stores who are selling this tee. Okay, that’s it for now. Thanks!